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Checklist items have been moved to three more pages. The most amazing and incredibly powerful WordPress checklist ever created online. Select a suitable topic for your website. Step-by-step instructions for converting your HTML into a Wordpress theme. Consulting and list of elements to search for and consider to filter out the best WordPress theme for your project.

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After installing the plug-in, go to Tools > Theme Checklist to begin the scan. We' ve put together some of the most frequent topic problems we see in the topic rating queues and published them on our website, the Theme Checklist. Just load all the latest validators and give you a simple surface to verify the problems while you verify them in your own design.

Every edition has a detailled explanation with samples to help you avoiding them in your own topic. The Theme Checklist website loads check files automatically to make sure that you are always working with the latest versions of the check files. Failing this, the plug-in will revert to the bundles of check files in checks.json. Here is a list of the available check files.

"Theme Checklist " is open code check list music. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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So you are working on a new WordPress website?

To be honest, this checklist has worked miracles for us and hopefully for you! The " killers " checklist is comfortably subdivided into 7 check lists which cover all aspects of building, development and successful maintenance of a WordPress website. The only thing you have to do is scrupulously obey every move and we ensure that you will have the WordPress site of your dream finished in no time!

On-line or Localhost?: Choose a suitable programming language and download WordPress. The checklist is the response to this exact one. Whether you are a novice or a WordPress professional, this special checklist will help anyone in the middle of creating a new WordPress website.

Prefix Checkout Table Checkout Plugin. As an alternative, you can also try these examples: Use Strong Password Generator Plugin. Also you can use your e-mail as your WP e-mail log-in plugin. Ensure that you are hiding your website from searching machines by activating the Preferences > Stop searching machines from hiding this website checkbox.

As soon as the install is finished, here are some of the extra things you should do. Build a Camping Soon page with the free SeedProd Camping Soon or WP Maintenance Mode plugins. Now you have to make some changes in the General group. Select a WWW or non-WWWW URL for the WordPress and the location adress.

Don't neglect to refresh the time zone, date/time under Preferences > General. It is very important to refresh the tagline and the caption under Preferences > General. Changing the media settings: If you want to store all your pictures in the " Files " directory, deselect the "Organize my upgrades into monthly and yearly folders" checkbox in Preferences > Media.

Improve the safety of your demonstration website by deploying the Password Protection plug-in. If you are an administrator, you should be able to upload/remove items and add new plug-ins according to your needs. Here comes the most important checklist. A million adjustments and changes need to be made during the WordPress design phase to create a website that fits your needs.

Here's the first thing you need to do is delete the WordPress standard contents like postings, annotations and more. They can also use the Search Friendly Images plugin. They can use the newsletter Plugin. Using MailChimp Subscribe Form Plugin. Create a plugin list: Create a checklist of all your installed plugs.

Only a few suggested plugins: AddThis, ShareThis or Share Bar plugs can be used. Scan for content overflow: Checking out How to highlight the author's commentary on WPBeginner. Review 1stwebdesigner.com to build a custom 404 page in WordPress. Make sure that the user can access the site. To verify this, go to http://yoursite.com/? s=Test.

Try the page break with the WP-PageNavi plug-in. Adds user-defined favicon with the customized favicon plug-in. Checking the Contents Structure: Review the layout and contents for everything, such as pages, catagories, URL's, registration and more. You can also verify the settings under Settings > General for your contacts, as well as your contacts and administrative emails. Implemented security: Ensure that you have all your safety features such as strong passwords, file and folders rights, etc. with the iThemes Safety plug-in.

Verify that your website is cross-browser compliant through comprehensive tests. Deselect the checkbox under Preferences > Read from "Keep browsers from referencing this site" and make the site searchable. Start the SeedProd plug-in and deactivate the page Comming Soon. Verify the load speed: you also need to increase the page load rate using Google's Page Performance Insights.

Decrease all picture size by almost 50% by compression of PNG and JPG with TinyPNG, WP Smush it or Shortpixel plug-in. Ensure that you are using the latest WordPress release. Update plugins: It' also important to update all plug-ins on your website before you go online.

When you develop the WordPress website for a customer, you deploy the WordPress log-in page with the White Label CMS plug-in. Start the SeedProd plug-in and deactivate the page Comming Soon. They may have the most tempting and best designed WordPress website, but if you don't have a real WordPress website, then everything will be free.

Our extensive 75-step checklist of advanced search es means you don't have to go anywhere else to find out more about it. Administer your 301 redirect using the 301 Reverse Direction plugin. If you have not yet done so, turn on the website accessibility under Settings > Read. They can also use the Search Friendly Images plugin.

Verify that the built-in site map of the Yoast WordPress Spreadsheet plugin works or download and use the Google XML Spreadsheet plugin. The WordPress Server has integrated this function for you. Again, it is important that you optimise your website with GTMetrix for HTML and Pingdom for WordPress to help you reduce your troubleshooting times.

In order to reach this, we have prepared a practical WordPress optimization guide for you. Increase the load time of your page: With the help of our most beloved guide to accelerating a WordPress website and Google's PageSpeed Insights, you can reach your target of increasing the load time of your website.

The Schema Creator plugin allows you to create structure files by adding them to your work. So if your site is a small company, make sure you deliver it to Google Worldwide. Don't forgive adding and checking Google Analytics. We' ve prepared a Google Analytics Guide for you, which offers you a simple orientation.

Be sure to review the whole site to make sure you are aware of misspellings and grammatical mistakes before using it. Excludes private and corporate IP address in Google Analytics. For more information about how to block traffic from your Google Analytic Help, see the Google Analytic Help section. Don't forgo embedding social media symbols on all pages of the WordPress Web site.

They can use one of the best WordPress plug-ins like AddThis, ShareThis or Share Bar. Well, here we are finished with the WordPress Checklist XLEO. Now, let me tell you that safety is a very important issue when developing websites. Therefore, before you present your WordPress website to the outside word, it is essential that you have strict web safety.

Use this checklist to find out what plug-ins and extra preferences are needed to protect your valuable website from harmful intrusion. Monitors the perfomance of your website: Get periodic reviews of the perfomance of your website using the Plugin Perfomance Profiler plugin using Plugin3. Remove files for installations and upgrades: Be sure to remove /wp-admin/install. php as well as /wp-admin/upgrade. php after each WordPress update or update.

Limiting suspicious logon attempts: Restrict the number of logon tries that can be made both through regular logon and through the use of AuthCookies by using either limited logon tries or LockDown plugins. We strongly suggest you use the most complete safety plug-in, iThemes Safety plug-in, as it is free and handles almost all safety questions on a website.

Deactivate Topic and plug-in editor: If you want to prevent the text box link from showing up in the administration area, you can attach the following to your wp-config. php files so that persons cannot directly modify the topic in the administration area. define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);' return '''; add_filter('the_generator', remove_version');' return' Incorrect user name or passcode.

As soon as all these things are present, you can either go to this phase of the game directly and go to the checklist afterwards or the other way around. You' ve taken good care of everything for your WordPress website. Our checklist provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to keep your website up and running, as well as periodic inspections to make sure it's working properly.

Hack an assault of hundreds of thousands upon millions of spammers using the Delete Pending Comment plug-in. Checking breaking links: Search for defective hyperlinks on your website using the extension for Chrome & Broken Link Checker for WordPress. Get full power over your post-revision system with the Audit control plug-in.

Be sure to review your comment area, respond to your queries, and communicate with your readership on a regular basis. Updating Plugins: Hold a Plug-in Update tabs and update it periodically. Don't miss to back up the latest database and file versions with BackUpWordPress (Free) | BackupBuddy (Paid) | WordPress Backup to Dropbox (Free).

Review Google Analytics: Review Google Analytics on a regular basis. You should also review Google Webmaster Tools on a regular basis. Checking Used Resources: Keeping an overview of your ressources with the plug-in performance profiler helps you to keep track of your workload. You can use the WP Statistics plug-in to watch the stats of your WordPress website. Security controls in progress: WP Security Scan is a good plug-in that will scan your WordPress install and make appropriate proposals.

Define ('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','64M'); define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','96M'); define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','128M'); Define Auto Save Interval: define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 300 ); I trust you liked our WordPress Maintenance Checklist. When you are looking for such a service for yourself or your customers, take a look at our Website Maintenance Service page and get in touch with our support staff for further assistance.

A comprehensive WordPress checklist that will be useful for all WordPress designer, developer and user! One or all of these check lists can be downloaded, as required, and followed each and every WordPress Web site work. Through this checklist we have passed on all our WordPress know-how.

Now it' s your turn to tell us: Which checklist did you find most useful? No part of this checklist may be modified or copied in any form or by any means without the prior express consent of the authors. Exclusion of liability: To the best of our ability, all information in this checklist is accurate and dependable.

Except as expressly stated otherwise, we do not earn commission or payment from the relevant supplier or owner of the specified check list related products andervices.

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