Wordpress Theme Simple free

The Wordpress Theme Simply Free

The Casper is a simple, minimalist theme inspired by the Ghost blogging platform. Free download theme - Register today! 30-plus quality-free, minimalist and stunning WordPress topics Not everyone is interested in complex designs. A slider, banner and other web items can distract you if you just want your reader to concentrate on your words. Clear, minimalistic designs let your contents glow without needless disorder or bloating.

Below is a list of topics that are mainly topics provided free of charge by large scale publishers on their blog, as well as free of charge topics from major publishers.

Don't neglect to praise the developers/designers when you choose to use one of these topics and choose to do so! The Casper is a simple, minimalistic theme based on the Ghost Blogsite. Featuring a large full-screen headers, it leverages Ghost's unique benefits such as mark-down and the option to quickly insert a link to view an image.

The Tonal grayscale theme changes depending on the colour of the backdrop. The theme provides large pictures, full width video and makes the most of postal format. Glare is a colourful, slim and attractive look, perfect for business. It' very adaptable for a free style, with infinite colour variation, multiple widgets and a custom slide control.

The Untitled was created by the Automattic theme people. You can also use a right side bar for this topic. The Papaver is a subtle, minimalistic theme that focuses on your words. There are one, two, or three different columns in this theme. It is a fast reacting, scanty and large image size version. The Wootique is a free WooThemes theme that takes full advantage of all the WooCommerce functions.

Each WooCommerce Wooget has been designed to fit the theme. There is also a marked slide bar, a user-defined headers and Widgets and is very adaptable in the user area. The Frank offers a lightweight, reactive and discreet harvest. The emphasis of this topic is on velocity. However, the standard homepage of the superordinate topic creates only nine databases and has two requirements.

No Javascript framework and no needless pictures, just a simple, straightforward, quick script. Based on HTML5 and CSS3, it has several different homepage layout options. Focused on is a reactive, clear theme developed for face-to-face blogging. There is a side bar on the right and it uses the advantages of postal format.

The whitepaper is lightweight, user-friendly and tactile, making it ideally suited for face-to-face blogs. The theme publicizes pictures that are big, really big. It is a versatile, fast-reacting topic that is perfectly suited for companies. Comes with a slide bar with four laysouts, six template files, five user-defined broadgets, 13 broadgets, a packed and broad lay-out, and bright and deepskin.

The best thing about it is that it offers free of charge technical assistance - something scarce for free topics. is a nonsensical topic in our field of expertise that masters the fundamentals well. It' simple to simply append contents with built-in user-defined mail type so you can append transparencies, customers, project and feature sets. The design is also supplied with a minimum option field.

The Expositio is a highly reactive theme with a large, clear lay-out for the photographer and designer. Scroll horizontally and it's really simple to use. The Mystile is a light and reactive WooCommerce theme conceived as a screen that you can use as it is, or as the foundation for your own designs that fit your product.

The theme comes with a variety of choices and alternative colour scheme. There is also a user-defined home page and a user-defined short code. A simple, stylish and reactive theme, The Night Watch is perfect for your own blog. With a large header and a single-column layout, it' s about as minimalist as you can imagine.

The subject has been exposed to the fundamentals and is free from any distraction by the contents. Distinguished by a clear, concise footnote and nothing else - neither headers, sidebars nor commentaries. The Less is a quick, minimalistic single-column style with large text and full-width pictures.

There are no Widget's, although it is fast and has a user-defined menus in the headline. The simple and neat look is perfect for blogs. Attractive styling and optimised for interaction between people. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Follow them and have contributions sent to your mailbox every day - free of charge!

Sociute is the free edition of a top e-commerce theme developed by YITHEMES. Very adaptable, it offers an appealing look and various layouts possibilities. The best thing is a simple, yet practical theme with an appealing look, page styles and a number of menu items. The integrated layouts of this theme allow you to create a simple blogs or a fully-fledged commercial site.

The Sinapp is an excellent topic for the promotion of a portable application. Offers topic management labelled in whit, speed dialing, colour skin, MailChimp integrations and even free of charge phone assistance. is a clear theme that offers both reactive and static layout. Comes with a customized option control panel, and major functions included with it are dynamic contents, simple splitting of popular items, customized headings, menus, and a JQuery slide bar.

The Moni is a clear, stylish theme that is perfectly suited to a number of different locations. It uses user-defined mail type and has several widgets. The Fejoia is an extremely minimalistic theme with a two-tone theme. It' s an excellent topic for blogs because it focuses on words rather than pictures. Heightish Simplicity is a simple, clear and appealing style.

Ryan Hellyer initially created this theme for his own blogs, but has made it available as a free wallpaper since 2008. Since then it has gone through many repetitions, but has mostly remained faithful to its initial desig. The Padhang is a mid-sized, minimalistic theme that focuses on the contents. Designed with an appealing look and two widgets in the bottom.

It' easy to customize with the Theme Customizing tool that comes with WordPress. Another minimalist theme that focuses on neat typeography is tactileism. It' quick, SEO-friendly and offers 11 different style options, perfect for blogs. Ready and fun, Madison was developed for individual use. Functions of this theme are an appealing theme, a Nivo slide on the homepage, a work page with detail information, the drop-down list of super fish, soft link with symbols and LESS-file.

The Doke Doke is a neat and neat theme, perfect for creating agents and contractors. There is a filtering product range. It is a very minimalistic and reactive theme without bell and whistle. The Landscape is a neat, minimalistic, responsive theme, perfect for the photographer or blogger. There is a clear emphasis on words with this theme, although it is simple to alter this emphasis with some nice pictures.

With a countdown time, this is a fast-reacting draft that is under build, upcoming and land. The functions of this topic cover the management of unlabelled topics, speed dial generators, colour skin and MailChimp integrations. Ballons is a fast-reacting theme of paradox with a bizarre outline. Colours are adjustable and this style can be easily integrated with the WP-Pagenavi plug-in.

The Pinzolo is a nice, neat design with adjustment possibilities in the WordPress Theme Customizing tool. Topic identifies a user-defined head picture and a tagged picture head on postings and pages, user-defined wallpaper and colour, set menus, Ajax shop for blogs.

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