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Use of a Wordpress Theme Detector. Considering this, most Wordpress pages out there can be duplicated pretty easily. The only thing you need to do is know what template is used on a website that you like, what plugins are used for additional functionality and design, and you can create exactly the same website. The WordPress Topic and Plugin Detector. The TC_PRE and TC_POST are used as ticket headers and footers.

Which WordPress theme is used by a website?

I was looking for a suitable topic for one of my previous engagements last months. Does the website use WordPress? Is it a free or a premier theme? Name of the topic used? What if we could find a very easy way to help me find the WordPress topics used by web sites.

WordPress topics that are already "a hit" on the web are fully relied on. If you have minimal programming knowledge and even less comprehension of the underlying theme behind the designs, you need to go to DetectWPtheme.com for all the responses. When there is a situation where this utility is not able to detect a topic, we will inform you in the results.

Only the subject. If we have enough information, we will also tell you about the other pages that use this topic. SearchMeLoud - A favorite website that speaks about blogs, bloggers, SEO, WordPress and affilate marketers. Rohit says the notion is to take advantage of the needs of those who are looking for nice WordPress topics.

Don't hesitate, even if you want to criticise the utility. How do you feel about this one? As this is a new utility, there will occasionally be problems.

To find out which WordPress theme is used by a blog

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blogs is a huge job, because with so many choices, you'll find it hard to choose the best one. If you' re looking for WordPress theme hits in Google your will be thrilled by the number of hits and your quest for the "Perfect WordPress Theme" will never end.

It' s a time when you end up on a WordPress blogs and just fell in Love with the theme used by the blogs, and you're like "Wow! That's the theme that shows my blogs personalities perfectly", and now the difficult job is to find the name of that WordPress theme.

Below I share various choices that will help you find the WordPress theme used by any blogs, and you can quickly upload and upload it to your blogs. Different ways to find out which WordPress theme that is? The one thing you should know before using this ploy is, sometimes you will find a great looking theme, but it is not the same theme you will get when you buy the theme.

Likewise, there are many blogs like me who use themed frames and children's topics to create their own blogs. As soon as you find out which WordPress Theme Framework or business uses a blogs, it will at least make the remainder of your work simple. Well, let's look at some of the simplest and most tricky solutions to find the WordPress topic name of a blogs.

It' the simplest way for any non-technical blogsman to find the business behind a WordPress topic. Few on-line utilities have all that you need to do is simply append the WordPress Website to your WordPress weblog, and these on-line utilities will disclose the subject name. In addition to unveiling topics, these sites also show some of the WordPress plug-ins used by a WordPress site.

Checks the theme sources file: It' another quick way to find the detail about the WordPress theme used by a blogs. The only thing you need to do is verify the sourcecode, open the theme. char. and you can find the name of the WordPress theme.... It works with the vast majority of WordPress topics out there, but eventually the blogs owners remove the credits and modify the theme name, making it difficult for you to pinpoint the topic.

Please use the blogs-contactform:: When neither of the above tips has help you identifying the WordPress theme, you can always send an e-mail to the blogshareholder and ask them professionally about the theme they are using. If you still can't find the name of the WordPress theme used by this particular blogs, you still have a shot if this blogs happens to be a favorite one.

If, for example, you're looking for a WordPress theme like Mashable.com, use Google searching with the phrase "WordPress theme similar to Mashable" or "Mashable WordPress theme". Substitute the name of this beloved blogs for the name of your favorite one. While you may not get the same theme, you will still be able to find the similar looking and well encoded WordPress theme.

When you find this product interesting, take a look at our WordPress archives for more WordPress hints and downloads.

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