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Best 35+ Free Landing Page WordPress Topics from 2017 It has the ability to draw or reject a client. It' the first time your website is seen by the client, so you need to have a flawless page. But what does it take to make a flawless page? Now, here is a detailled tutorial on how you can make a great landing page for your small business that you really like to go deeper.

In other words, in plain words, a flawless landings is when a client gets what he's looking for and you get what you're looking for - a client. If a client is visiting your WordPress website, the page should facilitate the landings of your prospective clients. It is the task of a website to present all information to the visitor on the first page on which they arrive.

So the target page of your website should have a neat, professionally and UX optimised look. Therefore, an attractive, clear and correctly placed Call To Action key is a must for a destination page. But building such a site can be costly...unless you choose WordPress.

If you find the appropriate WordPress topic, you can get all the necessary functions of a perfectly designed page for free. And to make your work as easy as possible, we have compiled the best free of charge page-loading WordPress topics of 2017 with our WordPress expert opinion. Lavyer Hosting Page is an extraordinary and free pro page hosting WordPress topic.

Your website can be influenced by this page topic with a clear and attractive UX- and UI-optimized layout. This free website submission is the ideal way to raise your e-mail requests. This topic is ideal for companies that want to build an efficient page to land, track and track lead.

Design is fully reactive, SEO-enabled and speed-optimized so you are ahead of the pack. When you are new to web site design and want to simply build and modify your own page without having to write a line of coding, Lawyer Page is your topic.

It is very simple to use and adaptable. You' ll also get free trial contents that can be uploaded with one click, which means you can have your website up and running in no more than a few minutes. Building Landing Page is a free WordPress topic for building contractors or companies. Made with the latest and most efficient UI designs, this neat, advanced and reactive WordPress website submission is intended to enhance usability.

This design is ideal for those who need more registrations. Constructions Planting Page will help you build a neat and professionally landed page website for any Niche! It is a radical subject, so it is simple to use and very effective. It' fully reactive, SEO-enabled and superspeed.

Designed for performance, the One Page WordPress themme is a great way to attract traffic and make them your trusted clients. Free WordPress topic is the best way to create a great looking page. Now you can view your important information on an elegant and enhanced slide bar in the Banners area, speak about your company and your service, present your product range and converts your user with CTAs.

It also has a Contacts section where your prospective clients can communicate with you. Putting aside what makes Word One stand out is its simplicity and lightness of use. It will help you win the confidence of your clients. In terms of features, the topic is superspeed, fully portable and SEO-enabled, so more clients can find your company.

Your guests will be impressed by the Education Zone's clean and friendly look. You can use this free WordPress topic to build a page hosting website that will rock and shear your rivals. Banners with a CTA badge and highlights help you tell your audiences the right stories without waste of your precious attention.

The topic is concise and to the point - no small conversations, because clients want clear on-line answers. Do not go by name because, although developed primarily for schooling, education is mighty enough for the creation of an effective page page website. So if you are a company looking for recovery and expansion and don't like overcrowded designs, that's the topic you should use.

This is one of our most favorite themes and many companies use it, so boost your play with Education Zone. This is a breathtaking free WordPress page topic for designers, contractors and agents who want more traffic to take their applications to the next level or for small companies who want to take their operations to the next stage.

It is also ideal for companies that want to build an efficient page for generating and capturing lead data. Not only is App Hosting Page a truly country-optimized design, it is also fully reactive so you can attract more people. Design is simple to use and you don't need to have any programming knowledge to build a great website as you can easily get the design demonstration contents for free with one click.

The Book Hosting Page is a nice and free WordPress topic for the creation of a hosting page for the sale of your brand. The topic's homepage is ideal for writers, fiction writers, editors, developer and designer and has been carefully crafted to maximize the number of leads as well as the sale of the item. Design is simple to use and requires no programming knowledge.

The Book Hosting Page is very easy and clear. It also comes with a free one-click demonstration upload function that helps you get your website up and running without any problems. The Bhumi Lite is a very fast and free WordPress topic for target pages. Its design is built on the Bootstrap-Framework, so that your website can be adapted perfect to your portable device, desktop or any other viewport.

Its design incorporates infininity scrolling and is WooCommerce-ready, if you ever want to turn your Landing Page into an e-commerce website. Whatever kind of store you run, you should try Bhumi Lite. Perlific is a free page-loading WordPress topic that is wonderfully processed and powerfully and flexibly.

With a clear layout, it concentrates on usability and usability for both the user and the weaver. Offering boundless opportunities for companies, businesses, agencies, portfolio, storefronts, medicine, educational, travelling, restaurants, face-to-face, blogs and types of web sites.

Lite On-line is a multi-purpose one-page free WordPress page landing page topic that will help you create a nice website for any kind of niche - Cross SVG, Onepage, Commercial, Page Lite, E-Commerce, Regional Commercial or Staff Website. Topic support includes pull & pull widgets for section contents and WooCommerce area to present your products on the home page and use your website as an on-line shop.

is a free WordPress topic designed for companies and portfolios. Ezone has a typographic function that allows you to modify the fonts of your website. Good for all kinds of web sites, Specia will help you to simply and free of charge build a page landed website. It' a multi-purpose WordPress topic with many great functions that can help you give your website a polished, look.

It' s clear and easy, which makes it ideal for small businesses that want to expand. is a free page WordPress topic for presenting your company to the point. It has the right set of functions needed to build a state-of-the-art, highly functional and highly reactive website.

View test stories, teammates, and portfolios using a widget or shortcut on this topic. It has a call to act with an imagery. Advanced WordPress is a free WordPress topic. It' s more than just a topic because it has a lot of functions and you can adapt it to your needs with ease.

You can use the topic to build an actual page to land on. The Advance is reactive and retinal, which means your website will look pretty good in any display area. The Winsome is a one-page page WordPress topic designed for businesses, corporations, information, agents, agencies, travel, designs, arts, personal and all other imaginative web sites.

The free site is designed with scrollable parts on the home page and is sufficiently agile and responsive to be used as a multi-page or one-page site. Impressing designs and layouts make this a good topic for the creation of a website to land on. With Lyrathemes you get awesome WordPress themes and Vega is an example.

The Vega is a neat, minimum and fast reacting free WordPress topic for the landing page that can also be used to build a one-page website. Impressing CSS state-of-the-art features make this topic breathtaking and appealing. Vega is a topic you should definitely try out with correctly placed CTA badges and the contact sheet on the homepage.

Illy is a breathtaking multi-purpose WordPress topic powered by the Bootstrap front-end platform that makes it completely reactive and mobile-friendly. The topic is well suitable for companies, landings page, portfolios or other imaginative sites. Although free, the topic is very adaptable. Featuring a full-screen wallpaper and parallax-scrolling capable portions for a slimmer overall usability experience.

Shallow and contemporary cheerful designs make this free page-loading WordPress theming a strong topic for building a great website without problems. They can also select from various pre-built Landing Pages that are completely reactive. The Tar is a light weight, free WordPress topic designed for the creation of leads from page landings for companies, start-ups or advertising companies.

It' s straightforward and does not burden you with superfluous functions, so your website will load more quickly. Teer is also fast and reactive. This free design allows you to start your website quite simply, with over 7 ready-made home page layout templates. OPTIMZER is an easy-to-use page-loading WordPress theming tool that is totally free.

Design comes in full width and box-out. This topic is suitable for translations and fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in (if you want to set up an e-commerce shop). The Advertica is a neat, sleek and SEO-optimized free page page landing WordPress theming, enhanced with a pocket full of great things that would give you a huge advantage when building a website for your company.

It is designed on the BootStrap frame, so the look looks great in any device, large or small. The Sydney Free Page themed website is a favourite and powerfull Free Page themed website that offers businesses or geeks a quick way to build a fantastic website. Sydney also has all the building bricks you need to quickly build an appealing title page.

The Hestia is a fascinating, multifunctional, free page-loading WordPress topic for creativity agency. Using materials designed to make your website look slim, shallow, professional looking and fashionable. There is no better looking topic you can get for free than Hestia. There is also a videos section and a products presentation section on the homepage.

Totally is a complete bundle of a dreamland WordPress topic. Design is fully customisable and has premier functionality for a free design. It looks great and professionally designed and will certainly appeal to your prospective clients on your website with its vivid colour. It is also possible to make a one-page target page with Full.

Cerif Lite is a free page-loading WordPress topic that will help you show your competence with UX optimised neat and contemporary WordPress designs. There are three CTA parts to the topic so you are sure you will get a convert. It looks professionally and is based on the bootstrap frameworks. Zerif Lite is fast, neat, modern, shallow, minimally invasive and accurate.

Sapely is a high-performance and multi-faceted WordPress topic with pixel-precise styling and excellent features. It has an extended customisation feature, too good to be real for a free one. It uses Widget's to create a section on the home page so you can make your site truly special.

It is also designed to be WooCommerce plug-in compliant if you want to build an on-line shop. Cooler style guide effect and very efficient UX styling make Peony a great choice if you're looking for a free yet high performance page page landing WordPress themed. Mageewp Page Layout is a high-performance page building plug-in that is paired with import template and various pre-built pages, making it ideal for any kind of website.

Or you can use the design to build a one-page website. OceansWP is a totally free multi-purpose WordPress topic designed for the creation of fantastic, engaging landing pages. This topic is SEO-enabled, translatable and comes with fantastic customer service. The free design also comes with a click to try it out, so you can have your website up and running in no time-and you're done!

Ultra-lightweight and extremely adaptable, you can build almost any kind of website with a nice and professionally styled website. Featuring easy-to-use CTA button, full featured videos and one-page Contacts page, OnePress is truly a free WordPress topic for generating leads. It is also a one-page topic, so that your users can find all the information they need directly on the homepage.

If you want to present your products in an appealing way, one press is the ideal one. The Astra is the ideal gun for the creation of a free page Landing Page website with WordPress. Designed to be lightweight and lightweight, yet fully customisable. Astra is the place for you if you are looking for a quick and cute website for your company.

It is a tidy and tidy WordPress multi-purpose topic for companies and agents who want a professionally looking target page. One of the oldest and most sophisticated themes of SiteOrigin is a Vantage. SiteOrigin Page Builders and is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in. The free page theming is a great blend of response style and classical feeling.

At the same time there is a total package to create the one-page page WordPress website at no costs. It''s a cutting-edge, professionally designed site that offers everything a company needs, from CTA badges to price charts, all on a one page site. At the same time, it is an elegantly designed subject that is perfectly suited to experts and small businesses. It'?s a free subject too good to be real.

Someone is a fully reactive free bootstrap WordPress topic that can help you build a conversion target page for your company. Design comes with a 1-click trial export that can help you build a website with ease. It is a clear subject with a contemporary effect of paraallax. With the WooCommerce plug-in you can also build a full shop with this topic.

The Screenr is a free WordPress topic for target pages. It begins with a full width picture with two CTA badges and ends with a feedback page so your clients can ask any questions about your company. This topic is suitable for businesses, portfolios, agencies, showcases, freelancers and anyone else who appreciates good designs.

The Businessx is a pagelanding WordPress topic for enterprises and firms that want to free of charge advance and pro page WordPress website. WooCommerce and Polylang are supported, so you can use this design to build an on-line shop in different language versions. The West is a free WordPress topic for building a target page for your business.

Design includes Live Composer integrations, font and color control, blogs preferences, user-defined headers, and more.

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