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WordPress uses the category.php template by default to manage category archives. Allow your users to discover your categories by previewing the content they contain. Fantastic Craete thumbnails for your portfolio, shop, news and blog categories.

Top 80 Free WordPress Theme Release by categorie

There were many topics published which were at eye level or even better than the offers of the premiumshops. I' ve attributed this to more high value developer's joining the WordPress eco-system as the CMS grows, and peoples began to see the advantages of free delivery of high value product and sale of add-ons, premier releases, additional technical and service resources, etc.

It is now quite possible to set up a large company by giving away goods in this way. It' s good for the developer and also great for those who want to create high value web sites with the free WordPress resource. I have handpicked the best free topics I have seen throughout the year in this article, I have divided them into categories so that you can skip to the area you are looking for.

This is a professional topic that is ideally suited for the creation of a company / professional website. Event Greens topic is a subordinate topic of the event that includes several segments such as sliders, utilities, widgets, etc. This theme's verdant color makes your website look neat and slick. The SKT Constructions is a building, architectural, building and industry-related theme that presents projects galeries, contacts, beautifully designed contents, photo and property information, as well as links to WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery and Contacts 7.

Himalaya is a free, one-sided, modern, WordPress topic that reacts to para-laxis. It is a subject that is suited for both businesses and free-lancers. It is a cutting-edge and highly reactive subject that provides a fast and simple way to get a company website for yourself or your customers. This is a high value WordPress theme mainly designed for the dressmaking trade, but it can be used for any dressmaking trade.

Custom tailored designs are very simple to use and adapt. AccountsantLaw is a fast-reacting children's topic for Lawyeria Light. Featuring a clear styling, it matches your accountant's website perfect. "The Maisha Lite" is a free copy of the nice WordPress "Maisha" theme of our WordPress series. The theme is based on the documentation "Virunga".

It' a contemporary, reactive and portable, kind topic. Breathtaking, fast-reacting Free One Page WordPress theme that's great for creative people. It is a light, neat, super-balanced, reactive bootstrap-based design for commercial or private web sites. Twitter is the only Twitter Bootstrap-based theme, which means your website can be viewed on any type of display medium (PC, notebook, portable media, etc.) without having to scroll horizontally.

There are user-defined Widget, theme option, etc. to customize it according to your needs. The Lindeza Theme is the ideal creative and commercial tool, we provide a neat, contemporary and appealing look for all your browser and gadget needs. In the development of this theme we have used the latest technologies of html and sss.

The Oriana Theme WordPress is a sleek and neat theme with a great sleek look. The OrianaTheme is 100% reactive and works both on device and desk top, providing fantastic looking both ways. They can use our topic for private or commercial web sites. Lucy's theme has an ultra-prefessional look, with a nice finish that ensures stress-free use.

Using the latest web designing technologies created with HTML5 and HTML-encoding. Flat response is the right thing for anyone who wants a reputable website, because of what this topic involves. You' get fast-response designs, several blog layouts available, retina-capable artwork, several page styles, mail styles, beautiful typographic items, tonnes of broadget locations, a customized kids theme, WooCommerce assistance, jetpack assistance, and more.

The Ambition is a plain, neat and slim WordPress theme. Several of the featured choices are two page laysouts (narrow and wide), 4 page laysouts for each post/page, 2 page templates, 8 widgets, 7 custom widgets, a slide bar to emphasize your contribution, social profile navigation and more. Legally is a WordPress theme with a contemporary look and top class printability.

It' neat, ultra-portable, quick to load and bootstrap-based, responds to the theme for commercial or private web sites. Law has been specifically designed for lawyers or solicitors. Because Sydney is a strong corporate theme, it offers businesses or contractors a quick way to build a great web site.

is a two-column HTML5/CSS3 response WordPress theme. Topic is bright and verdant, best use for any alcove, all functions are controlled within topic settings. The Lawyeria Lite is a free WordPress theme, ultra neat and fully reactive. SportMag is a children's theme from AccessPress Mag.

Perfect for sport magazines, newspapers, on-line magazines, blogs or your own website. The MH Squared is a free, fast-reacting WordPress publication that only waits for your content. Creating this theme gives you the opportunity to build a stunning looking on-line mag or website of your own with a contemporary and elegant design that is fully customisable with the enhanced Theme Customiser and a range of user-defined Widget Themes.

Managerage Issue Based is a fast-moving topic developed for publishing houses. Using free plug-ins suggested, you can share your contents in editions, otherwise it works as a basic blogs theme. The Rowling is a neat, easy and stylish WordPress theme for magazines. Offering an appealing look, great typography, dual menus, soft menus, customized highlight colors supported, customized logos supported, galery mail formats supported, editors styles supported, a Flickr Widget and recent reviews, and current comment widgets with thumbnail views.

Clear and versatile design perfect for creating miniscule websites in journalism, face-to-face blogging or any other content-rich website. New Maxx theme is conceived for magazines, messages with adaptable layouts. KOPATHEME's design is inspired by the KOPATHEME Layoutmanager technology, which allows you to flexibly select the layouts of all pages on your website.

Making is a straightforward but effective dossier for those who make things. Delivering traditional raster-based layouts, clear typeface and an overall minimalist look, using which you can build a website that is both contemporary and ageless. The Stacker is a raster-based design for displaying your photographs and pictures.

This is a great theme for pros to view CVs and contacts. The Hitchcock is a minimum theme for portfolios for designers, photographs and other creative people. There is a nice, appealing look, a soft icons panel, Jetpack endless scrolls, customized highlight colors, customized headers, galleries mail formats supported, editing and more.

Photographic perfection is a fast reacting WordPress theme for professionals fotographers, Fotoblogger and kreative Peeps. The Resi is a neat theme for galleries that presents nice image galleries for all your photographs. Quick to respond, net-rich and ideal for high-resolution photographic collection. Minimalist theme for Fotoblogger. Customize in live with WordPress Customizer.

Lovely motif for the presentation of your photos and your story. Argentina is a neat and contemporary theme for portfolios aimed at creatives such as designer, artist and photographer. With WordPress, it's about making your contents public. This is the key characteristic of the theme of our project and it elegantly expands this theme. With a clear, crisp, modern look, it is built on fine typeography, friendly micro-interactions and a completely reactive outline.

This is a wonderful, minimum and fast reacting topic for bloggers. Clearly designed, it's ideal for creating professionally designed blog posts and websites. CrestaProject. com's central columns and sidebars, limitless colours and theme choices, are all available from CrestaProject. com. The Cosimo is a refreshing and nice WordPress blog theme, a large slit in the middle of the page and the side bar that pops up when you click the appropriate buttons, endless colours and theme choices.

The Twenty Sixteen is a modernised version of a much-loved WordPress lay-out - the horizontally mounted polehead with an option right side bar that works perfect for blogging and web sites. A personal blogging theme for WordPress, Patus is an effortless publishing resource for all types of editors, appreciated for its versatility, neat page lays and fast response.

It' s absolutely reactive, so it adjusts to both your own look and the machine on which it is displayed. Here is the free copy of Handy Theme. Mattraman theme is an attractive modern blog theme. The Boksy is a neat and minimally reactive WordPress theme for face-to-face blogs. The priority of the contents is at the centre of the overall concept.

By the time you are comfortable using WordPress, you already know how to use Boksy because it was created using the most important and demanding WordPress frameworks. The Qwerty is a minimum, fast-reacting, tedious write topic. The Bravo is a fast-reacting 2-pillar multi-purpose topic. The Toivo Lite is perfectly suited for commercial, private or blogsites.

It' got a nice cover page artwork where you can view your important contents, reviews and callout-sites. The Toivo Lite is an available, translation-friendly theme that provides many functions such as Right to Left language and Schema.org micro data support. That' s why Autor is quick, reactive, barrier-free and ideally suited for read.

Quiet and calming, handsome and regal. You will find calmness and inspired in this nice, appealing and ergonomical theme. Chicago-a gorgeously processed WordPress theme for bloggers with adaptable and adaptable theme customization features. It' s built on a highly reactive approach to designing where each item has been meticulously engineered to ensure a flawless appearance across all equipment and platform.

Adapsive Deluxe is characterized by a very contemporary look and shallow colours aimed at clearness. Adapsive Deluxe has been conceived, engineered and improved to look and work whether your guests are arriving by smart phone, notebook, tablet computer or desk computer. "The Amalie Lite " is a feature-rich, unique free blogsite theme based on the free "Twenty Fifteen" WordPress theme.

Today response grids are a common feature and "Amalie" makes good use of them to maintain their unmatched appearance across the entire bandwidth of Internet-enabled equipment. A fast-reacting theme, Founder is nice on telephones, pallets and laptop computers and has been optimised to quickly download onto each one. Constructed with Google's multi-lingual script, Noto Sans, it is fully interoperable with thousands of different tongues.

The Woodley is a light, versatile theme with a minimalist outline. Fast reacting two-column layouts are free of disorder so the reader can concentrate on the contents. Popper was conceived and constructed on the basis of three fundamental principals - accessibility, mobile and touch-friendly designs and focused contents - and is a great choice whether you're creating a website, creating a web site, a web site management system or a weblog.

Units is a children topic for the founder topic. There is a straightforward blogstyle that' s easy to understand and easy to use, allowing your site staff to concentrate on your site and your site. The Kotha is a really neat and stylish Responsive WordPress Blogs theme. It' great for your own blogs, travels, lifestyle, meals & prescriptions, story telling. The MediaPhase is a multipurpose WordPress theme ideal for businesses, on-line stores, blogs and agency websites.

Allgiant is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme perfectly suited for agency and professional use. The theme provides full home page sliders, features blocs, portfolio, services, crew members, and even test stories all supported by the CPO Content Types plugin. The Aron is an optimal multi-purpose theme with simple and powerful customization options that are elegant, slim, appealing and attractive.

The Aron Theme is a one-click installation function, just hit the activation key and your website will be finished. As the name implies, SKT Gravida is a universal WordPress topic for companies. It' a fast-reacting topic and is suited for every kind of branch. Topic settings and themes make this theme very simple to use.

Brillance is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme aimed at agency and company Web sites. Its clear, reactive design makes your contents unmistakable. Woocommerce, Contact Form 7, WPML, WordPress Search, Fancier Author Box and more. The Alum is the best multi-purpose theme with elegant, reactive and attractive designs and simple and powerful customization options.

The Alum theme is a one-click installation function, just hit the activation key and your website will be finished. Contemporary & nice, reactive styling based on a robust frame that allows a sharper and sharper look even on highest dot gain equipment. Ideal for companies and private persons in equal measure. Optimizer, an easily adaptable multifunction display with many high performance functions.

With this theme, you can adjust any item without having to tap a cipher. Ultra is simple to use and fast to set up and a high-performance multifunction display desig. You can use it to start your company page, your blogs or your portfolios. Versatile WordPress theme with a Page Builder. Methodality that introduces a very tidy and tidy style that can be used for any kind of website.

There are a lot of different ways to change the appearance of the theme using the customizer. Support for reactive designs, adjustable homepage areas, Google font, limitless color, motion, automatic picture size adjustment, and more. The GeneratePress is a quick, easy, portable WordPress theme designed with a focus on performance, ease of use and easy use.

The GeneratePress is portable, W3C Markup Validated, Schema. org micro data included, easy to find, cross-browser compatibility (including IE8+), WooCommerce compatibility, BuddyPress compatibility and 100% translation capability. evolutionolve is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that has recently been re-designed as a fully functional theme for all your equipment. Topic contains a smooth bootstrap and parallax slide control with up to 5 sliders on each page and a mail slide control for 10 items per mail group.

The A1 is a light, fast, neat, ultra-manageable, bootstrap-based design for commercial or private web sites. The A1 Theme is build on Twitter Bootstrap, which means that your website can be viewed on any type of equipment (PC, notebook, portable equipment, etc.) without having to scroll horizontally. The Storefront is the ideal theme for your next WooCommerce venture.

Conceived and engineered by WooThemes, it offers tight integrations with our market-leading WooCommerce plug-in, a variety of layouts and colour choices to personalize your shopping experience, several widgets, an appealing look and more. UpStore is Wordpress e-commerce theme using WooCommerce plug-in. The theme will be a great fit for your on-line boutique, sports boutique, e-commerce, digital boutique, men's or women's boutique, handbag boutique, beauty boutique, jewellery boutique, accessories boutique and multi-purpose boutique.

The Bellini is the ideal motif for designing an on-line store. There are many integrated features, as well as layouts for blog, posts, WooCommerce store, products pages. WooCommerce TheShop is a very simple to use e-commerce theme, fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in. Included with TheShop is a user-defined title page, font and colour choices, two menu items, a slide bar for your headers and much more.

The Superstore is a customisable WooCommerce theme based on the Omega Framework. You can use WordPress, WooCommerce and SuperStore Kind Theme to run your own shop. Stores is the last eCommerce WordPress theme you will ever need. It' s packed with countless feature sets, among them multiple layouts, featured product showcase areas, fully configurable sidebar width, advanced menu and navigation system, featured images, sliders with 3-D effects, Google fonts, high quality animation throughout the theme, without compromise to the professional.

The Incart Lite is a neat, reactive and versatile voocommerce theme that is best suited to any purchasing, company, investment or commercial location. is a GeneratePress children's issue. With GeneratePress you can change the children's theme in a few moments according to your own tastes. Statements is portable, W3C Markup Validated, Schema.org included, web-enabled, accessible via browsers, 100% translateable, accessible via internet and web browsers, accessible via internet.

Store WP is a high-performance and free WordPress theme that offers great flexibility and deeper WooCommerce integrations. Store WP makes your website customizable to any kind of portable device or tray and it is the great design for your next WooCommerce venture.

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