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Contents() View the content of the contribution. Contents in case there is more text. Removes content from the teaser before the rest of the text. get_the_content ( $more_link_text, $strip_teaser) ; $content = apply_filters('the_content', $content) ;

$content = str_replace(']>',']]>', $content) ; $content content ; 2content content records record number 1 and 2 record number 2 record number 2 record number 2 record number 2 record number 2 record number 2 ; 0,71 Introduced. Note that if the quickag is used in a posting to determine the "cut-off" point for the item to be extracted, the tag_content() will only show the section to the quickag point on non-individual/not permanentink posts.

Tags_content () contains a theme to format the content and appearance of , which generates a hyperlink to "read more" the entire article. Hints to : There are no spaces before the " more " in Quickag permitted. That Quickag does not work and is ignored in templates where only one contribution is shown, such as single.php.

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One important distinction to the_content() is that get_the_content() does not route the content through the'the_content' flag. That means that get_the_content() does not automatically include video or extend short codes. Get_the_content ('Read more'); printout $content; Used: wp_kses_no_null() during daykeeping. When you use a plugin that is filtering content (add_filter('the_content')), the content will not be filtered unless you call it that (with apply_filters): get_the_content() is found in wp-includes/post-template.php.

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the_content" is used to sort the content of the article after it has been fetched from the data base and before it is displayed on the monitor. You can use a plug-in (or theme) to create a contentfilter with this code: Please be aware that the filters must revert the content after it has been processed, otherwise website users will see an empty page and other plug-ins that also filters the content may produce error messages. This should be a clear feature name.

Cannot be identical to any other already defined name. You can use this to make content available for a page (as an alternate to Shortcode_API) or for a series of pages with some features (e.g. the same author):

We assume that an picture with the name post_icon.png does exist in the directory topic images. Please note that this is not the case. This will run with a lower precedence (20) that will run later than most other filter (default is 10). add_filter('the_content','my_the_content_filter', 20 ); * Append a symbol at the top of each posting page.

$content; $content returned;

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