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Use White Label Branding for WordPress Options. Best 16 WordPress Login Page Plugins Are you looking for the best WordPress login plug-ins for your website? Login page is the entrance to the administration area of your website. They have to make it safe and at the same time make it easier for the user to log in. We have selected some of the best WordPress login plug-ins you can try in this review.

WordPress's standard login page is very simple and looks the same on all WordPress pages. You may want to modify a multi-user WordPress site if you are running it. Maybe you also want to make the sign-in process on your website as smooth as possible without affecting the safety of WordPress.

Let's take a look at some of the best WordPress login plug-ins to enhance the login experiences and safety on your website. The best WordPress Shape Builder plug-in, comes with a high-performance login and login add-on. Allows you to build your own customized registry and login screens with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even customize your own registry and login screens.

Now you can insert these templates anywhere on your WordPress page. Would you like to allow your WordPress site visitors to sign up but not be able to enter the administration area? My Login themes is a favorite WordPress plug-in that lets you build your own WordPress login pages. Use any page on your website as a login, registry and login page.

More information can be found in our instructions for adding front-end login pages and widgets in WordPress. Would you like to grant a programmer transient permission to your WordPress page? Non-password login allows you to allow your user to temporarily log in without having to create an user ID for them. It is possible to specify an expiration date or clock date for the temporarily logon or to cancel it at any point.

You can find detailled information in our manual for creating a WordPress login. WordPress does not block WordPress customers by default if they try the incorrect passphrase more than once. It allows a hacker to break your passwords using automatic scripting. The login block allows you to restrict the number of unsuccessful login tries.

The login monitor for this particular operator will then be locked for a certain period of inactivity. More information and setup procedures can be found in our tutorial on how to restrict login attempts in WordPress. Would you like to login to your WordPress page with a Facebookutton? Using the Facebook Connect plug-in, you can simply use Facebook to simply attach the login to your WordPress login page.

In this way, your user can log in faster without having to type in a username or username. Get step-by-step guides in our tutorial on adding signups with Facebook in WordPress. In case you forgot to activate the'Remember' option on the login page, WordPress will automatically delete your login as soon as you quit the webpage.

Repeat Me plug-in allows you to activate the reminder option every login to your WordPress page. Learn how to setup it in our guidelines to prevent WordPress from missing you with November Me. WordPress standard login looks pretty simple. Customizing Login Page Customizing plug-in allows you to create your own customized login page using the customize themes.

You can find detailled information in our guidelines for customizing the WordPress login page here. The WP Safety Issues allow you to attach safety issues to your WordPress login page. The user must not only type his own keyword, but also choose a safety query and type his own response.

As a result, an additional level of protection is added to your WordPress administration area. Find out how to setup it in our How to How to add safety issues to the WordPress login screensheet. WordPress by default allows WordPress usernames or e-mail addresses to be entered by the user to log in. Certain people believe that the e-mail addresses are generally known (everyone you send by e-mail has your e-mail address).

It might make it simpler for someone to enforce their passphrase. Using this plug-in you can deactivate the registration with the e-mail in WordPress. To learn more about this subject, read our articles about disabling the login function with e-mail in WordPress. Using WordPress to resell classes on-line or operate a member site means your user can easily exchange his or her user ID with his or her friend, and you may loose new businesses.

The Prevent Concurrent Logins feature terminates the current login period whenever a passphrase is used while the login is still active. Find out more in our guidelines on how to prevent WordPress usernames and user names from being shared. Would you like to allow your customers to log in with their linked-in accounts? LinksIn Login plug-in allows you to simply create a login with LinksIn buttons on your WordPress login page.

In addition, registered members can sign up with their LinksIn accounts. Learn more about LinktIn WordPress plug-ins to attract new clients and expand your team. Would you like to see when people log in or out of your WordPress page? Easy history plug-in allows you to keep an easy eye on your WordPress page activities and login activities.

See our instructions for monitoring WordPress usage for more information. Need to secure an whole WordPress page with a single pass word? You can use the password-protected plug-in to make your WordPress page very easy to password-protect. They can allow admins and registered concurrent viewers to see it. It is also possible to define a default passphrase that you can use for sharing with other privileged people.

You will find step-by-step guidance in our manual for protecting your WordPress without registering a username. Occasionally, your end users might forgot to log out, exit the web browsers pane, or mistakenly enable the option Remove me on a publicly accessible computer. That means that anyone who uses this computer can use your WordPress page.

You can find more information in our instructions for automatic logoff of non-active WordPress members. Would you like to see when the last login took place? So you can find out which people are not registered and you can e-mail them or cancel their accounts. The WP Last Login allows you to quickly display the last login date of each individual member on the member page.

Find out more in our articles about displaying the user's last login date in WordPress. Would you like to divert your visitors to different pages after logging in? Peters Login Reledirect plug-in allows you to simply forward your Peters Login account after login. Reroute your endpoints using certain role and functions.

Forwarding can also be set up after registering. Read our articles about redirecting a user after successfully logging in to WordPress. Hopefully this item has help you find the best WordPress login plug-ins for your website. They may also want to see our 24 must have WordPress plugs for our 24 WordPress sites.

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