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The best free WordPress themes and templates. A collection of responsive WordPress themes. Professionally designed templates are ideal for social or business websites and online stores. Easy-to-use female WordPress themes and templates.

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WordPress Visual Composer (Page Builder) - The drag-and-drop Visual Composer ($46 value) Page Builder for WordPress saves you a lot of working hours on your page work. The only thing you have to do is move the contents by dragging & dropping and see the results immediately. The Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer - Expand Visual Composer and enhance its performance!

The plug-in ($26 free value) will add several additional premier items to your Visual Composer in addition to the built-in WPBakery items. We have spent a great deal of our attention and attention on ensuring that all our components are versatile, so that they open up unlimited opportunities for you and at the same place the focus is on simplification.

Enhance your page layout experiences and capabilities with our listing of plug-in items with the unique plug-in named Visual Elements, which will add amazing new content elements to your Visual Composer. Demo Import With One Click - One of the most useful functions a WordPress topic can have.

You' ll enjoy launching the website creation at the same point as the great demonstration pages, so you can quickly build the website of your choice. Use our meticulously crafted demos to get you up and running with just one click! But we thought Response was something else that we wanted to make even better for you.

Ensure that our topic responds completely! Topic Customizer - The best front end ever created with literally thousands of easy-to-use controls to take your WordPress page to the next stage of customization and make it easy to use, activate or deactivate. You' re only as good as what you get with your subject.

Our WordPress topic is an astonishing short form that complements all the other 100+ Page Builder features. Family Themes - A WordPress word themes specifically designed for the home cooking site type when you want to create a home cooking site. Confectionery store, Pizza parlour, Igloo or any other type of home cooking site it's the right offer for you!

Marriage Themes - A WordPress topic designed specifically for the anniversary. WordPress Themes - WordPress Themes are designed specifically for athletic website lifestyles when you want to create a studio, whether it's your favorite sport, your favorite sport site, your favorite sport site, or your favorite game.

Shop, Shop and eCommerce Themes - Constructed with eCommerce features in mind, eCommerce WordPress Themes is a fully reactive premium WooCommerce themed site with a great look and comprehensive features. WordPress Topic - Evaluates a one-of-a-kind & fashionable WordPress topic for architectural & interiors companies with a neat and contemporary look.

Featuring a minimalist look and show project emphasis, your work will be more compelling and appealing to the audience. It can be used for a variety of sites such as architectural offices, indoor studios, building trade, home decoration, furnishing or just plain home pages need to show off portfolios with a look more imaginative and stunning.

WordPress eCommerce themes - with a precise pixels layout and comprehensive features to build your own professionally designed, uniquely designed and rewarding eCommerce shop. The WordPress topic of the salesman is very adaptable and can be used for the sale of all types of product. WordPress Mechanic Topics - Mechanic Workshop Mechanic Workshop Mechanic Topics is designed as a marvelous tool for all automobiles and automotive web sites, automotive garages, automotive blogging, automotive related shops and other industry web sites that demand specialized automotive specialty functions and automotive related presentations.

WordPress Winehouse themes - specifically developed for all estates, stores & beers, audiences, on-line winerys, beer outlets, beer outlets, beer outlets, beer outlets, blogs, vineyard sites as well as stand-alone restaurant, restaurant and luxury bar s/cafés of top hotels. The estate's subject is a delicious, multi-purpose model that appeals to wines. Traveller WordPress Topic - a nice and contemporary topic that was developed especially for the TravelerLogger.

It' s a great topic for picture-heavy blogging. For this reason, we wanted to make sure that the degree of typographic controllability of your website could not be found in any other WordPress topic on the shelves. Not only have we got over 800 free Google fonts that you can use in your design. Spalten - For a better presentation of your contents!

Our Page Builder's line column element allows you to construct any page format, you can simply select between 1. 2. 2. 3. Four and six staggered or 1/3 + 2/3 column layouts. You can make any desired layouts and have full control to make your own column layouts at the touch of a mouse.

Gap, Column Hight and Location - Controls the amount of column heights by using the Same Hight options. Define spaces between column or join them with one click. Check the location of column and contents within vertically aligned column. Row Parametric Wallpaper - Adds a parallax-style wallpaper to Visual Composer lines.

Mix design choices and palladium backgrounds to make even more sophisticated designs. You can see what your contents look like on the front end, immediately and without extra clicking or buttons. Furthermore, you can use your back-end system's support for natively managing your back-end contents with all important features and possibilities. Advance Web Builders - Video Composer is supplied with the included Advance Web Builders.

Ton of choices and more than 40 pre-defined stores. Document system - Copy or reuse your pages and store templates for later use. Styling choices - Control the appearance of items with the new styling choices. You can use the color field and alfa to improve your designs. Easily build contemporary designs. Incorporate the YouTube wallpaper with the Visual Composer wallpaper effect.

Compatibility with cross-browsers - No web browsers are the last in the Rare WordPress series! Slider Revolution - Slider Revolution is an advanced, highly reactive WordPress Slider plugin that beautifully presents your work. Slider, carousel, hero scene or even a whole title page, with the powerful graphical draw & dropdown interface you can tell your own story in no time!

Receive this $25 value plug-in for free when you purchase the WordPress Theme Pack. Mail Sliders - You can create an astonishing post slide from normal WordPress mail. Contacts 7 - our themes promote the best contacts plug-in and also show it gracefully and have items to simply use it on a page.

User-defined footing - Select from 1 to 4 column, user-defined background and widget in the footing and customize them in your own look and feel. Present your contents in an elegant and simple way. Socials - Activate your socially accessible contacts and divide the feature by clicking a single icon on any socially accessible web site and displaying it in your bottom line, submenus, side panel or trunk area.

The WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin - Easily manage your e-commerce. Turn your website into a high-performance shopping cart with the best WooCommerce plugin. This is a true topic for your on-line business! Ensure that all your customers are happy to buy your products/services as soon as your storefront is supported by our themes storeframe frameworks. Organise your goods with a number of column that you can insert into our page items.

Location Styling - Choose between box or full width layout across all your stack to find a layout that really fits your needs. Willing to Translate - Rare WordPress topic is a translated text that is willing to better suit you. Children's topic compatibility - Rarely is children's topic compatibility with children's topics that are available at the time of purchasing the topic to make fitting simple and painless. 2.

The Retina Themes - Present your contents on all your equipment in the clearest possible way and in high-definition. Using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, we not only create the topic, but also work with it daily on our own sites and daily work. 4,000 Expandable Buttons - We know everyone likes a good icon, so we've created a fantastic icon listing that gives you power for your fantasy and makes your designs more original with Font-Awesome and IcoMoon, the most wanted iscons.

Rare WordPress themes give you some great mail styles to better present your contents with our portfolio, member of the staff and knowledge base and give you the liberty to customize your own mail style. Upgrades - Our top priorities are to keep our topics on top and working flawlessly, and our staff is quickly fixing bugs and add new functionality to the topic.

Use our automatic 1-click system to refresh our designs. User-defined Widget - It's easy to embed your Flickr, Dribbble or Twitter feeder into your design with user-defined Widget. You can be sure that everything from the functionality mark-up with the latest HTML5 semiantic items, to working with the best WordPress plug-in compatible WordPress plugins will work.

Onepage Sites / Landing Page - Simply set up a one-page navigator with our themes on your front page or across several pages to produce eye-catching designs for your people. Timesetable Responsible Schedule For WordPress - A high-performance and easy-to-use scheduling plug-in for WordPress. Receive this plug-in ($26 value) for free when you purchase the WordPress Theme Pack.

User-defined footing - Select from 1 to 4 column in the footing and customize it to your own personal taste. Display your contents in an elegant and simple way. Various logos revisions - Various logos revisions for early and tacky markers as well as black and bright marker skin, the portable menus and more.

Specify the required number of column for each portfoliolist. Preparation for translations - Our WordPress Themes are translated to better help you in your native tongue. We' ve added a user-defined HTML box to the Topic Options pane to make your job much simpler. Full Page Menus - Simply activate the nice Full Page Menus to display your title pages differently and fully modify your website look.

Upright menus - The Upright menus serve many functions, apart from being quite special and different from the default Upright menus at the top of a website. Indeed, some have argued that having the side menus vertically on the side of the page makes a design look more original and appeal.

Your first rationale for thinking about using our vertically arranged menus is how simple it is to find the right one. In general, the menus stay the same when someone is scrolling down, making them more useful for single- and multi-page design. Infinite head and layouts - Select the right head and navigational styles for your website:

Centre your navigation, move to the right side, move to the right side, move your navigation close to the icon, move away from the icon, full width, large, bordered, vertically, horizontally, centre your navigation on the navigation, centre your navigation on the navigation, centre your navigation on the navigation with the navigation on the navigation and much more. You can do it all with a single click on the high-performance Topic Option Control Pad.

Page Menus - Our WordPress themes have a page menus area (widgets and page menu), a button in your head menus to display more of your work in an sleek horizontal pane. Speed Performance Words - This is the quickest topic available. We' ve been spending a lot of our attention optimizing every facet of the subject to achieve the best possible performance.

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