Wordpress Theme Version

Worldpress Theme Version

It may be necessary for you to determine the version of a particular WordPress theme that you are using to ensure that you have the latest version installed. It's really easy to find the version of a WordPress theme. Simply open the style.css file in the topic folder and search for the version above. Head to Appearance >

Topics, find the entire topic and then click it to view the version number.

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Where can I find my latest Theme version?

It is very important to keep your design up to date in order to close bugs and vulnerabilities and get new functionality. At any time you can check the update log to see the latest version of the theme available for buy/download. You can also easily set up automated updating to keep you informed of new releases of the theme.

In order to find out what your latest version is, you need to choose options: It' easy to display your theme version in the menu. To find the entire topic, go to Appearance > Topics, and then click it to see the version number.

Determine the version number of your theme

Knowledge of the version number of your topic can help our technical assistance personnel better recognize potential conflict and resolve it. In order to find the version of your theme, go to Appearance ? Themes in the Dashboard. Move the mouse over your current design and choose Theme Details. They should be able to find the version number of your theme next to the name of the theme in the information that is displayed.

Do you know that Surf Office, Postmatic, Yeah Dave and over 700,000 small companies run their web sites with Make, our free WordPress Page Builder? It is also possible to find the version number of your theme by opening the style.css open and looking for the * Version: line or by looking at the style.css in the Appearance ? editor.

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