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Latest tweets from WordPressTV (@WordPressTV). proposition Now it is valid for all WordCamps world-wide and everyone who participates in a WordCamp accepts it automatic. Ever since the Code of Conduct was adopted, the Union has been growing and diversifying. The work on such a Code of Conduct has been in progress since the beginning of 2013 and a ticketing was issued in 2015, but no final text has ever been submitted and endorsed to the Commmunity.

WordCamp's Code of Conduct has been in place for 5 years as a means of promoting the security and involvement of all WordCamp members worldwide. It all needs a point of departure, so this started at the suggestion of Jenny Wong and Morten Rand-Hendriksen and was checked by various members of the group.

What are the areas in which the CCoC applies? In what circumstance can a member be deemed to be a member of the group? Would a CCOC help defend your assets and your ideal? On the basis of these beliefs and idealities, what is the basic presumption that a individual can await while in a WP room?

In what kind of bodily or imaginary space are "common spaces" in which all members can be asked to foster and/or comply with these common norms, as well as the resulting common policies? Stage 1: Monitoring the implementation of the Code of Conduct, and contributing to the Code of Conduct, involving a participation questionnaire for the European Union.

Stage 2: Check and categorise the feed-back. Stage 3: Design a reviewed code of conduct on the basis of feedbacks from Stages 1 and 2. First, the project's mission is to collect information on the Code of Conduct. All members of the Fellowship are invited to contribute and/or participate in the Fellowship without prior skill or expertise.

For the CCOC day, all meeting will be held on the #Community Slack Channel and posted on the MakeCommunity Blog to provide full visibility. The working papers will be available to the fellowship throughout the entire duration of the Fellowship and will be interlinked at the end of each contribution.

And if you, or someone you know, are interested in participating in this effort, please post a statement indicating a approximate best case scenario in your local region in accordance with your local usage code and join the Kanal #community staff. Prior to planning a scheduled session schedule, we will check the best hours and zones for interested members to make sure everyone can attend.

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