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Use our preferences to choose from a variety of styles and then change them using the native WordPress Customizer. Each time we try to provide adequate support for a free WordPress theme, we will do our best to ensure that you get the support you need. Best 13 Drag and Drop Theme Builder for WordPress

All of us want to make great sites ourselves, but are often hampered by a shortage of people. For those of you who don't have coding skills or can't easily manage to get a web designer on, you' probably already know about dragging and dropping theme makers. Here we take a look at the best Drag&Drop theme creators for WordPress.

Emphasizing the outstanding functionality in each one, we make it simple for you to choose your next WordPress page. The Divi is a versatile theme builder created by Elegant Themes. It' an unbelievably practical builder that makes it simple for anyone to build websites dynamically without having to be a programmer.

User can also try their demonstration before buying. Vivi Builder is its own web drag-and-drop site builder that lets the user design designs and layout. Converts contents module and element into visible components. There' s no limit to customizing these Builder items, so your user can quickly build professional-looking, pristine websites.

Completely reactive styling. There are 40 handy pull and drag contents module to help you build your website. Thémify Builder contains the complete set of designs created by Thémify. This allows the user to fully exploit the Page Builder's capabilities by creating for both the front end and back end of their WordPress pages.

Page Builder provides a range of pre-built page designs that allow the user to start, and the option to export any user-defined page designs they may have made in the past. All Themify Builder themes are based on fast, translateable, SEO-friendly source codes. Completely reactive styling. WordPress multisite installation assistance.

Elementsor is a drag-and-drop, WordPress page generator that allows Web masters to build high-end layouts without programming. The open sourced frontend page creator comes with all the custom functions you might need. Page Builder is unbelievably simple to use and its control elements are designed to give its customers an optimum viewing environment.

Elementor allows you to fully adjust the look and feel of your website down to the last bit, including changing the size of the column, changing section sizes, and moving the column and contents. Enormous selection tool for selecting designer items. Completely reactive front-end real-time page builder. At the moment, XP Theme is on ThemeForest's bestseller lists. It' s unprecedented in terms of how this site builder has been designed and functions, as it is built on the advice of experts in the field of on-line advertising.

Specialist SEOs, WordPress and Google AdWords have developed the most advanced web page builder that will help you monetise your website with the help of the Page Builder Theme. This allows the user to build highly converted pages that are fully reactive and retina enabled. User can begin with any of the four preconfigured layout.

Completely customisable theme. The Beaver Builder is by far one of the simplest page creators to use. User have found that Beaver Builder provides a certain level of intimacy, as if they were using image and text manipulators to create the whole page. Page Builder has more than 20 page styles and easily blends into favorite plug-ins such as WooCommerce to create e-commerce websites.

Completely reactive styling. Front-end processing and previews. Hero is here to help every WordPress fan rescue the tag that finds it hard to adapt pages with customization. It' the ultimate WordPress plugin that lets the user adjust any feature of their designs with an easy-to-use draft and drop-theme generator.

This plugin can be integrated with Google Fonts, giving the user easy control over a wide range of typographic choices and the ability to use the built-in effect function to include Hover Fx, Shadows, Transfitions and more. Completely reactive styling. The Quards plugin was developed to make it easier to create target pages in WordPress without any programming knowledge.

When you want to create a one-page WordPress site or Landing Page with a sleek, contemporary look and feel and an intuitively easy-to-use user friendly user surface, Quards marks all fields. Straata is one of the best dragging and dropping page makers that you will find at an unbelievably low cost. Completely integrates with Visual Composer and WooCommerce to fully utilize all kinds of WordPress pages.

Whether you're creating a blogsite or an on-line shop, Strata has something for everyone. Strata Page Builder provides support for scroll, page and drop-down menu options and is immediately operational. Stylish whole styling bundle in a single great page creator! Completely reactive styling.

Integrated with Visual Composer and WooCommerce plug-ins. Totally is a highly reactive, versatile WordPress theorem generator that allows a user to create the front end and back end of their page using a page generator using simple pull and pull. Featuring full customization, premier slide controls, and limitless colour choices, all in a single, light Theme Builder. Totally can be integrated with Visual Composer and WooCommerce to extend the available functionality.

Among its outstanding characteristics, it provides a high-performance theme that allows the user to activate and deactivate functions with a single click. Completely reactive styling. Incorporates Font Awesome icon and four premier plug-ins. Th Theme Foundry's Make is a light, easy to use theme generator that provides something for everyone - private people, designers and even businessmen.

With Theme Builder, customisation is easy and uncomplicated and provides a variety of design personalisation choices. Make's Page Builder is specially developed for the WordPress Dashboard, making it even simpler to use for WordPress people. More than 110 configurator choices allow you to customize your pages the way you want without having to touch a line of coding.

Layer is a free page creator that is unbelievably simple to use. This theme offers a code-free UI that gives the users full editorial freedom and full editorial freedom in their WordPress pages, while being consistent with the basics of good web page layout. Layer is a WordPress theme that installs and activates, meaning it works directly with WordPress' Customizer.

Completely reactive styling. The Visual Composer is perhaps the most beloved WordPress Drag &Drop Theme generator, having been download over 500,000x. This allows the user to construct the website they have created using an easy-to-use simple draft and edit interface. This plugin does not need any coding skills to make beautiful creations.

You can create both front-end and back-end pages with your own custom WordPress theme using your own custom browser. Featuring over 40 post-unpack page items to help you get up and running, and a skins builder to customize its items to fit the look and feel of your website. Completely reactive interface, optimised for mobile phones.

Intermediate Schmidt-Builder. SiteOrigin's Page Builder provides a straightforward and easy-to-use user experience for creating page contents that allow site owners to quickly respond to the latest grid-based, mobile-optimized page contents. The free page creator works with almost any theme right after unpacking and allows people to use their favourite Widget.

The Page Builder has a built-in feature called Life Builder that prevents you from switching between the Page Builder and the Viewer window to see the finished work. Completely reactive styling. Work with any WordPress theme. Alive edit that gives you an accurate previews. Though Velocity Page is at the top end of the pricing range, the functions it offers are definitely valuable.

On-board Page Builder allows the user to manipulate and display the finished page from the same screen, eliminating the need to switch between different sessions. The Velocity Page provides highly-converting page styles from which the user can choose. In addition, end user pages can be created that are fast to respond to and interoperable with common sources such as MailChimp and Aweber.

Among the outstanding characteristics is that it provides layout for launches. Completely reactive web interface layout and adaptable custom pages. So many different theme builder out there (we've also had a few discussions in this post), it's hard to choose one for your WordPress page.

The Velocity Page, Beaver Builderand Themify Builder are the most powerful contestants in this class if pricing isn't a problem and you want a feature-rich theme builder. The three Theme Builder are all feature-rich and provide first-class function. When it comes to theme builder, divi and strata are the leading companies that concentrate on the latest web designer fashions.

When your top priorities are to raise your rate of return, those of you who think rate return is more important than anything else should choose either using your own theme or CSS Hero. When you' re all about e-commerce - if you plan to launch your own e-commerce site or are looking for a theme builder to give your shop the thing it needs, then Make, Totals and Layers are the way to theme builder.

Your website has a multi-lingual public - Those of you who have users from all over the world dialing in would do better with a Theme Builder that provides translation assistance such as Visual Composer. When you want the best functions in a free Theme Builder - Those of you who don't want to empty your wallet for a Theme Builder but want the best feature should give SiteOrigin's Page Builder a chance.

You' ll find several WordPress theme creators out there, all with their own outstanding functions. The final choice you make will depend on the nature of the WordPress page you want to produce and your financial constraints. If you are creating an e-commerce-based website, for example, it is best to use a page builder that works with plug-ins like WooCommerce.

There is a Page Builder for anyone who wants to build a professionally looking website without having to program. What kind of draft and dropping theme creators do you use?

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