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The Peak is a modern, grid-based WordPress theme with a brick layout that can be adapted to any screen size or device thrown at it. Top 20 WordPress Topics in Metro Style 2018 This theme provides endless scrolling, allowing you to automatically load messages as the user moves down, in Pinterest mode. WordPress post formats are supported and you can create your own Microsoft Excel like Tumblr. To make it easy for you to administer all these functions, Stack comes with the Themify Drag & Drop Editor, shortcuts and widgets as well as a built-in tiles add-on.

Store style even fits Stack's theme style for consistency of use. No matter whether you want to present pictures, texts or a product, Stack is a fun theme that is equipped with the necessary functions and more. Themify Metro is a professional Metro-inspired theme with some sophisticated details.

lf l had to describe the subject in one single term, it would belick. Have a look at the portfolios in the demonstration. First, the elements of the portfolios are piled up in a brickwork lay-out, which in my view is the best kind of grid lay-out. You have two portfoliolayouts, two and three columns.

In order to complete the whole thing, the pages of the portfolios are scrolled endlessly. MyThemeShop's Metro is neat, simple and textured. An excellent option for both bloggers and productive publishing (magazines, message sites) equally, Metro comes with several customized widgets that help to lower your rebound rates and boost your page views per visitor: latest postings and listings of favorite postings, with viewing options for everyone.

It' s optimised for searching engines and features an easy-to-configure custom option pane with a uniquely powerful function that will be particularly appreciated by bloggers: built-in pre-defined adboards. Light boxes, several shortcuts and a selection of several font types are also contained. The Second Touch is a nice metro theme with great features and an impressing look.

First number that will certainly attract your interest on the ThemeForest page is 1300. The theme includes 1300 video icon! It also comes with specially designed WooCommerce and wooPress skin that help you take your e-commerce website or forums to the next step based on Second Touch.

Includes 6 pre-defined layout and more than 300 font choices for your blogs and portfolios. The Layer Slider and Revolution Slider ($15 each) are bundled with the theme and the Crumina News Slider. The STYLISH is a decent WordPress theme with a breathtaking outline. The STYLISH is available in two versions: the first is spread and will fit over the whole monitor, while the other is basically the same look wrapped in one piece with a consistent backdrop structure in the field of vision.

Navigational menus have a groundbreaking look, with coloured symbols and text as each menus key. When you want a breathtaking, distinctive look for your website, choose STYLISH. The QuickMetro is a very special WordPress theme with a Metro-style theme. The QuickMetro title page is very different from most theme pages - there is only one row of symbols that click through to different pages in the theme.

Even though this provides a very great and uncommon look, the results may not be desired in use. I' d like to think that clients who use this topic on their web sites have a very high rebound time. There are four layout in the theme (all visible in the demo).

The theme is perfectly suited for web sites - the built-in portfolio/gallery is both filtering and extensible. QuickMetro is based on the Bootstrap 3 platform and features a stylised Ayax Contactsheet, Font Awesome 4, over 600 Google scripts and demos. The One Touch is a premier theme based on the Windows Metro user surface.

And as you may know, the most striking feature of a Metro-inspired theme is the tiles. The One Touch contains a page frame creator that makes it easy to make page frames. Kachelgenerator contains a number of customization features, so you can pick the text location, the color of the tiles, whether you want a simple or duplicate one, a wallpaper for your tiles, and much more.

WooCommerce, the free eCommerce WordPress plug-in, offers this theme. The MetroStore is a wonderful Metro-style theme from Color Labs Project. MetroStore's theme, which is suitable for both e-commerce sites and magazinestyle publishing on-line, was influenced by the introduction of the new Windows 8 theme. In addition to navigating at the top of the topic at your usual place, you can also click a menusymbol at the top of the website to display a widgetside bar; this allows more room for widgets.

There is a user-defined widget for the presented category contained in the theme. This theme also comes with one of the latest fashions: scroll horizontally across the home page. This theme is also highly optimised for searching machines and has integrated panel to administer the site's advancedEO. Another very special Metro-style WordPress theme, matrix offers both robust features and nice looks.

matrix comes with a peculiar homepage styling that is tiled. If you move the cursor over a particular page frame, the remainder of the page frames will darken to indicate which page frame your cursor is on. Topic comes with 6 mail types: default, galery, audio, videos, quote and links. Over 25 user-defined features are included in the speed-dial engine, as well as a jQuery validated contactsheet.

Finally, you get Flex Slider 2, 10 colored skin, 10 community symbols and your own Twitter widget. Pearl Black is a refreshing new theme with a very nice outfit. Designers have surpassed themselves - this is 100% marvelous styling. However, there is a claim in the field of designing.

However, the error can be fixed in the theme panel's theme config. Eight PCSD file are packaged in the theme pack, along with 11 user-defined Widgets and a Contactsheet with PHP mailers and config script. The MetroStyle is a favorite theme in Metro WordPress that has already made over 4,300 buys on ThemeForest.

This theme has a rather interesting look. Menue keys are quadratic tiles (coloured). Every picture presented on the sliders of the homepage has the same zoom-in effect as Black Pearl, the theme above. There are two folder layout (3-column and brick) and 2 blogs layoutx contained.

MetroStyle is an even better option with a wide range of short codes and style choices. MAG is a clear theme Magazin with a clear layout, based on the inspiration of MOTOR. At the same token, the designs are uncommon and intimate, containing new, imaginative features as well as old favourites. It comes with over 380 user-defined symbols and flags.

ThemeForest, which stands for high levels of product and service excellence and client satifaction. Topic option panels are easy and fast to use. Breathtaking 21 user-defined Widget and 500 Google fonts are available for use in MetroMag, along with a fast reacting slide bar and user-defined colour selection. The Metrofy is a nice, multi-layered WordPress theme that was conceived as both a one-page and a multi-page website.

This topic is particularly suitable for company web sites (design agency, consulting firms, etc.) and portals. The Metrofy system is equipped with a selectable filter able product range, many different shortcuts and a backend suitable for translations. Bicoloured skin, bright and deep, are part of the overall look. A number of different pre-defined homepage layout are integrated into the theme, such as sliders with two middle tiles, sliders with four middle tiles, four long tiles and more.

The Rocket Board is a nice Metro-inspired WordPress theme. In line with the new trends towards tile layout, Rocket Board offers a variety of possible layout options - I am counting 19 of them. It supports 3 blogstyles and 6 postal models - Galerie, portfolio, price, endorsement, staff and default.

Plus, you get three miniature view choices for each entry - stat picture, slide bar, and movie. The design includes a compiler and a speed dial engine, as well as a page creator and slide bar designer (Flex, Nivo and Anything sliders are all included).

This theme creates its own socially shared symbols and comes with 9 pre-defined backgrounds and 8 overlays. Nemo's one-of-a-kind styling is minimalist, deep and clearly metro-driven. Unusual ness of the theme is due to the use of a side bar on the right (instead of the usual side bar on the right) and the strong dependence on Ajax effect throughout the theme.

When you ask me, this is the ideal theme for a webmaster to present his work with true atmosphere. Nemo designs are a feast for the eye - there is simply no other way to express it. I find it difficult to free my mind from the demonstration; this portfolios theme is one that highlights your website.

If you buy the design, you get 5 page styles, 8 shortcuts (which is really far too little if you're speaking about a $40 design), 3 customized mailboxes, Facebook comment assistance, and an integrated feedback page. Zink is a mighty WordPress theme with many functions and a lot of potentials.

Magazine, restaurant, e-commerce, photo, travelling and even independent land pages - this theme is perfectly for them all. It' s high performance page lay-out constructor allows you to personalise the design to look good on any website in any alcove. Reactivity of the topic can be switched on and off. Includes 45 shortcuts, 13 broadgets and 3 gooey portable mealtimes.

There are 7 user-defined page designs - Blogs, Info, Galleries, Portfolios, Upcoming, Contacts and Finding - integrated, as well as the ShadowBox preview and a selection of over 630 typefaces. Zinc is a tough topic with a great look and a very reasonable pricing. The Modern metro is another very special WordPress theme with an uncommon Metro-inspired theme.

Overall, the overall look draws on many of the Windows 8 interface's styling features. Within the subject area, you can use 1368 symbols (available in 3 different size and two colour sets) and a page and post builder to customise the way pages and postings are displayed. Includes a 10-minute introductory setup guide and extended doc.

In all honesty, the Metro's contemporary look is just not for the contemporary website. In order to buy this theme, your website must be far from "normal". The Everest is a neat, minimum WordPress theme. The Everest has a colourful and imaginative look. Sometimes it is even a little too colourful - the luminous off-white, verdant and violet tiles on the title page collide strongly with the deep gray underlay.

However, the typeface is very appropriate and compliments every other part of the overall look very well. Extended topic option panels are very efficient and easy to use. There are 6 mail type built-in - sound, galleries, links, offers, videos and galleries. The Everest is a very light weight typeface - if you're looking for thousands of scripts and shortcuts, it's best to search them in a plug-in.

The Aeolus is an elegantly minimalist WordPress theme that has been influenced by the subway. There is a lot of room in the interior so that the observer can let his eye relax. Multiple shortcuts, user-defined page styles and a filtering and extensible product range are available in Aeolus. Seven user-defined Widget and an Ajax Contacts forms with validations are also integrated.

Delivery includes full set of standard scripts, as well as full set of native scripts and XML demo content. The Squid Mag is an excellent subway theme with many great features. The versatile design has 17 user-defined widgets, 5 folder suites and 3 blogs suites. When you buy Squid Mag, you also get four free premier plug-ins - Revolution Slider, Meet the Team, Isotope Gallery, and iGallery - which together are $58 more than the theme itself!

It' s a bit too much fun to create, with three very broad gaps that make it difficult to concentrate on the essentials: the real work.

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