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It' a free, open source builder theme. Go through the steps of Top WordPress developers and power users. Free support for Pro topics and plugin users. Padma | Unlimited is designed for WordPress to strengthen your business and is a free Theme Builder in constant evolution.

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padma | Unlimited - A Headway theme bifurcation was designed to offer an upgraded and enhanced alternate to the WordPress theme Building. Are you sick of immersing yourself in free & affordable WordPress topics and searching for efficient & accessible options? Benefit from the advantages of Padma | Theme Builder enhanced functions. You are invited to create as many sites as possible with our high-performance, upgraded and fully functional webframe.

Easily store, split, and re-use an infinite number of themes and styles. Gain full project style management power with the Adobe Creative Suite RSS Reader. Want to edit all your WordPress project files for free with total creative flexibility, high-performance Visual and Text editing utilities that use a unified theme? Can Padma | Unlimited be used to build many free web sites?

Padma | Unlimited allows you to create a number of sites for yourself or your customers without any limitations. Use our P|U frameworks to create all the sites you need from a unified view. What's the price of Padma Unlimited? The P|U is free of charge for private and business use.

The P|U is an unlimited Drag & Drop Theme Builder for WordPress. With P|U you can create as many websites & templates as you like. Can Padma | Unlimited provide the frameworks for free? We are focused on generating revenues by delivering P|U related high value added service to those who need it.

The P|U is 100% free for your own private or business use, for an infinite number of sites. You sure it's okay to use Padma unlimited? Padma | Unlimited for our own sites and for several of our clients because we always want to be up to date, keep the frameworks up to date and improve them.

Padma | Unlimited Is Padma Interoperable with My WordPress Theme? The P|U is a skeleton that has been designed to substitute any WordPress theme. It'?s not a theme, it's a theme builder. P|U lets you easily and conveniently produce any type of page lay-out, modify the look, share your page laysouts and blocks, as well as easily and conveniently load and unload them.

Do I ever get billed for using Padma Unlimited? P u is just free. P|U does not intend to bill for the use of the frameworks. It is our aim to offer the WordPress user base a highly adaptable, diverse and high-performance solution to Design & Develop Web applications.

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