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About how to get a WordPress theme published and approved on Themeforest. As you are reading this article, you should know what Themeforest is. About how to get a WordPress theme published and accepted on Themeforest.

As you are already browsing this section, you should know what Themeforest is. To those who don't feel well, it's a market place where designer s/developers can present their design(s) and consumers can buy them. Choose WordPress from the WordPress catagory and click Next. For example, "MyTheme," "A Responsible WordPress theme."

"Write this is the filename" - Write the first character of each string in capital letters. "WorldPress Template " - Obey the industrial standards even if they do not comply with the usual capitalisation regulations. Use jQuery and WordPress instead of jQuery and Wordpress, for example. You should include pictures specifically for a WordPress theme so that your products will differentiate themselves from others.

It is the small miniature picture that you want your design to appear when your design is searched for by your user. In order to load a topic previewer, create a 590x300 jumpg document of the topic previewer that should appear as a large picture at the top when visitors to your topic. Do it as best you can, because it should be the first glimpse of your topic.

Note down some details on the picture and show a glimpse of your products in a moodup. Suppose you have your previews as your home page. They should name the theme previews as such: the theme previews will be displayed in the theme preview: There is a filename called "Home Page. jpg" and another "01_Home Page.jpg". The 01 is now the first available screenshots and would appear as the first screenshots in the screenshots section of your themed display cases on the Theme Forest and should also act as a large picture above once your products are released.

You can have the second image with any screen width and width under 600px.

Zip all theme filenames for a purchaser to the main one. However, do not contain the topic preview. Insert a well documentated help into your Zip Main File and you can also add any kind of demonstration contents. Ensure that your design uses the standard JQuery of WordPress.

Choose a categorie in which you want your Wordpress theme to appear. In order to increase your odds of being accepted if your topic is not Widget ready, make it Wide Game Ready. Choose from your favorite browsers, Framework, Software Version, ThemeForest files and more. We strongly recommend that the topic be presented in an appealing way.

There should be brief words that describe your topic, seperated by comma: e.g.: photograph, artery, ..... They should be used when searching for topics, so if a person is searching for your topic, think about the tag carefully. Make sure you get a command prompt once the topic has been correctly submitted.

Ensure that you get an e-mail, usually within one to two days, approving your topic. Enter your e-mail in order to get a response when this query is replied to.

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