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The Minblr is a minimal Tumblr-like theme for WordPress. Best 30+ Tumblr Styles WordPress Blog Themes 2017 An extensive listing of the best tumblr-style WordPress topics created for face-to-face blogs, portfolios, and other imaginative Web sites. tumbler took the whole galaxy by storm. Mmm. However, many Tumblr visitors have already quit and switched to WordPress or other blog and context share sites.

The topics below are all top-of-the-line topics with pixel-perfect designs, feature-rich frameworks, high customization and much more.

Subjects are designed for blog, face-to-face, portfolios and other imaginative sites to help you communicate your creativeness through video, pictures, articles, GIF animation, hyperlinks and more. Thusledad is a truly original and incomparable theme, filled with an extensive collection of over 250 home demonstration sites, 250 live customizer choices, and 100 slider and blog combos, resulting in a truly multifaceted theme that, while widely specialised in Blogging, is uniquely and innovatively high-performing.

The theme incorporates high-performance layoutstyles, optional features and technology with attractive off-the-shelf, raster and brick wall features that emulate the look and feel of sites such as Tumblr and are highly attractive to the user in a variety of favourable demographic characteristics. It' s ideal for those who want to create their own website in a text - and image-laden setting, where readability and access are at the heart of the overall look and feel, and where hierarchy and presenting must be fast and vibrant for the web.

It' re WordPress 4+ compliant. Your website will look breathtaking when your website is displayed on different kinds of equipment thanks to this website template's fully reactive frameworks.

His classic clear blogs look will surely make your contents glow. The full-width Blog layouts are also available in this theme, with a stylish full-width Instagram feedback in the bottom bar where you can immediately publish your Instagram items to your website. Firenze also offers multicast mail supports such as default, streaming media, galleries and musical mail to give your tomblog or your asset site rich visuals.

Or you can integrate the beautiful wallpaper of your about. me page as well as the visible symbols from your community sites with the customized community content widgets built into the theme. Design choices are supported by WordPress Customizer, which lets you quickly insert your design or plug-in choices into the Customizer Panel without exiting the front end thumbnail.

Furthermore, designers can integrate drop-down, colour choices, pictureloaders and more. Adorned with a Tumblr look, this motif provides a variety of customisable colour choices to help you select the colour that best suits your make or business. The Logger is a neat and slim WordPress theme, the perfect option for Blogger and companies that need a face-to-face or magazine-specific blogs.

It' s a feature-rich theme with thousands of customisation possibilities to help you create a truly custom website experience. There is a choice between a bright and a black version of the theme. Offering limitless layout, limitless colour choices, Google Web Phonts, symbol phonts and various homepage and headerstyles. The Logger also comes with 4 individual postal style items with extended post/page choices.

The Logger has the ability to customize backgrounds, color, and layouts. There is also the possibility for website users to show or hide some topic items and allow page comment by users. There are 9 page styles with adjustment options: Via page, blog, contact, portfolio, sitemaps, tags, login and user page.

The Logger also contains an incredible promotional system that allows you to monetise your website or your product range. Tumblr styled website templates built with neat and accurate HTML5 and CSS3 encoding to help you keep up with the latest web-standard. Intelligently built on the Bootstrap 3 Framework, this design uses a 24-column user-defined raster for greater versatility.

The Semantic also brings topic-supporting postal format such as quotation, sound, videos, and more to another layer. The theme also includes 5 beautiful typographic choices, known as pairs of fonts, that allow you to choose a readable typeface for your reader. Incorporating a wealth of useful shortcuts to help you quickly create various web items, this Tumblr-inspired theme is also packed with useful shortcuts.

This includes like button, notification, tabs, chords, tattoos, layout and more. It also has a foolproof and well-documented theme option that lets you quickly configure and administer your website preferences. Topic choices also allow you to load your own logos, change the homepage introduction, change your wallpaper colour and pattern, change your typeface and other preferences related to your blogs and pages.

In addition, the Topic Option pane allows you to quickly switch the annotation system in your blogs from standard WordPress annotations to third-party annotation tools such as Disqus or Facebook annotations. Developed with a very reactive and portable operational lay-out that flows error-free over all state-of-the-art equipment. On Retina and HDPi screens, all symbols and pictures in this theme look clear and crisp.

Easy Item allows you to make a professionally designed blogs without having to touch a line of coding. It' available in 4 different blogs: There is a strong Page Builder that lets you design endless page layout. You can use the parent image wallpaper in your section and put Youtube video in wallpapers.

It also comes with the stunning Master Slider, which lets you create touch-friendly, cross-browser, interactive text and motion-based controls. You can also use the theme's administration pane to create a customized skins for your pallax area. You can also turn your website into anything you need with its extensive colour choices.

With these you can change almost any colour within the theme. This theme's look and feel can be fully adjusted with just a few mouse clicks using the Theme Customizer. You can change the current design and get a real-time previewer of the changes you've made. Additional theme functions are Google Fonts, Font Uploader, Font Awesome, Infinite Browse Bar, Suspended Navigator, tonnes of high-performance shortcuts and an integrated Megamenu.

The Skilt is a fashionable tumblog-style theme that is best suited to delight your reader with breathtaking backgrounds and a minimalistic yet effective way to address features and programming. WordPress 3.9 compatibility. It' simple to use, as it doesn't contain a complex theme options pane, but uses a built-in theme configurator.

It' s also a fully reactive lens designed with the eye in mind to make sure your lens is right for any display area. BuzzBlog is the theme for you. With Buzzblog your blogs will have a sleek yet easy to use look. An ingenious and stylistic theme for any kind of blogs that require a hint of feminity.

It' s absolutely fast reacting and equipped with astonishing theme functions. The design also includes useful functions such as user-defined scripts, user-defined layout, SEO-friendly and more. They use the website for most creativity pros to present their art and draw prospects. The Boutique Grid enables professional designers to present their masterpieces in a challenging way.

The high-quality WordPress theme has a sleek, clear lay-out that puts your work in the spotlight. Designed to respond seamlessly to the look and feel of any portable handset, it's easy to use with any handset or PC. The DW Fixel comes with a sleek and consistent raster that sets your blogs apart from the rest.

Elegant and trendy theme designs will help your audience to attract the interest of your visitors/readers on the landing page. The theme is ideal for advertising or presenting your work. Not only is DW Fixel nice, it's also packed with the best theme functions like gooey menus and top panels (to create a soundnavigation system ), pop-up views for each and every posting, pop-up walls, social-wall contents, fast-response layouts and off-screen navigations for mobiles and tables.

AltCar Theme is an elegantly and creatively WordPress theme that is suited for your own blogs or portfolios. We have two fantastic layouts for your blogs and other customisation choices. Changing the look of the primary colour is possible using the easy but efficient design choices. There are also 5 different ports to build a Tumblr styled blogs.

Thanks to the built-in screenshots for templates, utilities, blog, portfolios and much more, this topic is very adaptable.

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