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catalogue of products Developed to present your product in an elegant and easily customizable catalog size, our fast-reacting product catalog plug-in is ideal for all your product needs. Full WooCommerce integration now available! Please see the "WooCommerce Product Catalog Integration" section below for full detail and functionality. Ultimate Product Catalogue is also a great choice for those who run affiliated shops where you provide links to items sold on other websites.

Using the option to specify a one-of-a-kind shortcut for each product (via the "Product shortcut" field), you can add your Affiliate shortcut and then configure it so that when someone hits a product in your catalog, they will be taken to that shortcut instead of the product page in the plug-in.

Receive all the advantages and functions of the Ultimate Product Catalog and be able to simultaneously advertise as an affiliated. Just paste one of the above abbreviations (replace the "X" with the real ID of your product catalog) to create a product catalog with product filtering on each page. Select from six standard product catalog layout templates, use custom CSS functions, or use one of our hundred style choices.

Easily search, organize, and refresh your product catalog with enhanced product filtering on your catalog page bar as well as category, subcategory, tag, and user-defined field filtering. Ideal for creating a product catalogue for your shop, your artwork galleries, your restaurants and more! WooCommerce is now fully integrated with the WooCommerce product line, enabling you to synchronise all your product between the product catalogue and your WooCommerce catalogue and checkout your clients directly from the product catalogue.

The combination of the ultimate product catalogue with WooCommerce allows you to build the ultimate e-commerce catalogue and shop where you can resell your wares. Now you will be able to have extended WooCommerce product filtering in a fully customized catalog, with all check-out and e-commerce features available in WooCommerce. With our broad range of catalog page and product page style, we are fast to respond, and by blending Ultimate Product Catalog with your WooCommerce product, you can have a fast to respond shop that looks great on the desk and as a portable shop.

Combine the versatility and functionality you have come to appreciate in the Ultimate Product Catalog with the simplicity and performance of the WooCommerce Cashier! To learn more about WooCommerce integrations, please watch the above video: Below are some of the other great functions of the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin: Ultimate Product Catalog has many great functions that allow you to use an extended product filtering on your catalog page.

These product filter allow your website visitor to quickly find exactly the product they are looking for. And with WooCommerce product synchronization and WooCommerce check-out capabilities, you can sell a product directly from your product catalog. Our product catalog plugin's Premier Edition contains a variety of functions such as: the possibility to include more than 100 product names, extra product pictures, SEO-friendly product links, product tag and user-defined sort boxes in your product catalog, user-defined product pages, a product request basket, multi layouts choices, product exports and more!

Due to the generosity of many who use our product catalog plug-in, we are able to integrate translations for the following languages: For creating/adding products: Click on the "Products" register card. You will find the area'Add new products' on the leftside. If you click on it, you will be taken to the page where you can see which items are in this particular product group and where you can place an order for them.

If you click on it, you will reach the page that shows you which items are in this subcategory and where you can place an order for items in this particular subcategory. Generate a catalog: Click the Catalogs button. You will find the section "Add new catalogue" on the leftside.

Complete the form and click the "Add new catalog" icon. The new catalogue will be displayed in the chart on the right together with the short code with which you can put it on the page. By clicking on the catalogue in this chart and on the page to which you will be redirected, you can insert entire product and category lists into your catalogue.

It is also possible to move the product and category by dragging and dropping them into the order of your choice. Then click on the "Edit Catalog" pushbutton. Customise your product catalogue experiences using the many available preferences and choices, such as catalogue colour, monetary icon, pricing filter, sales channel, online sales, online sales, multi product page layout (premium), product compare (premium), product request forms (premium), product ratings (premium) and more.

Where can I view my product catalog? When I have more than one product catalog, what do I do? Add the following short form of the product catalog to the page where you are trying to place the product catalog: or [ Product Catalog id='X']' or [Product Catalog id='X']. Substitute the'X' with the ID of your product catalog.

You can find them by simply click on your product catalog. You will find the product catalog ID next to the product catalog name on the detail page of the product catalog. It is also possible to copy the product catalog link directly from the "Catalogs" page. In order to view one of your product catalogues, use the corresponding attributes'id='X'' in the product catalog abbreviation to specify the product catalog where'X' is substituted by the product catalog ID.

Could my product be in more than one subcategory or subcategory? However, a product can only be in one and the same subcategory. Any number of product labels can have any number of labels, because labels are used to display product properties and only labels used for a product within a product catalog are shown in the product catalog sideline.

Is it possible to download my product catalog with a different lay-out than the standard product catalog design "Thumbnail"? Append the starting_layout='LAYOUT' property to your product catalog, replacing it with the one you want to use as the initial product catalog template (list or detail are the two current options).

Do I just want to view a product catalog listing and delete the top tray from my product catalog? You can use the'excluded_layouts' attributes to prevent one or more product catalog layouts from being used. This will accept a comma-separated listing of designs that you want to omit from your product catalog.

As an example,[Product Catalog id='X' excluded_layouts='Thumbnail,List'] would only show your product catalog in the detail area. In order to delete the lay-out toolbar from your product catalog, you can try to add the following to your Custom Product Catalog Custom Style Sheet boxes (where the color is the same as the color of the product catalog you are using):

Although I have modified the maximum marks for my product catalog, how can I fix it? If you want to delete theidebar from a product catalog, you can use the[sidebar='No'] property in the product catalog shortcut. So why aren't my items uploaded from the pricing table? A number of factors may prevent your product from being uploaded properly.

Secondly, make sure you have spelled all your box designations properly (name, slug, descriptor, price, image, category, subcategory, tags), especially user-defined boxes that must be exactly the same as the box name. If I have made changes to the product page design or to the user-defined boxes I added to the product detail page to view them, how do I get them?

In the Options page, the User Defined Product page must be selected to Yes to view the user defined page layouts. What is the order of the items in the catalogue? It is possible to order a product by pulling and placing the product on the "Catalog Details" page.

Where can I find the product catalogue in my own languages? After translation, you need to put the localized catalog Mo and Po file directly into the long directory and make sure they are correctly labeled for your work. When translating the product catalog, other people would be happy to have file sharing in your own languages.

Which is activated in the Premier Edition? Premier Edition contains many great functions including: the possibility to over 100 product additions, extra product pictures, SEO-friendly product catalog URIs, product tag and user-defined field for product catalog sort, user-defined catalog product pages, a minimalistic product catalog design and more!

User-defined boxes that can be used to hold product handbooks, supplementary information, etc.

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