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Autor Pro, from the experienced StudioPress staff, combined with the Genesis Framework to an extremely powerful customization platform. Streamlined for speed and SEO. WordPress theme for authors.

best 29 WordPress topics for authors (2017)

Looking for a WordPress topic for authors? If you are an author, you want to give your readers a better viewing environment while enabling them to get connected and buy your work. Here we show you some of the best WordPress themes for authors that you can use on your website.

WorldPress is an excellent tool for creating Web sites for authors and authors. This gives you the agility and liberty to expand your authorship profiles and get in touch with your readership. Your self-hosted WordPress.org page gives you the liberty to use all the WordPress functions on your website. Next, you need a WordPress web host client login and aomainname.

One of the biggest global providers of WordPress services, it is an authorized WordPress host. As soon as you have registered for your host, you are prepared to download WordPress. Just obey the steps in our full step-by-step tutorial on how to launch a WordPress blog and you're up and running in a flash.

Once WordPress has been installed, it is your turn to chose a WordPress topic. Please chose a topic from our selection of experts below. Do you need help with the installation of the topic? Read our tutorial for beginners on how to get a WordPress topic installed. After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for authors.

These lists contain both chargeable and free topics and all are applicable mobil. The Creativo is a multipurpose WordPress topic designed for authors. Just substitute the contents with your own and you're ready to go. Featuring a built-in portofolio contents style, full WooCommerce capability, 7 skin, 3 designer layout, several head layout and infinite colour selections.

The Modules is a wonderfully crafted WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for authors and blogs. Within the topic you will find several user-defined widgets, unrestricted side bars, headerstyles, wallpaper backup, Google fonts and full WooCommerce functionality. WordPress is a fantastic WordPress topic for story-tellers, writers and photographs. Comes with a two-column lay-out, large pictures and an elegant, portable look.

Candid' minimalistic style makes your contents stand out. Abril Display, a neat and demanding typeface for serifs. Makes your contents more legible and pleasant on all types of equipment and screens. The Wilson is an elegantly easy to use WordPress topic specifically developed for authors and high-impact Web sites.

Contains more than one layout for your weblog, a home page slide, more than one customized widget, and more than one mail format. It' WooCommerce prepared, so you can simply put an on-line shop on your WordPress page. The Binder Pro is a well processed WordPress topic developed for publication. It' great for busy sites like journals and blogging.

You' ll find 7 pre-built sites that can be set up with one click, and then you can simply substitute your own for them. There are several side bars, headers style, symbol font, infinite user-defined side bars and full WooCommerce functionality. The Daily Dish is a WordPress topic for authors and blogs with professionally designed work.

It' based on the Genesis Power Topic Frame. Remarkable characteristics of the subject are its clear typeface and the nice representation of the pictures. There is a widgettized homepage design that is fast and simple to set up. On the inside, you'll also find several page styles, customized headers, and full WooCommerce functionality.

The Heron is a wonderfully crafted WordPress topic for authors, blogs and authors. Distinguished by a nice typeface, earth-coloured colours and a minimalistic, clear outline. It uses large, fully scaleable pictures and video. There also comes with Autor Organic User Box available for multi-author WordPress websites. Media is a WordPress topic for Blogger with a three-column design.

Support endless scrolling, user-defined colours with several page styles, as well as a user-defined archive page. Medium is built to make your blogs look great right out of the box, is fast and simple to deploy, and looks great on smaller displays. The Suarez is a breathtakingly nice WordPress blogs topic for authors. They have a one-of-a-kind homepage design that is geared towards presenting your contents in a prominent manner with pictures and texts.

Contains gorgeous animation, multi-page laysouts, and customized context detection widgets. What's more, it's designed to be a great tool for your website. Britany is a classy WordPress blogs topic with a nice styling. At the top of the homepage there is an introductory section, followed by your most important contents. There are several lay-out and template choices for different pages. You' ll also get a set of user-defined Widget for simple inclusion in your favorite community sites and finders.

The Expose Pro is a WordPress blogs and portfolios topic for authors. Made by the people at StudioPress, it comes with a wideget home page with four widgets areas and has a number of template pages for your blogs, home pages, archives and target pages. It' built to present your contents nicely and uses large pictures with sleek type to make your contents more pleasant.

There is a user-defined galery mail size with light box view of your pictures. Developed to quickly build an on-line experience, President also works great for blogs and authors. There are 10 demonstration sites that you can simply upload and then simply substitute with your own contents to build your website now.

It is a simple WordPress blogs and portfolios topic for authors. There is a minimalistic two-column lattice structure. You can use it with several user-defined widgets, page styles, and page bars. Truly North is an elegantly designed WordPress topic. There is a raster lay-out on the home page with a nice representation of the pictures.

There are several layouts and an integrated portofolio area to present your work. There are also user-defined backgrounds, headers, and a number of user-defined widgets for inclusion in your search for information in your search results. A WordPress blogs and portfolios topic is elegant. There is a nice lay-out with your company logos and top bar menus with a softboard.

There are several layouts available, as well as a raster one. There is an integrated Porfolio Contents Browser, several user-defined Widget, several colour themes and an easy-to-use Topic Option Control panel. The Libretto is a free WordPress bible topic with a distraction-free design that makes it an ideal option for a bible or author's website.

She has a nice coloring with wonderful type. Created in classic one-column blogs with a top navigational bar. Support customized headers and backgrounds, the menus for soft link, and the widgets area for footers. The Pocket is a distraction-free WordPress topic for blogs, photographs and authors. Pocket lets your contents emerge with a one-column lay-out, legible scripts and large pictures and provides a very appealing usability.

This takes very little setup and is out of your way so you can get stunning contents into your blogs. WordPress is a free WordPress topic developed for authors, novelists and blogs. On the inside is a full-width slide control that lets you present your most important contents at the top.

Particular emphasis is placed on legibility with stylish typeface and generous layouts. Also, it will add socially shared symbols under each item and abstract so your visitors can share your contents without any problems. A WordPress topic for magazines, blogging and content-rich Web sites. Emphasis is placed on an enhanced read environment and a visually appealing lay-out.

There is a head categories submenu, a contents tab, various layouts and endless scrolling. It' simple to set up and has an entry page to help you set up the topic. The Relive is a contemporary WordPress topic for authors and story-tellers. Developed to create an immersive immersion sensation using sound, text, images as well as videos.

Relive is perfect for long-format contents with nice scroll effect and also features a page Builder and a variety of customisation features. It' simple to set up and comes with the 1-click demonstration installation program. The Metro Pro is a high-performance WordPress topic based on the Genesis topic frame. Contains an easily set up homepage with chapters for selected articles in a nice lay-out.

There is also built-in community content management, user-defined menu, user-defined widget and topic option panels. Authors is a free WordPress topic for authors and publishing houses. The focus is on improving access with a nice look. Quickly downloads and optimizes the source text to enhance the power of your WordPress page.

Using a single two-column design with a side bar and a navigational bar on the right. It' easily set up and can be customised with the Life Topic Customisation program. Mont Blanc is a very efficient and extremely adaptable WordPress topic, which is perfectly suitable for authors. There comes with flexibility in layouts, several homepage fashions, user-defined widgets, page layouts, etc..

Can be used for a multi-author website or for a one-page authorshipfile. These also include portfolios, photogalleries and attractive slide controls. One of the simplest WordPress themes for authors and blogs is this one. Provides a uniquely styled website with no pictures shown on the homepage. It' s meant for Blogger and is a good option for long forms.

Support user-defined logos, headers and backgrounds. Like the name implies, the publisher is a WordPress topic for authors, publishing houses and journal-sites. They use a brick-style design where your contents are displayed as a block. This comes with simple adjustment choices that can all be access via the Customize Theme Live.

There are also user-defined header, user-defined background, customized background for any article, endless scrolling and user-defined Widgets. Paperbaking is an elegantly multi-purpose WordPress topic that' s great for any type of website. It' s built to make your contents look great and is great for high-impact sites. Uses prominent pictures of your items throughout the entire design.

There is a contents control on the home page that allows you to quickly address people. It is a beautiful multi-purpose WordPress topic. And it comes with easy-to-use plug-ins that you can simply move by dragging and dropping to create your homepage outline. There are also 14 ready-made sites that you can easily reinstall and then simply substitute with your own.

Those sites contain a blogs, magazines and story topic that is perfect for any blogs or author's site. Nektar is a wonderfully crafted WordPress themed. It' s supremely versatile and simple to setup for almost any type of website, and includes an author's website with a blogs and a portfolios section.

There is a large full-width slide bar on the homepage design, followed by your call to trade, your welcome address, and subsequent feature based presentation. There is also a user-defined option field that allows you to easily select the checkboxes and text to the set-up topic. It is an e-commerce-enabled WordPress topic that can be used in face-to-face blogging and Web pages.

There is a large contents merry-go-round and a pedal bar categories drop-down box to put discovering contents at the top. It' extremely customisable and uses the Living Topic Customiser for faster set-up. Hopefully this paper has help you find the best WordPress topic for authors and novelists. Also you can want to see our ultimative WordPress slide show and the WordPress plugin listing to expand your website.

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