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If your design, for example, supports two columns (a typical blog format), use the two-column tag, and if it supports multiple screen sizes, use the responsive-layout tag. Tags can be displayed at the top or bottom of posts, in the individual post view, and/or in the sidebar, depending on the topic and widgets enabled. topic evaluation team This is a listing of all tags a theme can use and what the theme must meet to use the tags. grid-layoutTheme has a design like masonry or tile. flexible-headerUses'flex-height' and/or'flex-width' parameters of add_theme_support('custom-header');

accessibility-readyComply to the accessibility-ready requirements.

user-defined backgroundCapability to modify wallpaper picture and colour uses add_theme_support('user-defined background'); user-defined coloursCapability to customise colours from theme options Important, colour customisation must be something other than the user-defined wallpaper implement. Custom headerCapability to modify the heading uses add_theme_support('custom-header'); custom-menuSupport uses user-defined commands, uses register_nav_menu()/register_nav_menus(), and wp_nav_menu().

footer-widgetsTheme support one or more page bar (s) in the bottom. microformatsMicroformats must be embedded and verified. sticky-postVisually unique styles for tacky postings. theme-optionsHas theme options to customize. threaded-commentsSupports threaded comments. blogTheme is mainly intended for use in weblogs. e-commerceTheme for use on e-commerce pages. Most likely to be integrated into an e-commerce plug-in. educationTheme for use on educational pages. entertainmentTheme for use on entertaining pages (e.g. films, games, music). food-and-drinkThemes for food-related websites, such as dining, clubs, etc. holidayThemes for occasional seasons or religion festivals. newsThemes for use on newsgroups. photographyThemes for photo bloggers and photographers. portfolioThemes for presenting collections.

How does this affect the theme writers?

It has been almost a year since we received all the results of the Topic List Inquiry. Following several discussions here on the blogs and Slack, we've worked out a suggestion to revise the tags used. Today I am pleased to announce that we are introducing new and upgraded tags that should improve the way topics are filtered.

We have a working design of all new tags on the topic tags page. How does this affect the theme writers? Topic writers should begin to update their designs with the new tags. Specifically, we've added some great new topic tags to better classify what kinds of topics you all created.

Have a look at the tags you deleted and the tags you added in the following list. You should delete the "removed" tags from the style.css of your design and insert any new tags that are important for your design. It is the headers in the style.css of your design that looks like this:

Which tags have been deleted? Deleted the following tags. Currently, the Theme Checker will only give a hint until everything is fully incorporated into the kernel WP. Remove all colour tags. So what are the new tags? Tags have been added to the following tags.

I' m sure there are issues why certain tags have been deleted or why certain tags have not been added. These changes were the outcome of interviews with users and topics with extensive discussion. Much of your question has been addressed in these debates about choices made. Here is the discussion lists and other information about how the tags were revised:

It is not the last tag modification. Tag should always be fluent and representational of what the user is looking for and what kinds of topics are made. Therefore, in January, we will re-evaluate the updated tags listing and determine whether changes need to be made again.

We will also have a kind of semi-formal processing to continuously evaluate the tags. When there is a particular day that you really want to see in the schedule, be ready to present your case in the next round.

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