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WorldPress Topics for Authors and Blogs 2018 Although WordPress was initially designed as a blogging tool, over the years it has grown into the boundless multi-purpose CMS we have today. It' s this diversity that has led to the publication of a flow of topics crammed with every imaginable lay-out, web interface items, and of course option pages that allow you to create your website without ever having to touch a line of coding.

WorldPress topics for writers and writers will help you present your portfolios to help your professional selling them. Or you can even use these themes to publish examples of your new novel or your stories. A lot of writers use WordPress themes to create large blog posts to sketch a particular theme such as their trips to Europe or thoughts about business.

Attachche is a nice and contemporary WordPress topic developed for blogs and stories. Press75's flagship subject has clear and classy endless scroll (optional) and brickwork lay-out styling. This topic allows you to quickly and simply post and post your own article or blogs. Several of the other functions are: a portable, reactive look, simple adjustment possibilities, 100% HTML and CSS validation, user-defined Widgets, user-defined Menu, Dynamic Links, Visual and Audio Resources and more.

Autor Pro, created by StudioPress and based on the Genesis platform, is intended for writers to create a collection of their work to advertise and distribute. You can also use this topic to view forthcoming shows and links to your favorite online channel. Books work well for anyone who writes a work.

Personally, I wouldn't suggest it for someone who is trying to run a free-lance typing shop, but for those out there who are trying to tell a story and sharing it with others. It' s the perfect single-column topic so no one has to browse to other pages to see your latest chapter. Divi is one of the most favorite themes on the scene, and that's because you can change the design to look totally different for your own make.

Personally, I like the topic for authors because you can quickly put together a breathtaking collection without having to study web at all. It is an intelligent and adaptable topic suitable for the smallest written transactions. If you don't want to begin from zero, the layout is fully reactive and you can select from one of the many ready-made layout options.

ZigZagPress Dune is a breathtaking WordPress portofolio and blogs topic from ZigZagPress. Premier topic has a courageous, minimalistic and contemporary look, perfect for writers, playwrights, blogs or others. Based on the robust Genesis framework, Dune comes with additional customizations, management features, and shortcuts that enhance the Genesis indigenous capabilities to make fitting fast and simple.

Several of the other main characteristics of the topic are: full-screen pictures, 6 different columns layout for the blogs, easy and efficient topic option, agile, responsive layout, readiness for localisation, streaming capability, and more. Express Topic is the ultimative topic when you need to build a website for your free-lance work.

They can also add hyperlinks and items for each asset in your site. Case is a nice WordPress topic for occasional and pros' loggers, logs, product writers, photoblogs and others. It' s great for those who want the opportunity to publish all kinds of stuff - long formal papers, brief postings and everything in between.

Obox Themes' premier topic has a homepage on brickwork grids, a slide-in module as well as a side bar. Designed to be sleek and simple, it is ideal for any kind of blogs or contemporary magazines website. Several of the other main characteristics of the topic are: a truly classy blogs posting outline with a full-screen wallpaper head or a presented photograph (such as medium), great typography, agile, reactive styling, Google Authorship assistance, Google Style Guide, softwares, corporate profile, visually customizable layouts and colors, topic setting windows, movie assistance, searching ease and more.

Hemigway is a free WordPress topic with a really neat and nice outfit. It has a 2-column lay-out, a user-defined head picture with parallel scroll effect and a fully appealing look. Several of the other functions are: super-sharp type, 4 postal styles (standard, enhanced images, videos and both), page styles, user-defined highlight colors, portable responsiveness and retina readiness, user-defined logos download, user-defined widgets, and more.

Inc is a nice blog-style WordPress topic, perfect for storytelling and presenting your article in a stylish way. They have a clear, clear and minimum styling base with sophisticated types. It is a prime topic with a lot of love for detail and is built on the latest storytelling trends with pages like exposition and medium.

There are 4 different homepage layout choices and has large title pictures for each posting with a full coverage feature. Additional enhancements include: a highly reactive theme optimised for retinal and HiDPI display, Google font, color changing capabilities, localisation assistance, CSS3 filter for postcovers, WordPress Live customiser assistance and restricted contents capabilities for payers via the plug-in restricted Content Per.

The Journal Box topic is conceived for blogs. It' s easy and clear styling gives you a new feeling of blogs and looks. Using this unique colour scheme you can select your colour scheme with just one click. You can also use this topic to include your own personal details at the end of the posting and the contacts next to your personal details, which can help your users know you and interact with you about you.

is to allow writers to create lengthy essays and histories without all the mess. A large image occupies the entire area of the monitor. Comments are the most singular part of this topic because they are on the page of your article, use online references to keep the discussion going, and allow users to annotate certain phrases or sections in the article.

Every item picture is available in full width, giving the consumer a media-rich look, and the design responds fully to the display on tables and other portable equipment. Publisher themes are named after them because they summarize all your writing and can make you even better with video, photo and other types of music.

It''s an ecological topic that works in a similar way to a collector's album, in which you can move through various parts of your homepage and design them as you wish. It includes a function known as Infinite Post-Loading that accelerates your website by slowing down page loads as the readers scroll. Publisher themes are great for authors who have no idea how to create a website.

Provides a themes Customizer for the upload of your logos, the moderation of the page titles and the change of your backgrounds. I love this part of the subject because you can take your picture and turn it into a large grayscale wallpaper for your contribution, making your fonts a more stylised adventure.

Readolog allows you to easily publish your creation to all your readership, no matter what you are writing about. This minimalistic topic is great for dividing your CV and your portfolios, and you can also think about simply incorporating a blog roll if you're more interested in posting a steady stream of your adventure.

Short code managers are indispensable for almost any author who wants to stay prolific and effective. It comes with seven different mail sizes to give your letter a little bit of variation, and the topic is fully focused on viewing the website on any of the platforms you like.

It is a high-quality WordPress topic for serious authors. There is a clear and simple styling, simple furnishings and only a few customization possibilities. Conceived to appeal to your readership by giving them the best viewing experiences of your contents while at the same time focusing and motivating you to create more great stories.

Featuring a highly reactive and retinal designs, simple postal mail format, a widget idebar, neat semantic coding and is available for immediate use. It' s minimalistic styling is ideal for authors and focuses on what's most important to your reader. Cover picture contains overlapping text and button that you can tweak to get your audience to your best work.

Different mail types make your contributions stand out in their own way, and the customized widgets are great for adding elements for your favorite sites like About Page Reviews, Flickr, and more. It is a single-column WordPress topic that sets the emphasis on your contents and pictures. Solostream's premier storyline is perfect for authors, blogs, and others who want to provide their readership with clear, easy and professionally designed information without distractions.

While it has a portable, reactive look, and while the look looks basic, it has a lot of functions to keep things interesting. There is a built-in authors page, inventory style sheet, button, column, and other useful post and page designs, a video page style sheet, optionally built-in advertising banners, ease of integrating logos, and a topic option panel to easily customize.

Custom WordPress Themes for Authors - If you are a creator of WordPress or an artist, you can't miss this WordPress themed. The Verbosa is a completely free WordPress topic that contains all the essential functions and reduces the art scene to a minimum. Verbosa becomes one of the most creatively WordPress topics with its flowing lines and clear types.

In addition, this is an easily usable and great WordPress topic. Fully Verbosa included in WordPress. Easily customise your WordPress topic. Verbosa also provides the well-known WordPress topic supporting the WordPress services. WordPress Topic Creation - Verbosa is also a quick and simple submission. Incidentally, this WordPress topic offers the preferred level of assistance.

Whatever kind of author you are, you need a WordPress topic that contains your fonts and attracts your readership with nice photographs and other mediums. Topics we' ve covered above allow you to quickly and cost-effectively build a professionally designed website with a focus on your website contents and an incredible typeface to easily communicate your story, long article or blogs to the rest of the globe.

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