Wordpress Theme for Downloading Files

Theme Wordpress for downloading files

Are you tired of bad plugin and theme updates that break your WordPress page? WorldPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings of Webnests The Olam is the ultimative topic for building an on-line shop or market place with Easy Data Downloads. Olam allows you to resell your favorite photo archive, plug-ins, software, sound files and more. Using our comprehensive customer support system and Unyson Page Builder, it only took a few moments to get started with your sales of your e-commerce goods now.

The Olam is feature-rich and is made compliant with the most common SDD enhancements, so you can do more than just shop. Easy Digital Downloads can be used for a wide range of applications, for example, but not restricted to the following; Olam is far ahead of other SDD topics in many respects.

And it has tonnes of functions our rivals don't have, including the ability to customize product thumbnails on list pages. Since Easy Download is the first choise for anyone creating a WordPress based shop, they have developed a number of enhancements to incorporate many useful extra functions.

We' ve been testing Olam with all the major EDD enhancements to ensure that our customers can easily incorporate any of them into our theme. What is the best way to build a market place with Olam? Olam is by standard a one-stop shop for your customers. In order to make it a market place, i.e. to allow other suppliers to enumerate their product, you need to implement the EDD Front End Submission Extension.

As soon as you have installed this add-on and made the necessary settings, your website will become a market place, just like that! Can I use Olam to construct a unique provider? Definitely, Olam comes as a simple Theme, just set it up and bring in the demos, you get a Simple Theme, you get a Theme.

Which plug-ins are linked to the topic? Is there a plugin that is used in the topic demonstrations but is not contained in the topic files? What do you provide topic assistance for? Can I update to the latest Olam EDD theme release? Rest assure that you will not loose any information when changing topics.

Do I really need to refresh my design every single times there is an updated? Normally we refresh the design to include more functionality and fix bugs. It is not required, but it is strongly advised to keep your design up-to-date with the latest release. I' ve been editing some of the theme files.

Is it possible to update to your latest Theme release? It is necessary to keep a record of the changes made and make them applicable in the files of the new release. Is it possible to show prices with your WordPress Theme? Is it possible to up-load my audio/video previews as a seperate one? Is it possible to add a customized picture for previews on the pages of the list of products and another one on the page of the products?

Yes, some of our clients wanted to use a quadratic thumbnail in the storefront and other products list pages. Is it possible to have more than one picture uploaded for previews? It is possible to have several thumbnails uploaded like this - http://themes.layero. com/olamwp/downloads/hot/ if you run a one-stop shopping. Are Olam RTL language compliant?

Olam is not RTL language compliant. Is it possible to set up a WooCommerce shop with Olam? Are you offering a theme adaptation? Olam allows you to select as many items as you like. Last update 05.04.2016 - The design has been made compliant with the EDD Front End Submission plug-in. Last update 26.05.2016 - The theme has been made WooCommerce plug-in compliant.

Now you can use supplier contacts form to get in touch with suppliers. Added the ability to append more than one image to a single file for downloading. Last update 15.06.2016 - The theme has been made compliant with all plug-ins in the EDD Marktplatz bundles and periodic EDD-payouts. Last update 27.09.2016 - The theme now allows an infinite number of submenu layers.

Last update 30.09.2016 - v3. Zero - A black hide for the topic has been freed. Also, the file changes logs are added to the doc. Last update 13.12.2016 - Release 3.1.

1- Update issues with bodily hypography in theme option, Update issues with galleries pictures on Downloads page. Update dummy upload methods that significantly reduces the theme filesize. Last update 22.04.2018, v4. The EDD enhancement files have been upgraded to make them compliant with the latest 2.9 release.

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