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The video goes beyond how to implement support for custom logos in a WordPress theme. Send your choice with the button "Select logo" in the lower right corner. When a logo is selected, it is displayed in the Logo section via two buttons: one to remove the custom logo and another to change it. Whether you choose a free design, a paid design, or a subordinate design, you can usually expect to find the logo upload area on the Appearance of Settings tabs. " How do I change the logo on a Wordpress theme?


User-defined logo | Manual for theme developers

Which is a user-defined logo? What is a user-defined logo? The use of a customized logo allows website owner to post an images for their website that can be placed at the top of their website. You should first add your customized logo endorsement to your design with add_theme_support() and then call the_custom_logo() in your design.

User-defined logo is an option, but theme writers should use this feature when adding a logo to their theme. In order to allow the use of a user-defined logo in your design, please append the following to your functions.php file: add_theme_support('custom-logo'); if you activate user-defined logo supporting, you can set five parameter by submitting argument to the add_theme_support() command via an array:

heigth' => 100, Breite' => 400, Flex-Höhe' => True, Flex-Breite' => Truely, Header-Text' => array('site-title','site-description'),) ; add_theme_support('custom-logo', $defaults ) ; add_action ('after_setup_theme','themename_custom_logo_setup'); The names pace_custom_logo_setup is used so that user-defined logo assistance is recorded after the design is uploaded. Estimated logo size in pixel.

You can also use built-in picture dimensions such as thumbnails or a user-defined variable with add_image_size(). widthExpected logo width in pixels. Clicking on the Add_image_size() button will add a user-defined variable. User-defined logos can also use built-in picture scales such as thumbnails or a user-defined scale with add_image_size(). Wether a variable altitude should be allowed. flex-widthWhether to allow a variable width. header-textClasses(s) of elements to hide. How to use the

Here you can specify an arrangement of classification name for all items that form headline text and can be substituted by a logo. You can display a user-defined logo in the design with the function_custom_logo(). To get your actual logo URL (or your own markup) instead of the standard one, you can use the following code:

'; To handle the display of a user-defined logo in the frontend, these three preset tag can be used: get_custom_logo() - Get mark-up for a user-defined logo. the_custom_logo() - Show mark-up for a user-defined logo. has_custom_logo() - Get a Boolean truth/falseness about whether a user-defined logo is selected or not.

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