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Operating a theme finder page is a massive fight against adversity. The Spot Finder -Directory theme is a powerful software for local or international business directories for WordPress. Easily create a directory in WordPress.

WordPress Theme Friendly will help you to find the perfect WordPress Theme - WordPress Tavern

Finding a new WordPress theme can be an overly daunting job, given the vast number of theme-vendors out there. In the wilderness, with ten thousand WordPress topics, it's not always simple to isolate them or know which topics are of high value. Thme Friendly strives to resolve this issue by offering a sorting palette of WordPress topics that have been checked before.

Today Alex Mansfield presented his new Theme Free with 35 theme reviewers from nine different theme stores. WordPress Theme Favorite Downloads sponsored photocopies of WordPress theme writers. When Mansfield scans the topics to create a qualifier, it uses a subsetset of the WordPress topic validation policy teams validation exams.

It accurately tracks how the topic got its points and logs any extra information that might be useful for the sort, e.g. topic types, function supports, page layouts, plug-in supports, available page styles, language translations, etc. The result is an outstanding, highly granular listing of sort items in the side bar. Website users can browse by topic according to their own needs and then learn about the keyword.

The search on the website provides results ordered by key indicators of service rather than by recent entries. Ideally, anyone who buys for a WordPress theme can make a more educated choice than consumers, using Theme Friendly ratings. MANFIELD checks each topic according to the same manual search criterias.

They said that he actually used affilate hyperlinks, but that they did not affect the topic ratings in any way. For more information about his website creation processes and the related technology behind them, read his book review on building a WordPress Theme Reviewsite.

Another useful way for customers to discover and buy WordPress topics is the Theme Free Theme. When you like the thought of having a website where you can find professional topics, there are a few things you can do to help Mansfield extend its libraries. Send him a memo on his Contacts to let him know what the most disappointing part of buying for WordPress topics is.

Also, if you are a WordPress theme creator, you can contact him or her to apply for a check on your theme and its inclusion in the Theme Friendly Library.

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