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The Wordpress theme for the download page

This page was created with Materialis PRO. User HeaderChoose a custom header image to display at the top of your website. Topic Default functions Modify advanced parts of the theme without programming or engineering knowledge. All PSD data for the topic is available, so that you can make your own changes if necessary. Immediate download of the topic and the help document.

Lifelong subscription to topic up-dates. Lifelong approach to fast response time. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names.

A year of full WordPress coverage. Lifelong availability of new theme release. Lifelong grip on lifelong supports & up-dates. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names. Lifelong full WordPress lifecycle permission. Lifelong availability of new theme release. Lifelong grip on lifelong supports & up-dates. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names.

Theme Alchem Free Business WordPress for Company Locations

Allchem is a free WordPress theme for businesses. Standard skin in the adjustment allows you to modify the standard skin look slightly. Regarding the built-in home page section, full-screen slide control and Magee speed dialer, everyone can help create a single- or multi-page company website in a simple way. Also available customisable designs can definitely meet more enterprise requirements.

Adjustable wallpaper colour and picture, cushioning option, top panel and information setting, tacky headers, soft symbols, user-defined styles and more! Magee Shortcodes lets the user build chords, badges, boxes, and more. Gain full creative power over your website, including design and layouts and customize it. Footswitch Widget, 1-4 Footswitch column, Footswitch wallpaper, Redo wallpaper and positioning setting.

Insert different kinds of links into the menus, adjust the menus by adjusting the width, hight and resize of the menus highlights bars and so on. You can drag and drop widgets into a particular area of the Widget. More than 10 user-defined Widget available. Allchem provides 3 standard skin in fitting. Changing the standard look to suit your taste is easy.

Additional stores are available in the Professional Edition. Different headline locations, extended headline option, adjustable headline colour and picture, Padding option. The simple completion produces beautiful web pages. A site of web pages that can be reached with our theming. However, for multi-page sites, simply contact our Magee short codes plug-in for help.

Some of the most common Alchem feature are the great shortcuts you can use. Magee shortcuts give you one speed dial for everything you need, and they allow you to customize so many different page styles. Adaptable children's topics available, everything according to your wishes. The WooCommerce is the most widely-used WordPress eCommerce plug-in.

Achem is now fully compliant with this plug-in, which can help you make building an on-line store easier. You can be sure with the help of your website that no matter what kind of devices your website is accessed from, it will look exactly like a single piece of information. Created in HTML5+CSS3 programming languages, it is well encoded according to the latest SQL Server software standards.

Getting this SEO-friendly topic with the latest encoding technology will make your website to be loved by your webmasters. Allows you to change the overall colour with a single click, the colour selection dialog helps you to find the desired colour simply. Please note, however, that the change in elementary colour only affects most standard colours. Facilitates your audience to quickly browse through your website.

The Alchem font is fully included in the Font Awesome Symbol Kit. Any symbol can simply be used via shortcuts. Font Awesome also gives you the ability to adjust the sizes and colours of the symbols. This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. Add a document to your website to make it available in your own mother tongue.

WPML is the best option if you want to create a multilingual website. You can create indefinite Alchem website version with easy setting. At Alchem Per, we offer more custom designed skin for pre-built homepages. In Magee, more shortcuts, more page layout for your sites to your taste. Alchem per lets you simply apply cinematic 3 effects to any item on your pages.

Allows you to append your own backgrounds to each section using Alchem 5 HTML 5 videos. Over 600 Google scripts available in Alchem Per. Alchem per allows you to publicize any number of portfolio. You can use the Frequently Asked Questions engine as a user-defined mail item to view help information for your website. The full width Megamenu is available in Alchem's Professional Edition.

Easy to modify include footing widgets, coil numbers, copyrights and more. Allchem pro has much more rich customization choices that will make your website more versatile. Our services include comprehensive assistance and keep our topics up to date. Gain instant access to the Pro version of Alchem!

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