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Filters the URI of the current topic directory. When your asset folder is within the theme. php- How do I use the get_template_directory_uri() WordPress feature to get an picture located in a child folder of my design?

I' m quite new to WordPress and have the following doubts about how to add an image to my homepage that is located in a subdirectory of my topics folder. "Obviously when I download the page, the image flex-1.jpg is not loading because there is not the correct pathname (infact using FireBug I get that it's trying to download the assets/img/flexslider/flex-1.jpg image), so I think I could use the absolut pathname, but that's quite a lot of fun!!!!!

Assets / img/flexslider / flex-1.jpg' "flex-caption" "flex-caption-text" But doesn't work and with FireBug I can see that nothing loads, in fact in my browser sources I have:

File structure of the subordinate theme

This article teaches you all the fundamentals of WordPress child themes: The WordPress Childrens Theme filename tree, how to turn any WordPress theme into an empty skeleton, how to bring in your own WordPress theme style, how to overwrite your own WordPress theme style, how to overwrite your own WordPress theme style and how to overwrite your own WordPress template templates. You will also find that all this is unbelievably simple and tangible and that it could only alter how you think about WordPress and theme-building.

The WordPress Child Themes are found in /wp-content/themes/ like any other WordPress theme. The WordPress administrator activates them like any other topic. You will always have a look. bss flash and can often contain a function. pdf flash. Really, they're just like any other WordPress theme. Only that they don't need theme stuff.

There is no need to know PHP at all to build a WordPress theme. However, the keys to comprehending how WordPress themes work lie in a simple line of a WordPress theme. base theme. bss files. Here is a sample stylesheet headers from the WordPress Codex. We' ll deal with a specific line from the stylesheet headers.

Simplified theme contains only one styles. bss files, plus pictures if available. In order to make such a design, you must specify a template collection to be adopted for use with the design by typing the Template: in styles line. Edit headers Comment. Just we have to substitute the use - this to specify a sub-theme - optionally with the folder name of another theme that' s already there - now the superordinate theme - and we are done.

Let's make a WordPress theme for one of the topics presented in the WordPress Theme Folder, Fusion. We call our new children's topic splitting. For our new childs theme we need to build a corresponding folder in /wp-content/themes/. Use this /fission/ folder to make a new style.css filename.

Expand the styles. Open your preferred text editors to open your styles. Then copy the following 5-line stylesheet headers to stylesystem. bss and store the files. Just created a WordPress childs theme for Fusion. Enable the split in the topic area of your WordPress administrator. Not much may look like it, but when we look at the HTML framework of the theme in Firebug, we are reminded that much CSS designing is just a question of manipulation containing divs and block-levellements.

This means that you are now prepared to use the HTML rendering of this parent theme - a theme with 19 PHP templates - as a skeleton or theme for your theme. Unless you're a theme designer, you've just come up with a fully functioning empty WordPress theme to work with.

When you' re a theme designer, you can see what we did there. Now you can use the same codebase over and over again and make room for simple upgrades of the source by unraveling the theme from the heart of the topic to the stop. To demonstrate and for those who are new to making changes to a parent theme in this way, we will be importing the parent theme style by just putting one line to our parent theme style.css.

import url(../fusion/style. css); It should look exactly like the parent theme, Fusion. Just what you made is a secure area where you can make changes to the parent topic without having to touch any of the initial topic file. All right, let's say you want to make some basic changes to your parenting theme.

With Firebug you can find out where the offensive stores are in the Parent Theme' s CSS. Just copy the source file and insert it into your Kind Theme style sheet where you can securely modify it (make sure to remove the link to the file name Firebug creates): "typeface. type. css #183 " in the example below). typeface family: "Palatino Linotype", Georgia, "Tahoma", "Century Schoolbook L", Arial, Helvetica; type size:250%; type size:bold; margin:0. 60em 0 0 0.

And if your parent theme is refreshed, your new Kind Theme style will still exist. Working with CSS is great and it's very simple to pick up, just enough to make changes to a WordPress theme securely, but what happens if you really need to make changes to a templates filename?

The Parent Theme templates are copied into your parent theme folder and the changes are made there. 7, WordPress will first search the children theme folder for templates. If an alternative release of, say, footer.php or single.php is available, WordPress will use this templates instead. The WordPress application even accepts category-XX. pp (where x is the ID of a particular category) in a kid theme if you want to make changes to a particular categories library.

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