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Which are the tools in WordPress? Tool is a pull-down in the WordPress administration side bar. Contains tools for performing some non-routine administration functions. There are three possibilities for each WordPress install. First is " Available Tools ".

Directly below is a tag to category conversion tool that takes you to the Tools Import screen.

When you look back at the Tools drop-down list, you will see the Imports and Exports pages directly under the Available Tools page. WordPress uses these tools to allow you to easily manage the process of importing and exporting your files to and from other WordPress and WordPress CMSs. contains scripting to allow you to integrate information from other WordPress based CMS into WordPress.

When you have a website on Blogger, Movable Types or even another WordPress site, you can download and run any of the scripting you need on that site. You can use these scripting tools to bring your contents from any of your existing CMS. Like already stated, the other one you will find on this page is the Category to Tag conversion toolcript.

Import Utility allows WordPress user to import WordPress files in WordPress formats, which can later be exported to another WordPress install. WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR files are used for this purpose. This will contain all your postings, commentaries, custom boxes, category, and tag information. Importing your contents is a useful way to secure your WordPress website.

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Furthermore, the bookmarks utility "Press This" and the converter for categories to tags are described in detail. Press This" feature allows fast publication and publication by using a specific web browsers favourites. Allows you to link to the new mail server to allow the use of Press This. Enable the feature when surfing by choosing the Favourite from the Favourites menu of your web browsers.

Click on this button to enable the function Click this mark. You can use this to change category to tag or tag to category. If you select this, the Tools Import screen appears. Create new screen. Click This has been reselected from the Post new screen.

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