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The editor is focused, minimalist and ideal for get-to-the-point pages. Best 15+ WordPress topics for novelists However, first you need a hell of a website to present the evidence of your work. Take a look at these 15+ WordPress themes specially developed for novelists like you. ElegantThemes' Divi Topic is the all-in-one topic you can use for so many different kinds of project, as well as sites for writers. As a matter of fact, many folks are using the Divi topic for all their web sites.

The Divi-Dayout can be used as a homepage for authors with great results. Designed by StudioPress, Autor Pro exudes a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in your website. Autor Pro is based on the industry-leading Genesis framework used by over 250,000 WordPress Web sites worldwide. While capturing the essentials of a novel in a brilliant way, it retains its conversion-specific look.

Besides other WordPress topics for writers or playwrights, this topic really catches the essential of typing. I' d definitely suggest some head shots and adjust the highlight colour of this subject to achieve the right combination of designs. As one of the best-selling themes on ThemeForest, BeTheme has over 250 website submissions, among them the ones you see in the above screenshots.

This is the topic you should choose if you are a writer of novels who also enjoys working with WordPress pages. So if you ever wanted to resell add-ons to your novel, such as background wallpapers, Novela would be the ideal way to do so. It' s structured to present the protagonists of your novel. This topic has built-in functionality for Simple Digitally downloads, which makes selling your digitally stored contents very simple.

This is a nice topic with brillant typeface that directs the reader's attention to the pages. It is a great topic to inspire your readership with the first pages of your work. The bookshelf is characterised by a lively, esthetically appealing look and meticulous use of colour. Use this topic to present your work and create a fellowship around it.

The foreword offers a stylish, sturdy and clear lay-out for your fiction. Like the name says, this is a great topic for novelists with several titles under their hats. Developed to present all your book, authors information, a videos review/interview and a blogs section on one page.

A great typographic topic that uses a solid side bar to present your work. When you are a writer of novels and want to be able to exchange small and big plays (maybe even hints!) with your supporters - this topic would be a great place to present it. The BEBO is another great example of the right page to land a novel.

It' s sleek styling will inspire an air of elegance around the fact. The Brown page will serve as a great destination for your novel. The Storia is a unique subject created to provide a distraction-free learning environment. Featuring strong type and clear styling, this topic capture the writer's spirit in you.

An ideal subject to present your literature, this subject has been developed for the soil, taking into account novelists. Featuring extremely customisable pages and a detailled page, Templatic's Hardcover Edition offers you the opportunity to set up your own bookstore in no time! It concentrates on the main features of a budding novelist's following - legibility, driven by clear, neat type.

Deliberately the topic doesn't come with a side bar, so you can concentrate on the important words. There is no side bar that concentrates on clear designs, minimumism and clear type. This StudioPress topic is ideal for aspiring novelists and provides safety, dependability and a flawless read experience. Hopefully you had as much fun creating this topic as we did.

Let us know if we forgot your favourite topic. Funny fact: If I was ever a writer of novels, I would select StudioPress Autor Pro as my go-to-subject.

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