Wordpress Themes for Illustrators

Worldpress Themes for Illustrators

The Arte is a soft and clean WordPress theme for art galleries, painters, illustrators and anyone who wants to share their creativity with the world. When you need to post many additional blogs in addition to a creative portfolio showcase, the theme will be a perfect solution. However, finding the right topic can be scary. Edge Themes (Themeforest) Illustrator Show topic Get hosting now. View illustration by WP Explorer (Themeforest) topic now get hosting.

Best WordPress 40+ Portfolio Themes for Illustrators and Designers (2018)

When you create a portfolio-based website to showcase your artwork or your talents with WordPress, you need a design that matches your own creativeness; a design that helps you concentrate on your work. Topics for portfolios must be functionally and well thought out and should not detract from whatever you present.

Briefly, the most important thing a policy issue must do is to present visually accurate information. In addition, a great portfolios topic should be reactive, user-friendly, intuitively designed and simple to use. Of course, the precise functions you expect from a given topic are determined by the kind of contents you want to present.

In order to make your selection easier, we have compiled a selection of more than 40 of the best WordPress themes for designer, illustrator, artist and creative. Stand out features: Prefabricated Portfoliodetailstile. Six different types of animation for your own hiking style. Listing 7 Listing Style, 5 Articles Style with Postformats. Stand out features: Straightforward subject focused on refinement and purity.

Present any theme, artwork, photo caption or the like. It has 4, 3 and 2 column-based lattices in the brickwork. Four navigational modes - full, minimum, classical and side-by-side. Stand out features: Good structured portfolios that differ from each other. Multi style hobbies - minimum or information-filling. An extensive range of products including. More than 30 different portfolios.

Stand out features: A modular topic - contents generated on the foundation of a user-defined modular system. Island and brick plans, endless scrolls. Stand out features: Supplied with individual portfolios and individual portfolios. Folder brickwork lay-out - Interest and wall styles. Stand out features: Supports streaming videos, images and sound. Collapsible portfolios. Stand out features:

You can use motion graphics in your asset grid to generate motion based PDFs for elements in your portfolio. Stand out features: Lean and minimum portfolios area. Many user-defined shortcuts, as well as short codes for the picture controller. Six ready-made default portfolios. Stand out features: There are several ways to build a nice portofolio page for any use. Extraordinary art galleries. 2-3-4 Column portfolios, alternate styles, Masonry portfolios.

Stand out features: Folder in bricklayer design, portofolio and galery user-defined mailtype. Postformats supported: Standard, Galerie, Link, Picture, Offer, Status, Video and Sound. Unlimited full width picture galleries with a "brick-style" lay-out. Touch-capable, super-smooth light box for picture galleries. Stand out features: eCommerce topic, 10 product presentations. Stand out features:

Post Type makes it simple for you to attach your project and present it in a nice way. Customize the coverage of the headline with a simple adjustment in the Topic Option. Added streaming capability to include streaming footage for your pages or project portfolios. Slider Revolution on pages, WooCommerce compliant. Stand out features: Interested inspires, multi-purpose brickwork basing on subject.

There are 5 colored skin and 6 user-defined mail-format. Fast response picture and contents controller with intuitive user interface. Stand out features: Stand out features: Large paraallax effect on the pages of the portfolios. Minimalist subject. Portoftype - makes it simple to attach your project and present it in a nice way. Easily customized with WordPress Customizer.

Stand out features: Stand out features: Includes Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Showbiz Pro Premier plug-ins. Stand out features: Minimalist subject, not burdened by superfluous items. Post Type Portfolio - makes it simple to attach your project and present it in a nice way. Easily customized with WordPress Customizer. Stand out features:

Stand out features: Various portfoliolayouts with brickwork and raster views, full screen display. Stand out features: More than one asset allocation bay, each with customisation possibilities. Portfoliobild and light box film. Portfoliosliders, Portfoliosaccordions, Portfolio-Tabs-Sliders. Stand out features: Ten different head line spacing routines, five menus, three bodies and three footers.

Limitless possibilities to present your work - variables channels, multi-column, gradient superimposition, 8 hit modes, 7 titlestyles, sympathetic elements and many more modes. Several individual portfoliostyles. Stand out features: Enhanced head, log, menu, folder, type, and blogs choices. Seventeen raster style portfolios. Stand out features: Various navigational modes (minimal, classical, full screen) and a headers with varied behaviour.

Stand out features: Six working views version of the Portfolios. There are 4 different version of our collection of Galerie Style portfolios - Masonry, Interest, Grid, Expand. Stand out features: Multiconcept-Portfoliothema, 14 home pages, 20+ headers and 11 ready-made slider. Fourteen different product layouts, 8 animated product elements, 18 animated filters. There are 30 different kinds of mail.

Stand out features: Sliders in full width with stunning specials. Filtrable portfolios with many column. Stand out features: Create picture gallery for brickwork with simple mass upload and simple mass upload. Seven different style projects and limitless layout for each one. Collapsible portfolios and endless scrolling for the portfolios. Stand out features: Stand out features: Fullscreen picture and videoslider with Parallaxe, with animation of fade-in and fade-out items and transition between foil and fade-out.

Seven different individual and seven different individual product line lists. Stand out features: Multi navigational style with flexible headers. Stand out features: Enhanced Portfoliofilters. Stand out features: Filtrable portfolios of films from Åjax. Fantastic jQuery slide control. Stand out features: Progressive raster system for state-of-the-art layout. Over 16 easy-to-use asset management asset management template files with user-defined settings. Stand out features:

Specially developed for illustrators, conceptualists, entertainers, storytellers and designers. and 10+ individual portfolios. Create interior pages, create a number of layout for your portfolios, create individual pages. The parallax effect and zooming animation on slide bar pictures. Stand out features: Elegant ambience from the real world. There are 8 different types of page portfolios. Portfolios with filters by setting options.

Stand out features: jQuery-powered portfolio showscase area that displays graphs and videos. Use jQuery brickwork and endless scrolling to add more elements to loads and stacks. Stand out features: Four different style portfolios pages, four types of portfolios in post format - slider, image, gallery, movie (Youtube/Viemo). There are 6 different Style Portfolio Details pages - Full Screen Slider/Backgrounds, Youtube Movie Background.

Includes Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Stand out features: Comprehensive topic and colour choices. Collapsible product range, extended types. Stand out features: Choose between 3 layouts: the splitter, classical or curved one. Here is a short references that you should consider when trying out functions for the flawless subject matter: Soft transition, overlay, animation and overlay.

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