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Worldpress Theme Standard

The Standard is a premium WordPress blog magazine best suited for new WordPress users, PRO bloggers, SEO marketers and businesses. Looking for a great personal WordPress theme? The standard theme comes with some great features and a nice design.

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The standard theme for 2015 is clear, blog-oriented and geared towards clearness. By 2014, our standard theme will allow you to build an attractive website for magazines with an elegant, contemporary look. Utilize the three widgets to personalize your website and modify the look and feel of your contents with a full-width page style and a post page to showcase your writers.

There are many different designs, beginning with a vivid colour pattern and appropriate headlines, nice typefaces and symbols, and a versatile lay-out that looks great on any machine, large or small. Turn it into your own with a user-defined menus, headers and backgrounds. Turn it into your own with a customized menus, headers and backgrounds - and then go further with the available scene settings for bright or deep colour schemes, customized links and three layouts.

The Twenty Eleven comes with a presentation page style sheet that turns your front page into a cabinet to present your best work, a wealth of widget functionality (sidebar, three footers, and a presentation page widget area), and a customized "Ephemera" widget to view your side, link, quote, or status post.

It includes printing and administration editing style, feature image display assistance (as user-defined headers on postings and pages and as large pictures on feature "sticky" posts), and specific style for six different mail sizes. The Twenty Ten software provides six widgets (two in the side bar, four in the footer) and selected pictures (thumbnails for galleries and user-defined headers for articles and pages).

This contains style sheets for printing and the Administrator Visual Editor, specific style for articles in the Side Effects and Gallery category, and an option for a single-column page style that eliminates the sideline.

Fast reacting / Mobile friendly

This standard theme is fully portable, which means that your website is optimised for every type of web browsers, every type of equipment and every display area. Use the Theme Customizing tool to customize the theme's preferences, color and contents and preview these changes in real time. This topic can easily be translated into any mother tongue.

Use this design to create a website in any of your languages. Topic codes are professional writing to make sure the topic is clear and light. This makes it easier or developer to reread commentaries and overall it enhances the performance of your website. The standard is a light WordPress theme with a very quick page loading time.

Every function has been rigorously tuned for performance to make sure it is loaded properly, which enhances your overall performance and usability. When designing and developing the standard theme, top of the list was actually dedicated to SMEs. That theme comes with all the important key functions of your site regarding your search engine optimization (SEO), which guarantees a high ranking of your website in Google.

Our WordPress theme is already used by tens of millions of customers to create their own web sites. Reduced costs, one-off payment and enjoyment of all our WordPress topics.

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