Wordpress Theme not Installing

The Wordpress theme is not installed

Please remember that you have to unzip the folders before uploading a design via FTP. DON'T upload the final download folder. Search the content and find the current topic folder. Upload ONLY the topic folder to your "wp-content/themes" folder using an FTP client. Leap to you have not found a solution to your problem?

Topic install error - Total WordPress Theme

You should keep the overall theme without mistakes, although sometimes mistakes occur, so here are the most frequent mistakes and solutions: Cannot reinstall the bundle. There is no style.css style sheet in the design. Part of the most frequent reason why humans have problems is that they try to upload the complete zipped file that contains example files, docs... etc. that shows "The packages could not be installed".

Design lacks the style.css. style sheet bug. Make sure you upload only the installationable design named Total.zip. Downloading the theme from your ThemeForest theme files gives you 2 options, one of which is downloading the full zipped file you need to unzip to find the theme, and the other is just the theme you can install.

As a rule, this means that the maximum amount you can send from your web site is too small. If you are not sure how to increase your download limits to at least 20 megabytes, you should consult your hosters. Also, make sure that you install the proper installation program, as noted in the first section of this paper.

If there is a PHP bug on the page, but WP_Debug is not activated on the web site, a "white light of death" happens. Usually this happens if your WordPress install is not up to date (always keep WordPress up to date) or if a third-party plug-in creates a problem. I' d always suggest deactivating all plug-ins and upgrading WordPress before moving to a new topic.

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