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The URI of the current topic directory. Gets the URL of a file in the parent theme. Now the link you are using would go to a specific stylesheet in the parent topic directory.

php - How do I get the URL of the topic?

However, the issue is only a topic file and not the entire URL. When you use a sub theme, the other designs do not work, you see the sub theme listing. Use this for sub topics: Isn' the response you're looking for? Search in other queries with the tag phone wordpress wordpress - theying or ask your own query.

Get the URL of the children's topic in WordPress

Later, you can include any other topic file you want to change. Style.css contains the name of the theme and the associated information, as well as the style (s) that you customize. functions.php contains the information that WordPress sends us to download the style sheet of your children's theme.

Hint: If you did not have a sub design, you can create a shortcut to the style sheet for your current design by attaching it to your header.php archive. You' ll probably find it useful to read Getting Started - Theme Developer Handbook - WordPress Developer Resources as well. Last I checked, it was usually two or three of them.

Functions.php, style.css and possibly a theme filename that you had to change. They can be generated, uploaded or accessed once they have been generated via either your host's font or folder management. If you need your own copy of your site, please check the subdirectory of your site for the latest version of your site's content and then the content of the site's content. Whichever one you use only scans the superordinate folder.

Fetch yourself kid or superior topic URI & pathway

Today WordPress offers many ways to find the paths and URI for the topic list. The article is a WP developer referral for those who need to get the URI and/or pathname for the actual theme. Returns the URI and pathname of the topic's home folder (parent or kid, whichever is active):

Determines the URI and the folder location of the currently superordinate topic (only superordinate topic, no subordinate topic folder):

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