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Added 7 parallax themes to StudioPress' Genesis Framework So if you are looking for a Genesis paraallax topic other than paraallax pro, I have you covered. Aw. All of these pallax themes are integrated into the Genesis Framework. I' ve gathered them from StudioPress, Hello You Designs, Crative Market and other Genesis themed shops. The 7 Genesis themes are all fast moving + HTML5, which I have included in the detail of each one.

Partallax gives your website a feeling of deepness through vertically designed backgrounds (or videos). Whilst some folks criticise paraallax sites for lack of sufficiency in terms of content because they are only a one-page site, you can actually have limitless pages and contributions, and they can incorporate other Genesis themes' designs and functionalities.

Simply obey the installer' s guide for your topic and use StudioPress' Genesis installer' guides, plug-ins and Tutorials. The Altitude Pro is similar to Parallax Pro only with a one page (homepage) where the different parts are bigger than in Parallax Pro. The Altitude Pro is a neat, easy design that can be quickly adapted to a fantastic Genesis website.

The Café Pro is a topic of the restoration in palladium-style. The StudioPress says that it brings together the themes of Pro and Foodie in order to provide a kitchen appliance designed for food service and other brickworks. Contains an integrated menus and other functions of a website of a hotel café. Pro by StudioPress is probably the most loved Genesis topic for para laxes on the shelves.

There are Youtube setup directives here, but it comes with 5 colour choices (blue, greens, oranges, pinks, reds), 3 page setup choices (though you can still use plugins like Genesis to create more design palettes), and the overall topic is very adaptable. Check out the example sites I've included to see what different styles, colours, and themes look like.

So if you haven't seen the 8 Genesis themes from Hello You Designs, you should. Includes more than 20 WordPress videosutorials, lifelong topic assistance, and installation guides. A further Genesis parentallax topic from Hello You Designs. Helo-Trending includes a rotary slide bar, para-lax areas that you can modify in the customized settings, and the option to simply insert or delete the blogs from the homepage in the custom settings.

Customize colours, text, layouts, and other functions to fit your stamp. Just Charming is a female Genesis paraallax topic created by Restored 316 Design, who is a Genesis featured Genesis recommender on the StudioPress website. Studios is from the creative market, which is like ThemeForest, only they have a larger variety of Genesis children's themes.

Designed by Handsome Press, Studio contains a range of products, a custom themes tool and other functions that you can see on the detail page. Although I have added it to my listing of para lax themes, I can't stand for the developers reputation for either builders' accuracy or dependability. In a Facebook survey conducted by the WordPress Hosted Facebook Group, SiteGround was ranked #1 WordPress Hoster (they were also #1 in last year's survey) and brought me

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