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They are more than just skins, although they also offer this service. twenty-seven Seventeen Twenty Seventeen bring your website to live with headers of videos and eversive pictures. Focusing on corporate pages, it offers a number of front page pages as well as broadgets, navigational and community menu, a corporate identity and more. Personalise the asymmetric raster with a user-defined colour theme and present your multi-media contents in postal format.

The standard 2017 topic works in many different tongues, for all skills and on every machine.

60-plus best free WordPress themes - 2017

So if you've followed us so far, you know we're looking for some of the best WordPress themes that fit into any given group. Today we have something special: free WordPress themes. Topics usually require a lot of effort because they are created and used by pros. Maybe you don't have the funds, don't want an expensive topic, or just want to get to know how topics work.

Open topics differ in that they do not adhere to a particular group. Normally I tell you that you should keep in mind what you expect most from a WordPress topic for its particular use, but in this case we will almost always have everything covered. Irrespective of whether I select from a shopping cart of infinite topics, I still attach importance to selecting topics according to a catalogue of criterias.

Similarly, free themes that provide a wide range of functions or interesting aesthetic will make it onto my listing. I' m first choosing for those who want to try their hand at happiness with on-line magazine, newss, blog and on-line contents. It has an elegant, minimalist design in a comfortable speaker size for simple readings, paired with high responsiveness on portable equipment.

That' s great when you consider that most humans are reading things on portable gadgets. Here is another trustworthy blog topic for WordPress (or journals, if you like). It' s currently one of the best (if not the best) WordPress themes for blogs/magazines that you can download for free. It' s nice to look at, simple to browse and simple to customise.

Like you can guess, it has a great resonance to portable gadgets. The magnetism of our own is captivated by its attractive appearance, raster size and easy adjustment. It' a topic suitable for blogs or written material, although with enough adaptability you can turn it into almost anything. Obviously, like the others, it offers optimized and responsive SOEO on portable equipment.

The Vertex is a nice and easy blogs topic with a designers in the mind. A clear, stylish look and aesthetics will allow you to present your contents in a classic, yet classic way. Here is a great one-page WordPress topic, perfect for an author or author of contents. Gorgeous, plain language means your first page is where your audience gets to your work.

Great design as a launch pad for other contents or simply as a place to blogs. Oblique has a distinctive design that is perfectly suited for gallery and destination pages. It' s a topic for fashions and images, but even blogs can use it well. So if you were looking for a small "character" with your WordPress topic, this is an excellent one.

Here is a great thematic choice for teachers, colleges and educational programmes. An attractive, easy one-sided lay-out attracts your interest through the appealing subject matter and is of course very appealing. With the handy slide control feature, you can adjust anything you need, although some advanced adjustment features are not available because they are free.

The one-page WordPress topic is a great place to land for a gallery to summarize in a grid-like form. Responsible styling means that anyone, regardless of the pictures used, can easily search them. So if you are selling services/photos, it is a beautiful on-line store.

Here is a topic that you might like if the topic of diet and good nutrition were raised. The MH Healthmag is perfect for blogging and publishing on-line that, as you've probably guessed, cover various healthcare topics. Admittedly, you can probably use the look for any ideas you have in your head. As you probably expected, this has an appealing portable look and some sort of sort of SEO optimisation that will help you reaching a wider audience.

Like the name suggests, this topic is ideal for on-line web stores or blogging that sells certain articles. It has a WooCommerce integrated feature that helps you make your own leads while SEO-compatible designs appeal to a wider public. Featuring a strong introductory style sheet and easy customisation capabilities, this topic is ideal for providers, enterprises and e-agencies.

Do you have some on-line items for sale? There' s your number in Clean Commerce. This WordPress topic, as you may have suspected, with its consistent galleries and across-the-board descriptive designs, fits in well with your merchants and resellers. Attendees are directed to an organised landing page with your marked items for sale. In addition to the comfortable slider controls and customisation possibilities, it also offers WooCommerce for on-line transaction.

This is an perfect topic for enterprises and firms that operate e-commerce. Easy but well-designed, this WordPress topic is an outstanding landing page that will impress the eyes. Thanks to its appealing styling, it works great on portable equipment, so you're likely to present your work to interested third people. Side one has a powerful optical dimension to give your site users an understanding of what you're about, while a neat side bar lets them browse to other parts of your site.

It' a great design that's simple to customise and focused on you and your work. The Education Zone is another great option for colleges and universities, with a professionally looking layout and neat navigational features. It' quite near a pro topic without the expense, so you can change lots of widgets, header and pages until you are happy.

In addition, according to the designer, the topic not only works well on portable equipment, but also in sport, which means that page loading is minimized. Practical and adaptable, the best type of subject. Here is a feature-packed corporate topic suitable for all kinds of businesses, especially thanks to its multifunctional and versatile designs.

It' also optically neat with a great destination page that organises tabbed pages clearly and presents contents attractively. Whatever you need the topic for, it can match almost any corporate identity. If you want some scope in your overall styling, this is for you. Do you need a special WordPress topic for your gallery, pictures and photographs?

Featuring powerfull Landing Pages with fine gallery sizes, all neat and navigable thanks to high power on portable equipment. You can also use form 7 during the journey, which simplifies communications. The topic concentrates more on the contents than on unusual visually, although the latter doesn't harm.

Rather, MesoColumn, when a subject for your favorite blog is a subject for your favorite magazine, article, blog or whatever you can think of. It is also highly customizable and supports HTML5 and CSS3 encoding structure. They can change most styles of the subject, so this is good if you have many on-line items to post.

Medicinal topics are not too prevalent among the free WordPress category, but Eightmedi Lite changes this with a high-quality look. It is suitable for any or every health care business, along with the highly reactive formats and advanced graphics for ease of use. Telex's really quite straightforward. By simply I mean extreme naked bone - which is great if you are a web author or blogsman.

Try a cleaner target page containing your writing if you want it. In this topic everything revolves around optimizing your website for better results, the way your materials appear in real time. It' s interoperable with all portable gadgets and, according to the authors, follows Google's best practices for searching.

This is achieved with eye-catching graphics and slippery animation given to a website that is easily navigated on portable equipment. For this reason it is perfect for those who want to enhance the satiety, visibility and/or strong brands of their website. You can use the topic to post various articles, set links to your favourite sites in your search engine, and integrate built-in store integration via WooCommerce.

Also, the designers pride themselves that they don't need any engineering skills to make the designs fit so they're available to everyone. Full-featured and easily customizable, this is another powerful and versatile option for web designers and businesses. Plug-ins are free, so website designing is much simpler, and more sophisticated add-ons can be bought as the website goes.

It is a great stepping stone for pros and can result in a high performance webpage. A WordPress topic designed specifically for law enforcement practitioners, Décree has a visually appealing look that complements the royal, serious character of our judiciary while providing an easy-to-navigate lay-out. The topic allows the visitor to get an impression of your employees, your practice, your appointment arrangements and all the essential things that are necessary when dealing with cases in the courts.

And as a plus, it offers multilingualism and good performance on portable equipment. So far, I have selected topics that have WooCommerce integrations, although they do not necessarily concentrate on sales-line. Whatever you sell, the WordPress topic has got you covered using organised gallery and target pages that present your work.

In combination with WooCommerce optimisation and WooCommerce assistance, it is simple to make these purchases. Developers also note that it has been optimised for power so that whether browsing the desktops or cell phones, users will enjoy short loading time. Corporate Lite is slim, functionally and simply to administer and is an simply to use WordPress topic for enterprises of all kinds.

The website has a minimalist, state-of-the-art web page layout and several customisation features to simplify the layout. Different types of animation involve the browser when searching for information with a portable, user-friendly engine. Furthermore, the topic is so strong that it can "flex", i.e. you can optimise it for any ideas you or your company might have.

When you were not happy with my first selection of WordPress healthcare topics, our own hospital is a possible one. The hospital is neat, straightforward and well-functioning. Host a high-performance Landing Page that emphasises functionality and avoids obtrusive advertisements or styling decisions. Supplied Page Builder also makes changes to your current items unbelievably straightforward, with various ways to change aspect of your website.

In addition, easy coding of the software's basic layout complements it. Whilst I selected a few headlines and blogs, I also wanted to suggest SuperNews for its clean form. The contents, however, are clearly organised in grid/box file types for easy viewing on desktop and portable computers.

In combination with the powerful WordPress optimizer, it is another powerful option for a WordPress message type topic. Rookie is a Metaphoric Name in the Competition Oriented Web Site Market, Rookie is devoted to all things sport. It had to be recommended for the alcove class, but also for its supporting sport designs.

In addition, the site is SEO-friendly and works well on portable gadgets, perfectly for all reader. Manufacturing is a WordPress topic that is well suited for building, utilities, power, and other kinds of enterprises, with a variety of simple adjustment choices that can be customized to the needs of your organization. Again, with the supplied Page builder, you can change almost any part of your website with high responsiveness on your portable device.

Optimizing your search engine optimisation will raise customer satisfaction, and everything about the subject is neat and straightforward. Eleganto is a WordPress topic that is suitable for enterprises and enterprises. The versatile use of colours and slim icons attract your interest, while portable compatiblity makes navigation easier. Clearly endorsed for those who want a little more personality with their web site.

It is a more solid, one-page WordPress topic suitable for business. But thanks to the flexibility of the page layout, you can make any page you want. In the ideal case it is however good as a landingsite for different enterprises and enterprises. This is all achieved through simple ways to administer and customise the subject, with retinal assistance and portable power.

The next choice is a great multifunctional topic with basic looks and basic customisation. For this reason it works great on portable gadgets and has added a touch of optimizing your search for better results. Featuring a "five-minute setup," this one-page WordPress topic lets you quickly build your Web Zones to capture all the important detail in one handy place.

It is a one-sided land area with a clear styling and portableompatibility. Whilst you will not receive free fruits, Plum is a pleasing designer for a wide range of users' needs. It fits every style and every conception. Reacts well on the cell phone and also has a professional release for commercial use. There is no question that topics for magazines are widespread in the WordPress environment.

Islamag is not trying to change the trends, but it works to be a great free topic. With my horrible wit out of the way (let's face it, it's not even a joke), I can tell you that Ultra is a neat, easy WordPress topic that' s great for a wide range of applications.

There is a beautiful neat Landing Page with appealing ways to discover contents. Unfortunately, you can't get the hit down, but you can give your blogs or your formal website a whole new look with this one. Wellness could be a suitable topic for you. The organised topic has an eye-catching home page, fast link to various contents and galleries on it.

WordPress is a special e-shop WordPress topic for all your sales needs. It has a clear, uncluttered, professional look and is focused on the sale of items with easy to use shopping and gallery options. The Auberge ( acronym for aubergine, an aubergine, taste the eating tips) is an elegantly designed topic that is suitable for restaurant. It is stylish and easy, with high power and optimized smoothingEO.

" This is one of the best free dinner themes ever. Maybe one of the best looking WordPress themes that suits a touch of professionality, Portfolios themes are exactly as described. Advised for any artists, creators or photographers who want an on-line photo album. The WordPress topic includes a uniquely designed styles with user-defined symbols for instant detection.

Together with the search engine optimisation it is perfect for Freelancer and companies who are trying to reinforce their brands. ubic, a topic for everyone! Actually, but this subject is extremly straightforward and yet efficient. It' perfect for bloggers who use photographs to improve their presentations, with everything clearly organised in an easy-to-navigate bundle.

The WordPress topic fit into a blog/business section for all areas of bodily health. In addition to various format contents, this topic also offers a "Classes" Widget for planning members' meetings and the like. who this Ryan dude is, but I'm sure he's got a great WordPress topic.

Selftitled topics are versatile and rich in contrasts. The Harest is a high-tech topic for companies and anyone looking for a "modern" touch to their website. It' simply to use and easily adapt. The Destin Basic is ideal for those who want an easily customizable WordPress topic that is both light and reactive.

The raster form complements the minimalistic look, and changes can be made anywhere on the page. Ideal for portable read and portable styling. Making appointments is a versatile topic with a lot of flair. Easy to create and easy to change, it fits any company, organisation or person. Delivered with translations assistance (good for educating an audience), it has a light weight size that works well on portable workstations.

I noticed this topic through its plain styling and rural appearance. It is another WordPress topic for various types of contents that is characterized by the inclusion of dynamic community graphics and galleries. So far the tendency has been too much towards versatility and multi-purpose topics. The Gravida is no different, provided it is suitable for today' professionals.

As with many sites, it has a great destination page and ease of navigation. It is also easier to make the adjustment and sport SOEO optimisation. Plug-ins such as Contact Form and WooCommerce are also interoperable, making it easier to market your product on-line. It' a great place for blogs or those who want to create lists of expert prescriptions, with a neat, grid-like layout that is easily navigated and modified.

Neat and handsome on portable equipment. Why not transfer all this royalty to justice, the appropriately titled WordPress themed? Also as a free theming it has many pro functions with an just as pro look. Are you willing to rival Amazon with your strong e-commerce topic?

However Kikana is an extreme professionally looking WordPress topic with a lot of functions to help you selling articles on-line. The WooCommerce solution is off the shelf and works well on portable equipment. Another alternate to the other sports-related WordPress topic I chose is Sporty, a multifunctional option that is ideal for sports-related category.

On first sight this topic seems to be exclusively devoted to the field of space (which would be great). Actually it is able to meet such a need, but it is a versatile subject for all kinds of things. It' s a good idea to note the creator's comments that this is "one of the most progressive WordPress themes".

Here is a great topic for those who have made investments in ecology, wildlife or beasts. Remarkably, it is a children's topic from "Magazine Lite", but with a certain categorie. There are not too many directory-based WordPress topics in the free area, so it is a good idea to add one. As you can guess, this topic is perfectly suited for various lists of places such as cinemas, restaurants or places of interest.

Comes with integrated card connectivity, optimized SOEO and works great on portable equipment. Adaptation is also simple and requires no programming skills. No matter what kind of work you do, Profiles has a way to present it on-line. Obviously, I only captured this subject for the spirit symbol, but as I looked around, I realised it was a little different.

I would say that the point of this topic is that there is no art, where less is more. It is an apparent choice because there are not many, if any, WordPress themes that are specifically suited for everyone's favourite fix of coffeine. Featuring a royal, sleek look and ways to present your cards simply, this is a lovely subject to look at and navigation to use.

Andorra is perhaps one of the most one-of-a-kind themes and a versatile choice with powerful violets and minimally designed to delight the reader. It is also simple to adapt without the need for programming skills, which complements the SEO-optimized frameworks. It' good for creatives who want a good looking page to land on for their contents.

It is also my last selection from the many free WordPress themes available.

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