Wordpress Theme Layout

Worldpress Theme Layout

Easily modify the WordPress theme layout Check out the brief introductory wallpaper and see how to make layout changes in the WordPress theme. Layout locations allow you to map widgets specifically to the location, resize the widget using the bootstrap grid classes, and rearrange an entirely new layout look. What can I do to alter the layout location?

Hello, Today I'll show you how to modify the layout of the theme: Each design contains layout items, so you can map a Widget to the layout item of that design. Tonight I will show you how to modify the layout of the WordPress theme. Every WordPress theme contains layout items, which means that you can map a widget to the topic's layout item.

In order to see all widget locations, you can go to the "Dashboard", then "Appearance", "Widgets" - and on the right side you will see all widget locations that you can use for the respective topic. Alternatively, you can go to the demonstration site of your design and then browse through pages, layout, and then through all widget locations.

Of course this is the example for the topic, but the similar site is on other demonstration-pages. Let's see how it works and how you can modify the layout. For example, we take a "Top 2" number. We' ve got four Widgets here in this section. Navigate to "Widgets" and search for the item "Top 2", which contains four of our example wide range now.

Okay, so let's maybe take out two of those broadgets and see what's updated on the page. We' ve got two Widgets now, but there's a place on the right. See the custom features you'll find with each of our wide range products - wide range of sizes to fit a large display, desktops, mobile gadgets such as telephones, smarphones and more.

Let us fix it. It' fixed at 25% for each broadget - and that's right. As there were four Widgets here and each was 25% broad, we changed it to 50% and clicked "Save". This is the same operation you can perform on all of your Widgets. Just assign or remove the item name to the particular Widget, thanks for viewing, hopes you like it, bye!

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