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What are the topics on WordPress.org? Jorbin has just published a WordPress Theme Directory Slurper, a shell PHP scripts that will download the latest robust release of each theme from the WordPress.org theme repository. For more information, see the GitHub repository.

There were a number of issues I had about the topics on WordPress.org, so I ran the scripts this mornin' and devoured all the topics.

The execution took 112 min and downloading almost 4 GB of theme codes. What are the topics on WordPress.org? As many topics are underlined? Underlined is a favorite WordPress startup topic. It is used by Automatic for most of their published designs, and has also been used as a basis for TwentyFourteen and TwentyFifteen.

Curiously, I was wondering how many topics in the repository were basing on an underscore or derivation. From 534 to 565 topics (16. 75% to 17. 72% of the total). I' ve been looking for a feature that I think is really special for underscore-based topics. "The " _s_category_transient_flusher" rinses a certain type of transaction when editing a class or saving a new message (found in 565 threads).

There is also a one-of-a-kind commentary in this function: "Like, beat it. "That was in 534 Themen. grap -l -r -r --include'*. php' "category_transient_flusher()" . grap -l -r -include'*. php' "Like, beat it. Exactly how many topics have "lite" in their name? As many topics use the latest WordPress features?

WorldPress 4. A new theme feature for the output of archived documents was implemented in the first version. Curiously, I was wondering how many topics take full benefit of these latest functions. Most topics have an archives. pp-submission, so I looked in this filename for "the_archive_title": grep -r --include="archive. php" "the_archive_title" . I just made a even grey for the track tag: grap -r --include '*. php' "add_theme_support( 'title-tag' )"" .

Number of designs supporting the customized version Now the Theme Review Team demands that all theme settings be done through the Customizing tool. So I wanted to see how many different designs actually added at least one custom controls with "$wp_customize->add_control". Looking for the character chain "$wp_customize->add_control" and returning the name of the matching file: grep -l -r --include '*.php' "wp_customize->add_control" .

As many topics as there are to be added to an option page? Topic pages are added with the feature "add_theme_page". That doesn't guarantee that the pages will be used for option (it could only be a document page), but it gives us a fairly good notion. Following my first quest, I created a beloved TGM Activation macro that also contained the addition_theme_page feature, so I left it out of the quest: grep -l -r -r --include '*.

Phil' --exclude="class-tgm-plugin-activation. php" "add_theme_page" . As many topics use a packaged options/frameworks? A number of scripts are available to help you add topic items. I' ve been looking for some of the most beloved. What is the number of topics using activating TSG? Activating Target Grammar (TGM) is a beloved feature that allows theme authors to install or suggest specific plug-ins along with the theme.

Just looked for the file name of the library: find . Some other things I was intrigued by. Say, how many topics use Twitter Bootstrap or Font Awesome? As many topics as you want to include a short code? When there are other objects you're interested in, let me know, I'll see if I can find out and do a follow-up.

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