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Worldpress Theme Scanner

Browse the active topic files for characters that may indicate that they are victims of malicious hackers. To scan a WordPress theme for malicious code It' almost not possible to find evil codes in a prime topic, but still it's better to be sure than to apologize. Sadly, the same cannot be said for free topics or premier topics that have been download from a location other than the author's page. I will show you how to validate a WordPress theme for bad script.

Bad quality coding is added to these topics for several purposes, some of the most frequent being to get a back link from your blogs, adding ads, redirecting your site to spamming or, worse yet, creating a back door to your site. This is a basic tutorial on how to scan a WordPress theme for harmful codec.

Do a Google sweep on the website that gave you the topic, it's just a precaution. Doing a Google sweep is a good way to verify that there is harmful coding in a particular WordPress theme. When someone out there has found a bad guy in a topic he has received from the same place, such a guy must have issued a message to others. e.g. when you receive the topic from wpseer.com, google "Wpseer.com bad guy" etc..

Go to VirusTotal.com, up-load the WordPress theme tip that you want to test for malware, and click Scanning to search for viruses. That might seem harsh, but if you know what you're looking for, this is the most efficient way to troubleshoot a WordPress topic for harmful codes or hyperlinks.

The footer.php and style.css are two of the most frequent places where you will definitely find links in a WordPress theme. The Theme Authenticity Checker allows you to check all your theme data for potentially harmful or undesirable codes. Authenticity Checker scans the sources of each theme you install for evidence of bad script.

When such a piece of code is found, it shows the location of the theme files, the line number, and a small portion of the suspicious part. The Exploit Scanner and ThemeCheck are two useful WordPress plug-ins that you can use to capture your design. This should be used as a last resort because you need to download the design to your WordPress page before you can run a review with these plug-ins and contaminate your website.

Once you've posted the WordPress theme, it's a good way to test your website for your own threats or exploit. The Sucuri is a very respected safety enterprise and they are ample to offer a free site scanner. Now that you have it, you know how to validate a WordPress theme for evil coding.

Keep in mind that the best way to defend yourself against these vicious code is to buy a premium theme from a reputable resource. Imagine your weekly reviews, WordPress, blogging tips, blogging tips and once a month your website is up and running.

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