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Toolbox for developing WordPress themes. Meet Components, a starter theme generator to accelerate WordPress theme development. Love a good starter theme. Contains all the components or parts that make up the topics. It includes the WordPress theme that operates the component website and the generator that generates all the magic starter themes.

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Meet Components, a launcher theme engine to accelerate WordPress theme creation. Well, we like a good starting theme. Ever since the introduction of the Toolbox and its beloved sequel Underscore, we've been looking for a starting theme when creating our next great WordPress theme to get us on the right track. When underlined, we always say that it allows you a 1,000 hour launch.

We' re upset when we see someone forking underlines and making it his own, so it shouldn't come as a big shock that we're possessed by developing what we consider a starting theme. In this way we are happy to present Components to you. Consider it a toolset that lets you get your designs where they need to be more quickly.

Components, which has been deleted from Underscores, provides you with a sound foundation for your work - but it also brings the Start Topic to the next stage and offers a selection of five different topic styles. Everyone will add the additional source needed to start a specific kind of topic. Choose from: Why components?

Why then the different approaches to components? There were three key things that inspire this direction: the communities behind our scores, the folks who use our topics every single day, and the web designers and developers communities. Whilst we maintain and improve underlines, we always see large draw enquiries from the fellowship that we reject because the posts are ultimately too generic for a regular starting topic.

Much of these supplements would have been flawless in most subjects. Well, some of them have a home in a projects that focuses on a specific type of end users with each theme they create. Talking about searching, we know from the introduction of hundred of topics on WordPress.com that topics are one of the most demanding areas of WordPress that humans know.

You need more topics that "just work", and we are hoping that components will help. Finally, the web communities have adopted construction methods that have been methodologically built with the parts that make up a website. For us, components are the first stage so you can create a start topic that's right for your specific work.

We are very curious about what the communities will contribute to the projects and look forward to developing components with your help. At the moment we are in the early phase of our component visions and implementation, so anticipate that both of the repositories that drive this development, theme components and components.underscores.me, will continue to develop rapidly and continuously.

GitHub forks or components, or create your own customized launcher theme at components.underscores.me and enjoy creating great new WordPress themes! and more!

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