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You can see the current design you are using in the Appearance section of the WordPress backend. When a child topic is used, the absolute path to the parent topic directory is returned. (So they appear in the Appearance -> Menus admin screen.) As an example, this menu appears in the "Theme Locations" field as the "Header Menu".

The Location Directory Theme is the perfect choice for local business directories. The WordPress listing theme has hundreds of built-in features.

What is the topic position for the submenu in a WordPress style sheet?

First, in the functions.php of your theme, you need to type a functions to record the name of your submenus. As an example this menue appears in the field "Theme Locations" as "Header Menu". head menu','head menu' ));'init','register_my_menu' );'header-menu' 'head menu' ),'extra-menu' 'extra-menu');'init','register_my_menus' );

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