Wordpress Theme Blocks

The Wordpress Theme Blocks

Block Theme features a fully responsive block-based design and was developed to work with the WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor. Atomic Blocks theme is a beautiful, single-column WordPress theme that integrates seamlessly with the new Gutenberg Editor in WordPress. The Block Magazine is a simple and fresh WordPress blog topic with brickwork and a fully functional layout. The topic is suitable for all blog or magazine websites. The Block is a flat and minimal magazine WordPress theme on Themeforest.

Theme Block - A fast-reacting block grid layout WordPress theme

What makes the bloc theme so beautiful is its simple nature. Balloon postings are displayed symmetric in a fully reactive block-based raster. In addition, the theme demonstration was produced with Gutenberg blocks. The name Gutenberg stands for the updated WordPress CMS. It will be soon included in the WordPress kernel. Gutenberg developed and piloted the theme of the blocks.

Thus the theme works smoothly with blocks of Gutenberg contents. But don't be afraid, it works just as well with the classical CMS. Gutenberg blocks offer a clear benefit when the block theme is used. Contents such as pictures, video, galleries, sound player and more are added as "blocks" of contents.

Every notepad has its own option for modifying orientation, color, font size and more. Blocks become a drag-and-drop for the WordPress Publisher as the Publisher develops. It is fully compliant with our famous Organic Customizing Widget plug-in. WordPress Customizing becomes a page-builder that takes advantage of the capabilities of user-defined widgets.

So you can build vibrant pages with presented slide shows, wallpapers, eye-catching slide controls, and more! In addition, the design is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in for e-commerce website creation. The One Click Import plug-in also allows you to set up your website to look exactly like the theme demonstration with a click of a mouse click.

This allows changes to the settings to be displayed in the real world as you set up the design. It has no baffling user-defined radio buttons or an overpowering number of choices. So you can waste less of your valuable configuration effort and more of your valuable added value work. Block Theme is a sound basis for creating your WordPress website.

The design was made for self hosting WordPress web pages. When you have a WordPress.COM blog, you must buy the design from WordPress.com or host the design.

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