Wordpress Theme Tutorial 2015

Worldpress Theme Tutorial 2015

Complete WordPress development tutorials for beginners. WorldCamp San Antonio 2015 officially debuts in our great WordPress community. Customizing Tutors and Manuals Apparently, the customizer uses the WP colour selector. In my view, the choice of colours has a serious flaw that would completely disappoint any serious web designers - no way to deal with transparence. Seems that you can simply specify a monochrome hexadecimal colour.

They must really be able to accept designated colours, as well as "transparent", as well as rigba or other standards of transparence.

It' s timeto go beyond the IE8 colour scheme, I think. Really I can't believe that there is a colour feature at every place (no matter where on default WP options) that only allows spot colours. Any customizer samples I've seen have only those menu's that are one layer low (only the right arrows on the top level).

The most serious shortcoming of Customizer in making user-friendly, useful surfaces (as distinct from just consistent) is its finite width. One thing that would really help this would be a generic, default pop-up help button (like a ?or "i" icon) that the topic designer could specify and the end users could click to get a tooltip-like pop-up help box.

As an example, one thing that seems to be somewhat prevalent in designs that use the customizer with extended choices is a customized style sheet area. There would be a very useful feature for the end users if there were a way to automatically extend these boxes or at least resize them. Believe it or not, some website builders actually want to be able to see their customized CSS policies more like in a true text processor, and not in a small little put together boxes.

Shade or colour background on different panel can significantly improve usability. Hidden/Expanded Optionen. Hiding or reducing more sophisticated choices to prevent disorder can be a very useful way of doing this. It would be great to have a built-in feature to slightly expand/contract some features.

Simply to add another control surface does not resolve this problem of interface styling, as these enhanced features are usually associated with a more fundamental feature and should be located in the same place.

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