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Yevelin is a powerful and versatile, thorough and comprehensive, fully functional and advanced, very responsive WordPress premium multi-purpose website theme. Popular WordPress idea theme. Ideen - full screen response WordPress theme from imagination

The Ideas theme is a full-screen photo theme for WordPress with a large number of full-screen postings (slide show, Kenburns, video and photo wall). The theme is WPML-enabled and contains.po.mo voice mailings. Schematic step-by-step instructions for how to create the design. Modified'/framework/admin/tgm/tgm-init.php' Modified'/framework/admin/tgm/tgm-init.php' Modified'/style.css' Fix: Theme Option Value App fix that leads from a modified feature of the last one.

Modified 'css/dynamic_css.php' Modified 'css/dynamic_css.php' Modified 'css/menu/superfish.css' Modified 'css/responsive.css' Modified 'framework/admin/tgm/tgm-init. php' Modified 'framework/functions/framework-functions. php' Modified 'framework/options/admin/js/init.js' Modified 'framework/options/google-fonts. php' Modified 'framework/optionen/optionens-data.php' Modified 'functions.php' Modified 'header-title.php' Modified 'header. php' Modified 'js/common.js' Modified 'languages/default. mo' Modified 'languages/default.po' Modified 'style.css' Modified 'template - fullscreen-home.php' New : 'woocommerce/' New : 'woocommerce/content-product. NOTE*** Enable this option to use the latest release in the theme package.

UPDATING: The languages.po.mo filename has been refreshed to reflect the extension of the theme option.

WorldPress Ideas Theme

Hint - This topic is no longer for sales and we do not offer anymore technical assistance. Ideen is a concept for productiveness with which you can hear your clients and address them. Be it a proposal for a website or a question for new features for your products, the Ideas theme will help close the communications loop.

The Ideas theme, which supports your client feed-back engines, makes it simple to set up category, gather ideas, prioritise them by vote, and select the best for implementation. E-mail alerts about new ideas that have been accepted can be customized via the back-end. Individual ideas page includes extra panel views that allow you to publicize or internalize the state of each one.

Official Answer" allows administrators to immediately pass the state of each suggestion to the user. They can also see the overall number of voices for the processed ideas and immediately undo them. Ideas and user polls can be rolled back separately or in large quantities. We have added a special'Reset' setting page that allows you to set back voices for all user and ideas in large quantities.

You can also restore the voices one by one by modifying the concept or custom and choosing the Restore Voices radio button. You can also set your voices to zero every monthly by activating the corresponding item on the Clear setting page. Unsure whether the ideas posted by your customers should be immediately public? Don't be afraid, there's an alternative.

On the Ideas Preferences page, you can simply turn the moderator on or off. Reduced back-end ideas and user schedules to show only the most useful information. Added extra column to show the state and overall score of each brainstorm. The user list shows the overall ideas entered, the overall voices cast, and the remaining voices.

User discussions are very important when it comes to ideas, so the annotation system uses the advantages of all WordPress annotation options, even threading. Simply activate or activate all your annotation options directly on the WordPress "Discussion" setting page. categories and statuses are user-defined taxes, so you can simply append any state and any catagory.

In addition, you can set on the preferences page which state represents an open concept (e.g. In process, Planned, etc.). Users Profile shows the customary biographical information as well as extra polling information such as cast ballots, cast ballots, and a listing of ideas the users cast their vote for. Voices for each suggestion can be added or removed immediately without reloading the page.

Pick an up or down ballot for an ideas and see how the overall number of voices is instantly refreshed. At the front end, ideas can be ordered by the number of answers or voices. In addition, admins can organize ideas by date, artist, category and/or state in the back-end. There is a configurable widget available to filter ideas by categories.

In order to keep the option in perspective, we try to incorporate our preferences as closely as possible into WordPress, so Ideas permission links can be modified directly from the WordPress permission links page. It is part of the theme, but fully separate with the WordPress natively mailframe. Designed to immediately take full benefit of best practice benefits of best-practice management, our topics are designed to help you

Changing the look of your website with a third child theme. Each of our topics make it simple to screw on other elements. Designers can adapt the features without having to alter the initial source tree. Use WordPress promotion and filtering hook, which makes it a snap to base on our product.

WordPress produces our own WordPress files, handmade by the best WordPress programmers.

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