Wordpress Template Engine

Worpress Template Engine

WordPress: Why You Should Use a Branch for WordPress WorldPress is a great plattform and as diverse as a plattform can be. However, from a historical point of view this was not always the case and there is one thing that distinguishes WordPress: WordPress theme industries (by the way, is it a theme or a theme, is it a term at all?) are quite big and every day we see new companies appear that offer their own themed.

In my opinion, one of the strengths of WordPress is also the most weak point. WorldPress is based on PHP. It' simple to comprehend, simple to type and you can do anything you want with it. PHP was never conceived as a template family. To solve this issue, some content managers have chosen to make things a little better for their designers and use a true template management family.

Both Drupal and Laravel work with Symphony, which in turn uses the two-tier template engine. Which is a branch? Put in simple terms, the branch allows you to create more effective HTML documents with a language very similar to pure HTML and easily understood and processed. Helping to disconnect logics from template writing, it makes it possible to create better, more effective and more maintainable codes.

What can you do with it in WordPress? I' ve got a few deployments out there, but the most sophisticated one I found and use is Timber. The Timber is a WordPress plug-in that you can deploy on your website and that allows you to immediately begin using branches in your template. Here's what a regular PHP loop would look like in a WordPress theme: and here's the same thing that' been done with a branch:

You can see that the example with wood is much more easy to type and much more easy to comprehend! If you look at it, you know exactly what is going on, and there is no logical connection with it. It'?s just a template. The branch allows someone who sees your source for the first glimpse, understands and optimizes it to create and enhance their own template.

Concerning the logics behind the template, it does not fit into the template display, so it is incorporated into a PHP script where you can type all your logics and separate them from the template. Documents are well spelled and almost everything is covered, from basic subjects to sophisticated technologies and extended branch.

When you want to take a look at a WordPress topic that actually uses wood, you can take a look at Maera and its document page.

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