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Gets the URL of a file in the theme. wp-includes/theme.php: get_editor_stylesheets(). Get the current URL in WordPress on certain PHP templates.

Link to an images directory within a WordPress topic

While developing WordPress themes, you will probably need to view some pictures in your themes subdirectory. There may be large variations in the storage locations of the image folders. In general, if you have an image file in the topic's home page, you can create a custom linking from your own custom PHP files:

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User-defined page template page based on URL rewrite

Have you ever thought about WordPress user-defined URLs? Now I wanted to create a paraphrase value on a permanent link and use a user-defined template for that paraphrase value. This is not, however, an exhausting article on how to write new sets of instructions, there is a very good detailled guide if you want to know more about it.

I' d like to add an end point for pictures and video to this URL so that the structures are Movie/{Movie Name}/Pictures and Movie/{Movie Name}/Video. I would like, as you can imagine, to show all the pictures and video on a seperate page from this film using a seperate page template. add_rewrite_rule( 'movie/([^/]+)/photos', 'index.php?movie=$matches[1]&photos=yes', 'top' ); add_rewrite_rule( 'movie/([^/]+)/videos', 'index.

php?movie=$matches[1]&videos=yes', `top' ); add_action('init', `prefix_movie_rewrite_rule'); With this add_rewrite_rule we add two user defined transcription keys to the URL and set two queries to the URL. However, if you just add this write rule, it won't work and WordPress will refuse it because it doesn't detect the queries we added through our write rule feature.

WordPress must be told that it is humble with these variables. Now that we've added these variables to WordPress, it will detect them, and we can use them. However, if you go to the URL movie/{movie-name}/photos you will still see that your single-movie.php or single.php template takes good care of those urls.

When you see the 404 bug for our customized URL, don't bother, just resave your permission links. return get_template_directory() . or ' /single-movie-video.php'; }); add_action('template_redirect','prefix_url_rewrite_templates'); Here we say that if there is a request variable for pictures or video and it is a film page, we will set the template as either singlmovie-image.php or singlovie-video.php.

Single-movie-image.php is in charge of querying movie/{movie-name}/photos and single-movie-video.php is in charge of querying movie/{movie-name}/videos.

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