Wordpress Theme License

The Wordpress Theme License

They cannot buy an HTML template, convert it to a WordPress theme, and sell or distribute it to more than one customer. Handbook for topic developers A way to look at the GPL is a Bill of Rights for softwares. Liberty to execute the programme for any use. Liberty to learn and modify the functioning of the programme so that it calculates according to your wishes. Liberty to share duplicates so you can help your neighbour.

You have the liberty to redistribute your changed version copy so that the entire audience can take advantage of your changes. Which is " free " in connection with softwares? What is "free" in the contexts of sofware? Free " in free code means liberty and not cost. FreeSoftware Foundation like to say "free as in the language, not as in beer".

Open Source Software is free of charge free of charge and free of charge programming. Free Source Code is free of charge free of charge software that users can use to do what they want. Freeware can be provided with a pricing label. So in other words, you can build a GPL theme and yours for $50, and it would still be free download. This is because the use of the Site is at the user's sole discretion to execute, change and redistribute the Site or any changes to the Site.

Liberties under the GPL do not only extend to the initial version of the GPL, but also to works originating from GPL-licensed programs that must accept the same license without limitations or conditions. With this in mind, the GPL provides the ultimate defense of liberty by ensuring that everything that comes from free code cannot be "included" afterwards; it must stay free forever for further experiments and research.

Must I license my theme under the GPL? Do I have to license my theme under the GPL? Unless you have a plan to spread your theme, you don't have to take the GPL license for your work. GPL only covers sold GPLs. For example, if you don't sell your own GPL code - for example, a topic used only by yourself or on your own computer - you don't need to take over the GPL.

So if you're planning to spread your design, it's a good thing to fully license it under the GPL so that others can have the same freedom as when they create it.

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