Wordpress to Blogspot

Wordspress to Blogspot

Sign in to your WordPress account and navigate to the dashboard for the blog you want to transfer to Blogger. To download the WordPress WXR export file, click Download Export File. The Google Blogger service, sometimes referred to as Blogspot, does not offer automatic publishing via RSS feeds.

Switch from Wordpress to Blogger

WorPress2Blogger will no longer be available in 2015. They may be able to use one of the other WordPress converting utilities you will find here, but they seem to be somewhat run down and they have much more associated workflows. Relocating a blogs from WordPress to Blogger was actually pretty easy as long as you had admin privileges on your WordPress blogs.

Google's Chicago offices are home to a group of engineers known as the Front Liberation Engineers who make it simple. It' s all about moving your information from and to any Google tools, and although there's no one-click way to move your WordPress site directly into Blogger, Google has streamlined the whole thing and now hosts the open sources you need.

A thing that is not imported is the general look and feel of your blogs. In Blogger, you can select a new design, but you cannot choose to have your WordPress design imported. First of all you have to create your WordPress blogs. Usually, if you run a one-person blogs, this is not a biggie. We use a blogs in our case which is host on our own domains with our own WordPress install.

Maybe you launched a WordPress.com blogsite. You can do this if you only want the contributions or only the pages, but in most cases you will want to want to do both. Select Download Exportfile. At the end download an exported filename that looks something like "nameoftheblog.wordpress.dateofexport.xml.

" It is an XLM document specifically developed for backing up WordPress contents. You are ready if you intend to move your blog from one WordPress page to another. If this is the case, we need to mass the files to bring them into the required formats. There is an open resource event hosted by the Front Liberation Front named Google Blogs Converters.

WordPress to Blogger converting utility takes this . NET Excel document and changes the mark-up to Blogger style. Use the WordPress to Blogger utility to easily create and publish your own files. Store the convert on your harddisk. You will then receive a log with the name "blogger-export.xml. Well, now that you've transformed your old blogs into a Blogger form, you need to bring that blogs into Blogger.

Sign in to Blogger and go to the Blogger preferences for your own website. Some of the walkthroughs you use to get there may differ slightly according to whether you are using the old or new versions of the Blogger Dashboard. Do not try the WordPress native document. It may be necessary to type a capcha text to avoid someone using a skript to hack your email address and pick up a number of junk messages.

Select whether you want to post all contributions automatic. Clear this check if you want your contributions to be import as design items. Review your contributions to make sure your pictures and contents were on their way. Don't forgetting to let everyone know that the blogs have relocated and are hiding your old blogs after everything has been successfully uploaded.

You can find these in the Dashboard under Settings: Data protection in WordPress. At least you should at least keep it hidden from searching machines, even if you decide to keep the contributions out there. While you can keep both logs unchanged, this could be bewildering for your users and affect your ranking in Google results, as you can look like a spamming weblog by replicating it.

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