Wordpress Theme Screenshot

Worpress Theme Screenshot

Once you've changed your theme name, you'll need to change the theme screenshot. Do you know the size of the screenshot and change the screenshot of your Wordpress theme? The screenshot must be created by yourself and placed in the folder theme/child theme with the name screenshot.png.

Add ing a Screenshot for a WordPress children theme

Reading my earlier articles "A WordPress kid theme made made easy... and easier" and "A new plugin for WordPress kid theme creation", you may recall that the One-Click child theme plug-in makes a copy of the superordinate theme´s screenshot picture and places it in the theme file, while Themify does not make a screenshot at all.

Even if you have made a new theme without the help of a plug-in by following the instructions I gave you in the first of these two postings, you will not yet have a screenshot for your theme. In none of these cases do you have a screenshot to display your new children's topic.

After I have created and activated the Kind theme in my article about Kind Themify, for example, the Manage Themes dialog would look like this: Recently I´ve has noted that there are a number of WordPress editors wondering how to append a screenshot for a WordPress kid's theme. won´t We need specific tool to create the screenshot or to make it available for WordPress as a subordinated theme´s screenshot.

A computer programme for processing images. Concerning the other "problem", I´ve thought about a way to get the new screenshot to the right place without requiring FTP in. As soon as we have made our most important changes in our designs or add-ons to our children theme (otherwise it would look quite exactly like the initial parents theme), we are all ready to take a "photo" of it.

So, if you've already enabled your children's theme, browse to the home page of your website (or another page if you want your screenshot to display it) and hit the PrintScn button on your computer keypad (possibly PrtScn). A copy of your monitor is now in the buffer that can be inserted into any graphic application.

As I said, it´s likes to take a photo of your monitor. Now open your preferred photo editor or Microsoft Paint, if you have such a tool on your computer at don´t, and insert it into a new one. You now have your screenshot available for processing.

It may be necessary to adjust the zooming setting to display the entire picture. Now what you need to do is cropping this picture so that it only displays your homepage (getting rid of the environment like windows borders etc), resizing and saving it. In order to cropping it, click on "Select", browse to the part of the picture that should be your last screenshot and click on "Crop".

Click on "Resize", select "Pixel" and type in the appropriate horizontally and vertically so WordPress can use your picture as a motif screenshot. The screenshot of the theme is usually 600 x 450 pixel, but the Theme Explorer will display it at 300 x 225 pixel, so you can also use this screenshot if you want to make the files light.

Updated: The screenshot should now be 880 x 660 pixel. Updated 2017: The currently suggested screenshot resolution is 1200 x 900 pixel. As soon as your picture has the right resize, you can store it. Browse to the menu Files and click "Save As", browse to the directory where you want to store the picture on your computer, enter "Screenshot" as the filename for the picture, click PNG or JPEG as the filename and click the "Save" icon.

Now the screenshot for your children's topic is finished. Now all you have to do is load your new screenshot onto your WordPress page. You should place it directly in your subordinate topic folders, side by side with your style.css. If you used the One-Click Kind Theme plug-in to make your theme, you already have a screenshot image of the theme in that directory, so you'll need to delete it first because it has the same filename as your new screenshot.

If you now go to "Appearance" > "Themes" in your administration area, you will see that your new screenshot is already there:

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