Wordpress Theme Zip File

Worldpress Theme Zip File

This tutorial will show you how to correctly download a WordPress theme and install the zip folder. This is how to get a WordPress theme and install the zip file I will show you in this workshop how to properly fetch a WordPress theme and how to properly setup the zip-file. It seems like it's easy, but it can be a little baffling to browse through the directories to find the *correct* theme directory you're actually going to upload and set up in WordPress.

Instructions for Windows download: Stage 1: Simply browse and click on the links to your design page to find the design that you bought. Mac Downloads Guide: Stage 0: Safari unpacks all directories for you. However, when you downloaded your theme folder, we didn't want this to be happening, because quite openly, it just caused chaos!

Next, please click on the drop-down menu where you will find the image you have bought from. Navigate to your computer folder and locate the zip file that you have stored on your computer. Extract the file by right-clicking on the zip file and selecting "Extract All" or "Extract". Once unpacked, you should see several directories and directories.

Most of the directories you see vary depending on what your theme designer contained. For example, here is what I insert into my master file: Then click on "Add New" at the top of your page and then on "Upload Theme". Hopefully this explanation will help clear away some of the mess associated with locating the Wordpress theme submission itself!

Update a theme with a ZIP file

If you update a design from a ZIP file you have just download, you will receive a similar error to this. Here's WordPress that tells us you've already got the theme on. Browse to AppearanceThemes in your WordPress administrator. Enable a standard design like Twenty Twelve from there. Next, you need to remove the old copy of the theme you want to update.

Stage One: Mouse over the screenshots of the theme you want to delete and click Theme Details. Remember that if you have directly processed the theme file, it will be lost. For this reason, the WordPress Fellowship generally recommends the use of submenus. Now click the Add New pushbutton, then the Upload Theme pushbutton.

Here you can download the ZIP file. As soon as this is done, enable your design and you will run the latest one.

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