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Use WordPress themes to control how your website looks to your users. Every theme contains multiple template files that control the appearance of a specific section or page in your WordPress theme. Sub topics are important because they protect your original topic files. The WordPress theme is the group of templates that make up the theme.

Necessary topic files| Manual for topic developers

You must ensure that certain files are present before submitting your design for verification. Such files must meet the templates files defaults specified by the Theme review team. As well as the files listed below, there are some other default templates that we suggest you use, as described on the Organize Topic Files page. style.cssThe style.css style sheet of your theme.

It also contains information about your design, such as your authors name, release number and plug-in URL, in the headline. index.phpThe primary design submission for your design. It is the home page layout for your website, unless a fixed home page is specified. Embedding only this templates filename must contain all the features of your design.

You can use any number of pertinent templates in your design. comments.phpThe annotation templates that are contained wherever annotations are permitted. It should offer threads and trackback assistance, and should make authors' annotations different from users' annotations. Obviously, any of the files listed in the manual's instructions can be used in your topic.

Organize Topic Files - The Developer's Guide Manual

In this section, you will learn how to organize your files. It is possible that your design must also contain these files. The standard twenty designs, as already noted, are some of the best instances of good theme-building. Here, for example, is how the Twenty Seventeen Theme organises its files structure:

As you can see, the major theme templates files are located in the home folder, while JavaScript, JavaScript, HTML, images are located in the asset folder, templates are located in their subfolders, and a set of features related to key functionality are located in the inc folder. Hint: style.css should be located in the home folder of your theme and not in the CSS-folder.

It is a proven procedure to internationalise your topic so that it can be easily transposed into other tongues. Standard topics includes the languages directory, which contains a.pot files for translating and all translated.mo files. Although Language is the standard name of this directory, you can modify the name.

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