Wordpress Theme and Plugins Detector

Worldpress Theme and Plugins Detector

WorldPress Theme and Plugins Detector (Chrome extension). Enable visitors to scan competitor websites and know what topic and plugins they are using. WordPress REST API extension for Google Chrome. Recognizes the design and plug-ins used in WordPress and displays information about them. It is a mirror of the svn repo: https://plugins.

svn.wordpress.org/scan-wp-theme-and-plugin-detector-admin-version/, the master is always the latest version.

Scanning WP theme and plug-in detector

Sorry, this plug-in was shut down on 10 October 2018 and is no longer available for downloading. It' not a useful utility, just a field for searching and a shortcut to the author's website. "The " WP theme and plug-in detector" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Translation "Scan WP Theme and Plugin Detector" into your own native languages.

Search the source file, view the SVN-repository, or sign up for the RSS feed.

Best 3 online tools to recognize WordPress themes and plugins

First thing web designers do when they see a website that' s full of creativity is to find out which Wordpress templates are used. Are you a web designer, then you have probably tried to recognize the Wordpress theme with Theme Detection tool using Wordpress Theme. So far WhatWPThemeisthat was the best on-line utility to help the Wordpress theme and plugins identifying it, but here are some new alternate utilities to Wordpress Theme Detector using WhatWP.

The new online Wordpress theme and plug-in detection utility has been added to our product family. In addition to the detection of Wordpress theme and plugins, it also displays the theme prize, the purchase of the theme purchase button, the plug-in prize and the immediate downloading button for the plugins used. They can also take a look at the top scan topics and top scan plugins on the ScanWP homepage.

The WP Theme Detector is another good on-line utility to recognize Wordpress themes and website plugins. Together with Wordpress theme recognition, you can also get the information about the Alexa rankings and how often the theme has appeared on the website. The WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector is a Google Chrome easy enhancement that allows you to locate the Wordpress theme and Wordpress plugins of the website on the currently selected page.

A new Wordpress button in the addressbar and all topic and plugin installation information will appear when you click this button. Hello, this is Shrinivas I am a web designer and WordPress enthusiastic. I' m also a amateur blogger who likes to blog about WordPress, web utilities, blogs and technologies.

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