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Find out about the best WordPress themes for authors, novelists, and content creators alike. best 25+ WordPress Topics for Writers & Writers When you think of starting out as a pro copywriter or editor, the best thing you can do to establish your own fame is to launch a blogs. Search this selection of the best WordPress topics for writers to find a great theme for your new website. A lot of successfull writers begin their career with a blogs.

One of the many writers who, thanks to his own blogs, have succeeded in creating a bookstore with a well-known editor is James Clear. Another writer who uses his blogs efficiently to advertise his work and novels is Jeff Goins. They do not need tens of millions of dollars or web designing skills to build a website.

WordPress lets you create a professional-looking website for under $100 with just a few mouse clicks. With WordPress, you can create a professional-looking website for less than $100. Many great designs are available to help you customise the look and feel of your WordPress website. We have hand-picked some of the best WordPress topics for writers and writers in this article.

Choose a topic and begin to build your carreer on-line. iBloga is a WordPress blogs topic equipped with a contemporary and imaginative styling. There is a stylistic slide control and various areas on the homepage where you can find an intro, a product range and much more. This topic also contains a store outline for the sale of items.

Select from brickwork, raster and flexible layout to match the look as well. With Oliver, a WordPress minimalistic themed author, writers can create a web site with a blogs and a web page. Your topic homepage serves as a target page where you can present yourself and your work.

It also has a clear line mail look that puts the emphasis more on your contents. The Versaille is a grid-based WordPress blogs topic that offers an appealing look for face-to-face and pro-blogs. In order to really catch the minimumism and create more room for the contents, the interior offers an elegantly foldable dinner-menue.

This design was created with Visual Composer, so you can adapt it any way you want. Copy is a cutting-edge WordPress blogs topic designed for writers and auteurs. It has a grid-based posting design that emphasizes your blogs with large thumbnail views. There is also a section in the product range with 3 different style and a unique postal lay-out optimised for legibility.

The Cloudy Town is a classical WordPress blogs topic with a very easy blogs look with a side bar. Whether you are a journalist or a novelist just starting out, this topic will help you set up a straightforward blogs that will promote your writing efficiently. Design is fully reactive and can be customised with Visual Composer.

About Lovely is a WordPress blogs topic. It offers a one of a kind postal lay-out on the homepage and a postal slide. There also comes with 5 different homepage and 12 blogs as well. It' the perfect topic to create a website for authors of journeys and adventures. Another neat WordPress blogs topic is to be delivered with a sleek posting slide on the homepage.

Delivered with a retina-ready styling that is fully optimised for rapid response and performance. This topic also support RTL and WPML plugins. And you can simply modify the colour and customise the look with Visual Composer. The Mochi is a neat and minimalistic blogs topic for WordPress. It is RTL compatible and contains a WPML plug-in that allows you to compile the blogs in more than 40 different nationalities.

Furthermore, the topic offers a nice slide control for your postings and a grid-based posting design that makes it perfect for mode, foods and face-to-face blogs. The Eskimo is a WordPress Blogs Topic that allows you to create a contemporary blogs to discuss your favourite subjects and show off your abilities.

It has a distinctive look with a creativity style and a permanent side bar meal. The site makes full use of the available free time, emphasizing your latest contributions on the homepage with various postal designs. There are 4 different homepage designs, one of them is a store one. The Blggn is a cutting-edge WordPress blogs topic that includes a full-screen slide bar and several home page designs, among them those with grid-based posting designs, classical blogs, a forthcoming page, and more.

Topic also contains several individual posting headers that allow you to customize the look of each of your postings. This is a contemporary WordPress themed book with a distinctive styling and female feel. It'?s different than any other thing you've ever seen. There' an incomparable post-slider, a post-layout with round miniature views, and a line mail graphic that lets you emphasize your work.

The Watsonia is a minimalistic WordPress theming for authors and blogs. It has a classical look and a post-slider on the homepage. There is also a gooey scroll-down menus with several individual mail layout, as well as those for videos and music.

Soyka is a contemporary WordPress publishing topic with 2 different homepage themes, one with a homepage slip and one with a grid-based mail area. In order to draw more to your contributions, the topic also offers a minimalistic slide-out Hamburg burger meal and contains several individual contributions with a sideline.

The Matilda is a WordPress minimum topic designed for blogs and authors. It comes with 8 different homepage laysouts with 5 different blogs, among them classical, raster and lists-layout. There are also 4 different mail themes for videos, audios, galleries and text. The Yvy is a contemporary WordPress word style with a classy outline.

It lets you select from 12 different homepage layout options, all of which are effective for posting and editing. They can use this topic to create a basic face-to-face weblog, a pro-quality weblog, or even a magazine-style weblog with various category options. The WordPress font WordPress is a WordPress topic perfectly suited for female web sites and life story blogs.

This topic comes with several homepage layout with a fast reacting slide control for marked articles. Furthermore, the redesign contains 18 different headers and 12 user-defined widgets. WebTun is a WordPress blogs topic designed specifically for writers and auteurs. There comes with 4 different minimalistic homepage designs and blogs with different layout. Included in the package is a Revolution driven mail slide that support 5 mail and 6 galleries.

The Journo is a versatile WordPress publishing topic that allows you to create all types of blog and website from your own blog, magazines blog and marketing blog. It comes with 9 different homepage themes with limitless headerstyles. There are also custom line mail and a store outline.

The Tabor is a WordPress topic developed for authors and face-to-face blogs. Gutenberg is supported by the topic and offers a minimum and a classical blogsayout, which emphasizes the contents. WELAND is a WordPress lifestyle blogs topic with a brickwork raster for your topic. Developed to help you present a variety of contents in a classy environment, such as text, pictures and video, and is a fun blogs topic that will engage anyone who wants to communicate their thoughts and adventure stories on-line.

Every and every times you add a new item to your site, you can select from a variety of mail layout options and determine which side bar widgets appear next to your contents. Narrarium is a WordPress topic suited for novices, especially thanks to its easy layout and user-friendly surface. When you are a normal weblogger or someone who is writing on-line, NARATIUM and its ready-made website demonstration has a look that is perfect for the needs of your website.

Selecting from the template libraries gives you many choices when you post new contents to your website. Re-Creation is a WordPress blogs subject with many templates and layout choices to use. No matter what kind of blogs you create or post, the seven homepage themes and the choice of head and slide layout should make sure you can find the right mix for your website.

The Durja is a Google AdSense WordPress thread with a minimum size that' perfectly suited for the blogger. In addition to Google AdSense-enabled ad sites, you can use topic choices and preferences to customise the look and feel of your website. Additional functionality such as built-in community share button, multi layout navigator bars, customized widgets, and a fully appealing look make this one of the most compelling Google AdSense designs in this series.

There is a two-column lay-out, a headerslider, a header raster, and custom mail formats that ensure that your contents are always the stars. Norge is an excellent option if a basic blog is the point of departure you need with WordPress. Clear, minimalist styling focuses on your contents, but it's sufficiently versatile to make it easier for you to bring in your own unique style and look.

The attractive styling looks good on any portable phone, and the styling is willing to be translated into other tongues if you wish.

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