Wordpress Theme Boilerplate

Worldpress Theme Boiler Plate

Modern WordPress boiler plate for the creation of standardised themes. The Bones is a WordPress theme for developers based on the latest web standards, Bones is a solid foundation to start any WordPress project. Humane / thematic basis: One WordPress theme chapter template They need a few utilities to edit the topic. and Neat ] (http://bourbon.io), please click the download button for setup directions.

Grunts, please click the following button for setup directions. Execute us program and we will create the Grunzen tasks module that will allow you to create the design. Primitives: Standard SCSS compilation command to create custom style sheets and auto -prefix all features that need manufacturer preferences.

Reduces the size of your SCSS and JS as well as the optimization of images. GRUNT DOWNATCH - launches BrowserSync and monitors all changes to SCSS images to compose them into your SCSS. Alive previews in any web browsers, even for portable gadgets. Grunt-build: In top of what the standard job does, it builds a theme version of the theme that' re available for uploading to your server.

A HTML5, Mobile First startup theme for fast WordPress authoring.

Based on the latest web standards, WordPress provides a sound base for any WordPress work. is as naked and minimalist as possible. It is intended for use on a case-by-case base, i.e. no child themes. The Mobile First is the right way to create a highly reactive team.

Thus, bone comes with a uniquely Sass set-up that provides minimum resource for smaller displays and can be enlarged according to the viewing window. Start working on the next generation of CSS today. Get your start on a great start with plenty of commentary and samples.

It makes it simple to apply custom post types by giving you a well docu-mented example. Also, if you want to use bone to make and resell your own designs, then go ahead. The WTFPL is the law for bone. {\pos (192,210)}So load it down and make something nice... or something nasty. Well, Jones was around the bloc.

With the most granular style sheets, Boones prides itself on showing you exactly which sorters do what and gives them to you in a tidy and easily understandable way. Helping you concentrate on beauty, as well as serving older browser's that use cleaner and easier version of your website with the performance of Sass/LESS.

Using a great Mobile First solution, Bone's small size offers the bare minimum, saves valuable network traffic and accelerates loading time. It' s coming back cooked in bone. The WordPress puts a bunch of garbage in the headers. Well, it'?s just something I? not sure. Well, it'?s a big deal Bones takes out. Every single fucking night, you know?

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